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Chen Xiang did not know what kind of power the Heavenly magic sword would have after it was repaired, but even though it was damaged, the power was extremely terrifying. ybdu!

Long Jiuxiao said that he could fix it, but it would take a lot of time, and right now, Chen Xiang could not lack Heavenly magic sword s either. This was his counter attack weapon, so after thinking about it, he decided not to fix it.

Chen Xiang brought Long Jiuxiao and the others on their journey to the forest. Not long after he left, he hoped that nothing would happen there.

When he left the forest, he did not enter the Dao Ti realm, and the spatial energy he used at that time was extremely limited, but it was different now. He was already much stronger than before, and even when he brought Long Shuangru and Long Jiuxiao with him on the journey back, his speed was still much faster than before.

In just two months, they had returned to the Great Heavenly Star Region from the Divine Sky City. Everything was fine here, but when they found out that Chen Xiang had returned, they were extremely happy.

When Jiu Canghai saw Long Jiuxiao, he was completely stunned, his face full of shock, but Long Jiuxiao did not recognize him.

Chen Xiang immediately understood that this Long Jiuxiao must be the same as the Heavenly Divine Lord, so Jiu Canghai thought that he was his own father.

After that, Chen Xiang gave a simple explanation, and only then did Jiu Canghai understand. He felt extremely excited, to be able to see his father's past life.

Long Jiuxiao was very strong, the patriarchs and elders that came with the dragon clan almost couldn't stand steadily when they saw Long Jiuxiao, because they could feel the strong Dragon Power in Long Jiuxiao's body.

Hundreds of Flowers Village only came to Lv Qilian, and other than them, there were also the patriarchs of Cat Race, Star Moon Divine Race and Undead Divine Race, and then there were the All-beast Divine Lord and Azure Dragon, the four great divine beasts.

While Long Jiuxiao was on the road, he had heard Chen Xiang talk about the things that happened here, especially the fact that the people here were weak! This was also because the era was different.

Chen Xiang first introduced the people here to Long Jiuxiao, then introduced Long Jiuxiao's ident.i.ty to the crowd. Everyone was very surprised to know that it was from Heavenly Divine Palace's previous life.

As for the elders and the chief of the Dragon race, they were very happy because these were powerful divine dragons from the Ancient Era. If they were to lead them, they would definitely become even more powerful.

Because Long Jiuxiao had lost in battle, he did not have any helpers by his side, so he was currently discussing with the Dragon Clan. He hoped that he could lead the Dragon Clan and work together with the various forces here to protect and develop everyone.

In this Big Chaotic Times, it was not bad to have Long Jiuxiao protecting them. Furthermore, this Long Jiuxiao was saved by Chen Xiang, so everyone was at ease.

In terms of cultivation, Long Jiuxiao had many rich surprises, which could coincidentally guide everyone. At this time, Chen Xiang was also bringing Long Shuangru to the Hundreds of Flowers Village.

Just as he arrived at Hundreds of Flowers Village, Chen Xiang saw Long Xueyi playing with a beautiful young lady in white. He had seen this young lady in white once before, the little kitten Yue'er!

After that, Chen Xiang called for Chu Hongqing to come out from the ring.

Long Xueyi saw that Chen Xiang had brought back two beautiful girls, but she was not surprised. If Chen Xiang had left for so long, she would have thought it was strange if he did not bring back the girls!

"Little Scoundrel!" Long Xueyi and Yue'er shouted while laughing.

Chen Xiang immediately teleported over to pinch their mouths. Long Shuangru had a good impression of him and he didn't want to let these two little girls ruin him.

"Little Scoundrel?" Long Shuangru smiled as he walked to Long Xueyi's side. Then, he caressed Long Xueyi's pretty and cute face. "You're Long Xueyi?"

"Un, sister, who are you? It can't be that you're having an affair with that little scoundrel as well, right? " Long Xueyi could feel that Long Shuangru was very powerful, "Elder sister, you're so powerful, you definitely won't think much of this little scoundrel. Don't be fooled by him!"

"Little Naughty Dragon, she is your ancestor, the only White Dragon of this era." As Chen Xiang spoke, he reached out and pinched Long Xueyi's cheek with all his might: "Don't speak ill of me!"

"Really? "So you're saying that all of my memories came from her?" Long Xueyi said in shock: "I didn't think that I would be able to meet my ancestors so soon!"

Yue'er, in order to prevent Chen Xiang from pinching her, transformed into a palm-sized kitten. It then flew into Chu Hongqing's embrace and mewled a few times, before asking, "Who is this big sister? It also seems to be very powerful! "

"She's my maid, so she lost the bet." Chen Xiang laughed: "I'll bring her to the pill refining team. You guys take Shuang Ru out here for a stroll … Right, let her go see Youlan. She also has her White Dragon Vein. "

"Elder Sister, follow me!" Long Xueyi called Yue'er over, then pulled Long Shuangru along a small path.

Chu Hongqing followed Chen Xiang down another path.

"Young Master, why did they call you Little Scoundrel?" Chu Hongqing asked in a low voice.

"That's them discrediting me, don't believe them." Chen Xiang laughed, they pa.s.sed by an orchard and saw a tall lady in a purple dress.

"Elder Brother Shen!" The lady was Shui Bingyan, she hurried over.

"BingYan, long time no see!" Chen Xiang touched her cheeks and laughed.

Shui Bingyan was innocent and looked extremely pure. She blushed and smiled: "Elder Brother Shen, did you see more interesting things coming back from the outside this time?"

"Alright, I'll take you out for a walk when I have time. I still have things to do with Sister Feng and the others. You can continue picking the fruits." Chen Xiang even took out a few strange things he had bought during the Heavenly Mystery to give her to play with.

"Thank you, Elder Brother Shen!" Shui Bingyan smiled sweetly.

After leaving the orchard far behind, Chu Hongqing laughed: "This Hundreds of Flowers Village is a beauty park, all kinds of beauties … You often run around here, don't you want to do something bad? "

"How would I dare? The boss of Hundreds of Flowers Village is my wife. If I were to mess around here, I would be scolded to death by her." Chen Xiang brought Chu Hongqing to a courtyard. The moment they entered, they saw Wu Qianqian drying the herbs there.

"Qianqian, where are they?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"Chen Xiang, you're back! They are all busy with their own things. " Wu Qianqian looked at Chu Hongqing who was behind Chen Xiang, and smelled something softly: "Who is this?"

"I'm accepting a new servant … Just like Warm Moon Xiangyue, they are my female slaves! " Chen Xiang laughed: "She is also from Alchemist, and her level is not bad. She has a better understanding of the pills here, I let her stay here, this way you guys can have a better understanding of the pills from this era."

"Un, I'll go and call them out now!" Wu Qianqian immediately put down the work at hand and took out a jade talisman to send the message.

Before long, the entire pill refining team had rushed to the center of the hall, while Chen Xiang was copying the Dao mark Dan's pill formulas.

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