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Chen Xiang sold a thousand Qiyuan Dan pills to the Treant Clan Elder. He still had two thousand left, and that was for him to eat.

Treant Elder gave Chen Xiang a thousand batches of Qiyuan Dan's medicinal herbs, Chen Xiang gave Chu Hongqing a hundred batches, which was something she could practice on, and now that Chu Hongqing was able to refine three pills per furnace, the quality was also not bad. If she could refine a few more batches, her control over the Qiyuan Dan would be much better, and producing four to five pellets would not be too difficult.

But when Chen Xiang refined them himself, he could produce five pellets each time. However, he would leave one pellet for himself and give four to the Treant Clan!

"Together, we will complete it in a month!" Chen Xiang said to Chu Hongqing: "Elder Tree has set a standard for me: these thousand sets of medicinal ingredients, I must at least help him refine three thousand Qiyuan Dan!"

"Rest a.s.sured, I can produce at least three pills per furnace!" Chu Hongqing laughed, this was a good opportunity, so he did not need to worry about wasting medicinal ingredients. These medicinal ingredients were all provided free of charge, if he could refine Qiyuan Dan, he could still obtain Jade money s.

Of course, Chen Xiang did not lack Jade money s for the time being, he still had a few billion on him that he did not know how to spend! He had refined this Qiyuan Dan purely to strike a blow at the Fang family.

Chen Xiang was also in the big tree in the middle of Demon Forest. The Elder Tree had arranged for him a very s.p.a.cious secret room.

In order to ensure that the pill would be out, Chu Hongqing refined it slowly, she was definitely not like Chen Xiang!

Now, Chen Xiang was controlling ten pill furnaces to refine. He could refine ten batches of Qiyuan Dan s in two hours and a hundred batches in a day.

Only now did Chu Hongqing realize the disparity between him and Chen Xiang. It had only been ten days, and he had already finished refining those thousand sets of medicinal herbs!

Chen Xiang had refined a total of 900 sets of medicinal herbs and 4500 pills. Chu Hongqing had also made great progress in concocting the first few batches of pills, but she had managed to refine more than 350 Qiyuan Dan pills out of the 100 batches of medicinal herbs she had concocted.

"I can only give granduncle three thousand pills. That's not a good idea!" Chu Hongqing felt very sorry when he found out that Chen Xiang had refined so many pills.

"Hehe, in any case, this is a standard that he gave me. By saying this to me, he is also telling me that I can take away some Qiyuan Dan and keep it for myself." Chen Xiang said: "Being able to refine so much in such a short period of time, they will definitely be happy."

"If you had a lot of medicinal ingredients, I really can't imagine how strong you would be." Chu Hongqing lamented. Even though Chen Xiang had pa.s.sed down the Magic method furnace technique to her, she still did not know how to use it yet.

After Chen Xiang let Chu Hongqing enter the You Yao Ring, he walked out of the secret room and found Elder Tree. Previously, he had told that Elder Tree that he would probably go into closed door cultivation for a month, and now that he had come out earlier, the Elder Tree thought that Chen Xiang came out because he was too bored.

"Hehe, are young people not used to this kind of closed-door training? It's not bad to come out and have some fun. " The Elder Tree laughed: "The last time you sold us a thousand Qiyuan Dan, it already made the Fang family very unhappy. The effect is not bad."

"Elder Tree, here!" Chen Xiang laughed and handed over a Storage bag. "Three thousand Qiyuan Dan were just refined. This will definitely make the Fang family even more unhappy."

Elder Tree was startled, then quickly took it and checked it, immediately becoming overjoyed.

"What a miracle, you can refine so many of them in such a short period of time, you really are an alchemist genius." The Elder Tree was very happy, he then took out the Jade money and gave it to Chen Xiang: "This is one million and two hundred thousand Jade money, you can go to the Eternal Life Native Bank here to receive it."

There were Eternal Life Native Bank s in the Demon Forest, and Eternal Life Native Bank s existed in many large cities.

"Elder Tree, you must have used your own innate abilities to grow medicinal herbs very quickly, right? If there's not enough Heaven Rank Qiyuan Dan, if there are Heaven Rank middle, upper tier, or even King Rank Qiyuan Dan, the Fang family will be worried. " Chen Xiang laughed, "I wonder if you guys have any of these medicinal ingredients?"

"Of course there is. Are you going to refine it now?" Elder Tree laughed: "Looks like I've underestimated you. You can actually bear with loneliness … This is a thousand sets of mediocre and high-quality medicinal ingredients. When you come out of seclusion, I will give you more King Stage Qiyuan Dan's medicinal ingredients. "

"I'll give you one thousand middle grade heaven stage Jade money s, you have to make sure you can refine at least two thousand of them! I'll give you three thousand high-grade Heaven Ranked Jade money and you'll have to refine at least a thousand of them! "

This Elder Tree also knew that the higher the grade, the more difficult it would be to refine, and the amount of pills that would be produced would definitely decrease.

"No problem!" Chen Xiang took the herbs and immediately ran into the secret room.

"Since you took on so many of them in one go, when will you be able to finish refining them?" Chu Hongqing was extremely shocked. "I'm only confident in my ability to refine lower tier pills, not middle tier and upper tier!"

"Why not? The medium-grade heaven-step medicinal pills are about the same as the high-grade pills. Just give yourself some self-confidence. The pill refining techniques that I have taught you are very powerful. Moreover, your cultivation is much higher than mine. " Chen Xiang gave her two hundred sets of middle and upper graded ingredients.

"Get it done in a month. This is a mission I gave you, otherwise I will spank your b.u.t.t." Chen Xiang laughed.

Chu Hongqing felt that this was something that was impossible to accomplish. This was a middle and upper rank Qiyuan Dan, although she was a middle rank king level Alchemist, to refine so many of them all at once and even ensure the quant.i.ty of their pills was out of the question, she felt that it was very difficult.

Chu Hongqing came out from the Serene Demon Ring, looked at the herbs that Chen Xiang had placed on the ground and asked: "My good master, how many of the middle-ranked and high-ranked Qiyuan Dan s will you produce in a single pot?"

"At least five pills. As long as I finish refining these, I will have a lot of Qiyuan Dan. In the future, let us eat them for a while, the moment I step into the Dao Yuan realm, I will be able to improve by leaps and bounds." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Then how much time do you need to forge a cauldron..." Chu Hongqing had just asked, when he immediately gave his answer …

She only saw Chen Xiang holding a portion of the medicinal ingredients, his eyes releasing two streams of flames, and then the medicinal ingredients held in his hands were immediately refined, instantly transforming into a large ball of medicinal liquid. After which, he was split into five b.a.l.l.s, and in the end formed five Qiyuan Dan s, which were almost completed in an instant!

Chu Hongqing was completely dumbstruck. She thought she had seen wrongly, she had never seen such a method of pill refinement.

"Master, what did you do just now!" Chu Hongqing was extremely shocked.

This is my most powerful pill refining technique. After I've refined the same pill many times, every step and every detail of this pill will be known to me. With just a thought, two rays of spiritual energy will shoot out from my eyes. Chen Xiang said.

When he was refining the Bone level Dan, this technique was very powerful, instantly forming a pellet!

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