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Chu Hong Qing was shocked because if she wanted to concoct a batch of pills, she would need at least two hours. But Chen Xiang had solved the problem in an instant, and even took out five of the pills!

"Don't just stand there. Hurry up and start. Treat it as practice. It doesn't matter if all of them fail." Chen Xiang laughed as he took out many jade boxes and placed the ingredients one by one inside. Beside the ingredients were the flesh and blood of the Lightning Dragon Eagle.

Qiyuan Dan required Daoyuan immortal power, so he still had to use the flesh of a savage beast in order to successfully refine it.

Although Chu Hongqing was envious of Chen Xiang, she knew such a method only by Chen Xiang, and the Heaven's Refinement Art that he taught her was already very powerful.

Furthermore, this was a good opportunity, so she wouldn't miss it and immediately start refining the Qiyuan Dan.

In a month's time, Chen Xiang's predictions were extremely accurate. He had already refined all of the spirit ingredients into Qiyuan Dan, and at the beginning, Chu Hong Qing was not very confident in herself, but in the end, she finally experienced the greatness of the heaven's refining technique. It was able to make her very stable and able to refine four pellets per furnace, whether it was top or middle, it made no difference to the current her.

"I told you it was easy!" Chen Xiang laughed, pinched Chu Hongqing's face, and then counted how many Qiyuan Dan they had.

4900 of the Heaven Rankers, and 4800 of the Heaven Rankers! Elder Tree had said that it would cost at least two thousand pills, and the one up would be a thousand!

Therefore, Chen Xiang could still draw a lot. To him, this was a place where he could make a huge profit!

"Isn't this a bit too much?" Seeing how little Chen Xiang gave to Elder Shi, Chu Hong Qing felt a little apologetic in her heart.

"Hongyi, you might not know how many medicinal herbs they have! Treant Tribe members must have mastered the ability to quickly grow medicinal ingredients, so there was no need to worry about this. These medicinal ingredients were already trash in their hands, so they could obtain as many Qiyuan Dan as they wanted. Chen Xiang said: "Right now, we are helping them turn trash into treasures, that's why we are already very generous."

Elder Mu knew that Chen Xiang would swallow quite a lot of them himself, so he gave him a minimum standard. To him, these medicinal herbs had already been stored for a long time, it was already very good if he could become a Qiyuan Dan.

Chen Xiang walked out of the secret room and handed the group of Qiyuan Dan in his hands over to Elder Shi. Elder Shi gave him five million jade coins, this little jade money was nothing to him. On the other hand, they could use these Qiyuan Dan to compete with the Fang family, and by suppressing the price, the amount of jade money the Fang family could earn from the Qiyuan Dan would be less.

"Our Demon Forest has more and more people. Hehe, all of this is thanks to little brother's Qiyuan Dan that you refined, which attracted a lot of people to come here. Our Qiyuan Dan is much cheaper than the Fang family's." "Chen Xiang, it must be hard for you to refine a Qiyuan Dan by yourself, but we need to do this for a long time in order for the Fang family to receive heavy injuries!"

Chen Xiang immediately understood what the Tree Elder meant. They wanted Chen Xiang to pa.s.s on the method to refine the Qiyuan Dan to them.

"The conditions are fine, I know that you have that kind of ability, so I'm sure you won't put the jade money in your eyes. Tell me, what conditions do you need to be willing to share the Qiyuan Dan's secret with us?" "There are many outstanding pill refiners in our Demon Forest. Refining Qiyuan Dan is stuck at that most important step."

Chen Xiang sat on a chair and thought.

"I need Dao mark Dan's medicinal herbs now. You Treant Monsters definitely have a way to quickly grow them, and Dao mark Dan's medicinal herbs are at the king level. I wonder how long will it take for you to grow them in bulk with your current speed?" Chen Xiang asked.

Elder Mu had almost forgotten that Chen Xiang had used the name Yun Fei to partic.i.p.ate in the Conclave of Heavenly Secrets' pill refining compet.i.tion. At that time, Chen Xiang had won the Dao mark Dan's pill formula and a set of medicinal ingredients.

"As for the medicinal ingredients listed... How many medicinal ingredients does the Dao mark Dan have? " Elder Tree asked.

"Three!" Chen Xiang said.

"We can help you get a hundred sets of ingredients a month." Elder Tree calculated and said, "How do you want to trade?"

"Actually, the most important thing about refining Qiyuan Dan is the Mysterious G.o.d Force, and I have coincidentally grasped this kind of energy. This kind of energy requires a long time of cultivation to produce, and it's only suitable for humans!" Chen Xiang said: "Even so, I am still able to condense this kind of strange divine power into a Strength Gathering Pearl, so that when you are refining pills, you only need to extract a single strand of it to succeed."

"How about this, I will provide you with fifty Energy Gathering Pearls of the Mysterious G.o.d Stage each month. You guys give me a hundred sets of Dao mark Dan's ingredients each month, how about it?" Chen Xiang asked.

"How many batches of Qiyuan Dan can be refined with fifty Energy Gathering Pearls?" He was relatively clear about the difficulty in refining Qiyuan Dan.

"One pellet can refine a hundred batches, so it can refine five thousand batches. Regardless of the upper, middle, or lower, and during the refining process, you only need to extract a tiny bit of it to succeed." Chen Xiang said: "Why not let your pill refiners try it out!"

Elder Tree smiled: "I know a bit or two about alchemy, I'll give it a try first!"

Because Chu Hongqing extracted the Counter Power from the Energy Gathering Pearl to refine a Qiyuan Dan, he knew about this matter very clearly.

Elder Mu immediately took out a pill furnace, and then placed it in the medicinal ingredients to start refining. Chen Xiang also took out a Energy Gathering Pearl, which was filled with the Counter Power, giving off a red light.

"Elder Tree, when you extract a bit of it from inside, you'll be able to fuse a few medicinal liquids together." Chen Xiang handed the Energy Gathering Pearl over.

It could be said that he was relatively proficient and Chen Xiang could see it with a single glance. This was because this elder only had less than an hour before he was about to absorb the medicinal liquid.

He followed Chen Xiang's instructions and extracted a sliver of Counter Power from the pearl before channeling it into the furnace. Then, to his surprise, he discovered that under the guidance of the energy, the medicinal liquid actually fused together quite naturally.

Seeing Elder tree's excited reaction, Chen Xiang knew that it was a success and that it would condense a core very soon.

Just as Chen Xiang had expected, after surpa.s.sing that difficulty, the Elder would be able to condense a core very quickly, and he could also refine three Qiyuan Dan, which was of decent quality.

"Elder Shi, you are being modest. I did not expect you to be an expert in this field!" Chen Xiang laughed.

"How can I compare to you!?" This kind of power is really strange, it's really magical! " Elder Tree was also very happy at the moment, because he had refined the Qiyuan Dan many times but had always failed. Now that he had suddenly succeeded, he was naturally very happy.

"These are the Dao mark Dan's medicinal ingredients and fifty Energy Gathering Pearls." Chen Xiang said: "Just give me a hundred sets of Dao mark Dan's medicinal ingredients next month."

"Alright!" Elder Shi smiled as he took the items.

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