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Chapter 2411 - Field Proof Chapter 2411 - Field Proof

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Chen Xiang did not consume much energy if he was to fill fifty Energy Gathering Pearls with Counter Power and he was only able to do it in a moment's time. It was very easy for him but this way, he could exchange for a hundred portions of Dao mark Dan's medicinal herbs.

Chu Hongqing never thought that Chen Xiang would actually be able to cooperate so happily with the Spirit Demon race. Furthermore, Chen Xiang had gained a lot of benefits from this cooperation.

"Elder, not good! The Fang family's people are here!" A teenager shouted as he knocked on the door.

"I knew they would come. There's nothing to be afraid of." This elder was not weak either, he said to Chen Xiang: "Do you want to go watch the show?"

"Of course!" Chen Xiang laughed, then turned into the appearance of a middle aged man and followed Elder Shi out.

The Tree Elder did not know the reason why Chen Xiang had become the real enemy of the Fang family. Most people only thought that Chen Xiang had threatened the Fang family because he knew how to refine Qiyuan Dan, but they did not know that Chen Xiang had once been trapped by the Fang family's powerful seal.

Chen Xiang followed Elder Lu to the bottom of the big tree, and saw the Fang family's people, the father and son duo of Fang Heng and Fang Dai Qi were actually also here.

"Your Fang Clan actually has the face to come. You've once killed a lesser demon of our Demon Clan. This debt has yet to be settled with you." Elder Shi's face was ice-cold as he said angrily.

"Since we dare to come, we naturally aren't afraid of you demi-humans. If your Treant Emperor doesn't come out, you'll only have that bit of ability." An old man from the Fang family sneered.

Hearing that, Chen Xiang's heart turned cold, this was one of the three elders who sealed him last time, he had already intended to kill, if not for him restraining his killing intent, it would have already been exposed.

"Don't be complacent about your Fang Clan. When we, the Tree Emperor, come out, it will be a day of great calamity for your Fang Clan." Elder Tree snorted: "What business do you have here? If you have nothing to do, then hurry up and f * ck off.

Moreover, our Fang family has never allowed you to sell it. If you don't want to cause too much trouble, you should know what to do. "Ling Chen said." Alright. The Fang family elder said, "This is a rule that everyone follows. You demi-humans should also be clear about it."

"Our Qiyuan Dan was sold for Chen Xiang. I remember that you promised Chen Xiang that you could refine it and sell it, so we didn't violate the rules!"

Before this, they were not sure that Chen Xiang was the culprit. After all, Chen Xiang was only him, so he could not refine so many Qiyuan Dan. However, they still believed that Chen Xiang must have cooperated with the demon clan and told them the secret of the Qiyuan Dan.

"We don't believe you. Call Chen Xiang out and have him admit it in front of his face. Furthermore, we still have something we want to confirm." The Fang family's elder said.

While Elder Mu was thinking of a countermeasure, Chen Xiang, who was in the form of a middle-aged man, suddenly spoke: "Clan Elder, I'm going to call Master Shen out!"

Not caring about the reaction of the Tree Elder, Chen Xiang ran into the big tree's cave and changed back into his own appearance before walking out.

Seeing Chen Xiang, the expressions of Fang Heng, his father, son, and the Fang family elder changed, filled with anger and killing intent.

"I understand now, those Qiyuan Dan were all refined by me. I let the demon race help me sell them, there's nothing wrong with that right!" Chen Xiang smiled.

"You can sell the Qiyuan Dan, or the Goblin Tribe can help you sell it. However, you cannot do so without the consent of our Fang Family. There were so many Qiyuan Dan on the market, it was impossible for you to refine it yourself, it was only for such a short period of time. " The Fang family's elder said angrily.

"Oh? I was the one who discovered the Qiyuan Dan's secret, why can't I spread it? " Chen Xiang asked.

"This is the rule, because the Qiyuan Dan's pill formula is ours!" The Fang family's elder said coldly, "Clearly, you have already violated the rules. Within this region, you will be wanted."

"Don't you guys slander me with your blood. I didn't break the rules, and those Qiyuan Dan were all refined by me." Chen Xiang said.

"Impossible, it's only been a few months, and you can refine three to four thousand pills? Our Fang family has so many alchemists refining, but we only get a thousand of low-grade Heaven-step pills in a month! " The Fang family's elder snorted: "I know that Treant Tribe has many outstanding alchemists, and they also specialize in growing medicinal herbs. Furthermore, they also sold Qiyuan Dan, so you must have pa.s.sed down the Qiyuan Dan's secret technique to them."

Chen Xiang laughed: "Just because you can't do it, doesn't mean that I can't! I would like to ask you guys, how long is the fastest time you can refine a cauldron? "How many pills can you produce?"

"I can refine one furnace in two hours, and produce five pills in ten hours a day, which is equal to fifty pills a day. I can refine 1500 pills a month, is that not enough?" Chen Xiang laughed: "If your Fang family uses force, every month, you would not only refine a thousand pills, you refine so little, just to control the value of the Qiyuan Dan, the lesser the price, the more expensive it will be, right?"

"But... From the many Qiyuan Dan we bought, we can see that all of your Qiyuan Dan were refined within this month, and you can only refine three to four thousand of them in a month. The Fang family's elder said.

Many people came over, the humans who came to Demon Forest were all here to buy Qiyuan Dan s, they knew that the monthly sales here was more than the Fang family, and was also cheaper, so naturally they all gathered here.

Chen Xiang looked at his surroundings, and laughed: "There are so many people here today, then I will demonstrate how fast I can create Qiyuan Dan, and prove that I can refine all of them."

"Fine, I want to see how you prove it!" The Fang family's elder snorted.

"In order to ensure that I don't do anything, how about using your Fang family's medicinal ingredients?" Ten portions! " Chen Xiang said.

"Take it!" That Fang Family elder was also worried that Chen Xiang would mess with him, so he immediately took out ten batches of low-grade Heaven Stage Qiyuan Dan s and threw them at Chen Xiang.

After Chen Xiang received it, he immediately released the ten Illusory Treasure Furnace, threw it in the beast meat, and then started to refine it!

A faint glow appeared in the ten Magic Treasure Furnace. Next, everyone saw an unforgettable scene in their lifetime … Chen Xiang was actually refining ten batches of Qiyuan Dan at the same time!

They stared blankly at the changes in the furnace. First, the medicinal herbs turned into a medicinal liquid, then they quickly mixed together and separated into three b.a.l.l.s, condensing into three Qiyuan Dan s!

Ten pill furnaces. Every cauldron had three pills, meaning thirty pills. This hour had not even pa.s.sed!

Everyone was stunned, just when they were in disbelief, Chen Xiang had already taken out the Qiyuan Dan!

"How is it? It shouldn't be a problem for me to refine three to four thousand pills a month, right? " Chen Xiang threw the thirty pellets of Qiyuan Dan over. "Take a look and see if this was just refined a moment ago."

No one caught the Qiyuan Dan and it fell to the ground, because the people from the Fang family were all stunned by what they had just seen!

It was not only the Fang family, even the Spirit Demon alchemists like Elder Lu and the others were all shocked by Chen Xiang's amazing pill refining skills!

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