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Although the Yaoge Dan was the most commonly seen pill in Fire G.o.d Land, but a high level Yaoge Dan was of great help to the people here in their development phase.

Right now, Chen Xiang was concealing how to refine Yaoge Dan and was explaining how the Hundreds of Flowers Village could become stronger as he refined.

"There should be quite a few purple pearls in the three ingredients for this Scar Pill?" We'll make a copy and keep it. " Chen Xiang.

"Hand it over!" Feng Yujie took it and quickly copied out a portion of the purple pearl before giving it back to Chen Xiang.

"These pill formulas will be used to reference and be produced now." Chen Xiang gave Feng Yujie another jade token.

Su Meiyao: "You're in such a hurry to leave? He just came back! "Just keep you company!" She was looking at Chen Xiang with her pa.s.sionate and seductive eyes.

Chen Xiang laughed sinisterly: "Wait until we find Xianxian and some things for us tonight … …"

… ….

Xue Xianxian and the others were busy refining all kinds of defensive array discs.

Chen Xiang also had a lot of Lightning dragon eagle bones and scales. This was a refining material that he had bought at the Heaven Gathering.

"It's all good stuff! Every time I come back, I always bring a lot of these things with me. " Xue Xianxian was very happy when he saw the pile of materials.

While Chen Xiang and the others were tidying up the ingredients, they were discussing Long Jiuxiao's matter. In their previous life, Liu Meng'er and the others were all very excited because they all wanted to help the Heavenly Divine Lord with a lot of questions. Previous Chapter

"When the Dragon Clan arrives, we should be able to go to the Dragon Orb to look for it. We'll just do our best to make Shuang Ru stay in the Hundreds of Flowers Village and ask her for guidance from time to time." Chen Xiang laughed.

"It's unfortunate that we previously thought that the Divine Book had many unsolved problems. I never thought that we would actually be able to meet the Heavenly Divine Lord in his previous life." Liu Meng'er was very happy.

"Is there news of Darling's father?" Xu Youqing asked.

"For the time being, father is still a ghost. Nothing will definitely happen to him." Chen Xiang caressed it, "I will definitely find it, do not worry."

Chen Xiang also really wanted to find Huang Jintian. This could only wait until they become stronger.

In the following month, Chen Xiang spent the night with his woman, enjoying her leisure. During the day, he would run around everywhere and brag about his old friends.

Long Jiuxiao was also here with the others, getting along very well, while Long Shuangru stayed in the Hundreds of Flowers Village. This time, Long Xueyi and Leng Youlan kept him here to teach him many powerful techniques.

During this time, Chen Xiang had the girls in the Hundreds of Flowers Village condense many purple pearls for her to use to duplicate Qiyuan Dan's medicinal herbs. Thinking about the Fang family, she felt extremely uncomfortable and wanted to go back to take revenge.

After that, Chen Xiang also wanted to leave and give the Fang family some face.

because Chu Hongqing was himself well versed in medicine and had a better understanding of the world, he pa.s.sed down his own knowledge to Feng Yujie and the others.

After bidding farewell to everyone, Chen Xiang immediately teleported towards the direction of the Divine Void City!

… ….

After staying in Hundreds of Flowers Village for over a month, Chu Hongqing had become more and more knowledgeable about Chen Xiang's situation. He did not expect that he, who was also a female slave, would actually return Hua Xiangyue and his wife despite being like that.

"The little b.a.s.t.a.r.ds will be leaving the bet when we go back next time!" Chu Hongqing laughed tenderly: "I think that's impossible."

"How difficult!" Chen Xiang chuckled: "You guys get along pretty well."

"If I had known earlier, I wouldn't have been able to cultivate the Alive Slain Method. It's too late now." Chu Hongqing felt that it was a pity that he had already experienced the might of Alive Slain Method.

"It won't be too late at all! can eat Nine Yin and yang Dan s to convert all of their Divine Deity into Life-Killing Divine Deity. " Chen Xiang: "Before this, all of our Divine Deity s also stopped transforming."

"Really? We are already taught how to use the Alive Slain Method! " Chu Hongqing was pleasantly surprised.

"Do you need Nine Yin and yang Dan s to be able to refine it? They should have given us quite a bit of the medicinal ingredients. " Chen Xiang had instructed Feng Yujie to teach him how to refine more special pills.

"Hmm, how many pills do you need?" Chu Hongqing asked: "We only gave them over a hundred!"

"I need a lot of them. It would not be good to refine it now! At that time, when we earn enough Jade money, we can also buy two types of Nine Yin and yang Dan s as medicinal ingredients. However, people only know that they can be used to concoct pills. " Chen Xiang: "Of course the best way is for the Yaoge Dan to improve and integrate into the Yaoge Dan faster."

Chen Xiang spent more than 20 days to reach the Divine Void City. Although Long Shuangru was not by his side, he was not worried about the Undead Divine Race taking revenge on him.

Right now, the most important things were the Fang family and the Fire Reverent School. If they wanted to get rid of these two loathsome powers, they would have to use a very strong seal to suppress them.

Chen Xiang came to a small island in the Divine Void City. Long Shuangru had previously bought a house here, and it was right in the middle of the house.

"Do you want to ma.s.s refine Qiyuan Dan now?" Chu Hongqing asked what happened. Right now, Chen Xiang did not want to refine pills, because there were too few of them.

Of course, he had also made great progress now. He could refine three Qiyuan Dan of Heaven stage within two hours.

"Yes, but first we need to inquire about the current situation of the Fang family and the Fire Reverent School." After Chen Xiang confirmed that the mansion had visited, he ran out to look for information.

After four hours of investigation, they found out that the Fang family and the Fire Reverent School had teamed up to do extremely despicable things.

"The Fang family and the Fire Reverent School only have this much! All of you, wait! " Chen Xiang was furious. He wanted to take care of the Fang family first, because the three elders of the Fang family were sealed up that day.

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