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Long Jiu Xiao's face gradually recovered, but he quickly stopped. Seeing this, Chen Xiang immediately took out another Three Lotus Divine Pill and placed it in his mouth.

After eating the second pellet, Long Jiu Xiao's face turned b.l.o.o.d.y. Then, Chen Xiang gave the third pellet to him to eat, only then did he expel all the poison from his body.

Long Shuang Ru secretly admired Chen Xiang. She had traveled everywhere for many years and spent all sorts of effort, yet after Chen Xiang had spent more than ten days to refine three pills, she managed to cure her father's poison.

An hour later, Long Jiu Xiao suddenly opened his eyes. Although he looked to be in high spirits, Chen Xiang and Long Shuang Ru knew that he had not fully recovered.

"Shuang Ru!" Long Jiu Xiao shouted. He felt that his entire body was sore, as if he had slept for a long time. Because the position he took while sleeping wasn't right, it was very uncomfortable.

"Dad, you're finally better!" Long Shuang Ru hastily threw herself into Long Jiu Xiao's embrace as she sobbed softly. In order to cure her father of his poison, she had gone through countless hardships, spending many days and nights by herself.

"h.e.l.lo, uncle!" Chen Xiang laughed.

"You … "Human?" Long Jiu Xiao frowned because the dragon race rarely walked with humans.

"Father, he's the one who cured you of that poison. He's an incredible apothecary!" Long Shuang Ru hastily replied.

"Really?" Long Jiu Xiao was already able to stand up. He was a very robust middle-aged man, standing there like a small mountain.

"Those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds specifically made this poison to deal with our dragon race. They used the black dragon blood to grow a flower as the main ingredient." Long Jiu Xiao replied, "This poison is very powerful. Many experts of our Dragon race died from it, unable to detoxify themselves for a long time."

"I never thought that it would be broken today by a human being's pill!"

Long Jiu Xiao patted on Chen Xiang's shoulder, making Chen Xiang feel as if his shoulder was about to break.

"Little demon of the human race, you have a future. I, Long Jiu Xiao, owe you my life." Long Jiu Xiao said.

Chen Xiang was thinking, that the Black Dragon Flower Poison should have already existed, it was just that someone intentionally allowed the Black Dragon to be used in the Star Law Divine Realm!

The powers behind it could very likely be the Undead Divine Race and the Evil Spirit Race.

"This is your reward!" Long Shuang Ru gave Chen Xiang a storage bag. Inside it were many jade plates, as well as the credentials to receive the jade coins from the bank. There was a total of four billion!

At this moment, he remembered that he still had one billion jade coins he won in the Immortal Bank and hadn't received yet!

Having made such a huge profit in one go, Chen Xiang did not know what to do. Now, he knew that the Dragon Clan was extremely rich, and did not feel any heartache at all.

After that, Chen Xiang and Long Shuang Ru were chatting casually in the past, but when they heard that Chen Xiang had killed Huang Xuan, Long Jiu Xiao was ecstatic. After that, he found out that Chen Xiang had come from the future and merged the two eras together.

"Chen Xiang, if you are from the future, then you don't have to worry about the Undead Divine Race's Sky Evolution Technique at all. Because you don't belong in this world, they can't even count you as a part of it." Long Jiu Xiao laughed.

"Dad, Chen Xiang has a very powerful broken sword. Huang Xuan was cut to death by that broken sword." Long Shuang said, "You are proficient in artifact forging and setting up formations. Help him see if he can repair that sword."

Once Long Shuang Ru finished, Chen Xiang took it out immediately. He kept having the feeling that this Long Jiu Xiao and the Heavenly Divine Lord had some kind of strange relationship!

Heavenly Divine Lord was also proficient in artifact forging, and very powerful! Currently, this Long Jiu Xiao was also here, but he was a dragon and a dragon, a dragon and a dragon, a human from the Heavenly Divine Lord!

Long Jiu Xiao took it over and examined it carefully. He immediately frowned. Very strong, and it makes me feel very familiar with it! "

Soon after, a ray of light shot out from between his eyebrows and landed on the sword hilt. The hilt immediately lit up and two ancient characters "Ninth Heaven" appeared.

"Father, why would your words appear on this sword?" Could it be that you refined it? " Long Shuang Ru said in surprise.

"My handwriting, but the power used to brand this word is completely different from mine. This human's power!" Long Jiu Xiao saw Chen Xiang. "Do you know who refined this?"

"I only know that man's name is Heavenly Divine Lord. He is already dead. Chen Xiang took out another Nine Heavens Divine Furnace. This was something Xue Xianxian and the others refined according to the blueprints in the Nine Heavens Divine Manual.

"Uncle, look at this!" Chen Xiang said: "This was refined by a, and it was recorded in his book."

Long Jiu Xiao took it and looked at it. "There are many array patterns that I created, could it be that the Heavenly Divine Lord obtained my inheritance later?"

"But it doesn't make sense either! Even if he obtained my inheritance, he wouldn't be able to be branded with this name. It's the same as mine, and only my soul can make this name appear! " Long Jiu Xiao was very puzzled.

"Uncle …" Could it be that you have reincarnated and become a human? " Chen Xiang said.

"It's very possible that if you didn't appear, I would have already died." Long Jiu Xiao laughed. "It should be like that. I never thought that after I reincarnated, I would still be so powerful and could refine such a thing."

Chen Xiang was a little speechless, this Long Jiu Xiao was too easy to accept.

"Father, can you recover it?" Long Shuang Ru asked.

"Sure, just a little time." Long Jiu Xiao asked, "Chen Xiang, you also came with you in the Dragon clan? How many are there? "

"It's quite small, tens of thousands!" Chen Xiang said.

"Tens of thousands is considered little!" We have less than a thousand dragons. " Long Jiu Xiao was startled. "Hurry up and take me to them. I can help them become stronger."

Long Shuang Ru was also shocked. There would be so many dragons in the future!

Chen Xiang had also previously known that the faction led by Long Jiu Xiao had already been annihilated, leaving behind only the father and daughter pair.

Chen Xiang also wanted to go back now and bring back the pill formulas he learned. This way, he could make them stronger faster.

"Chen Xiang, you … … changed techniques … … was taught to you by a White Dragon. What is your relationship with that White Dragon?" Long Shuang didn't believe it before, but now she believed it.

"My wife was also poisoned by that poison. I learned how to concoct the Three Lotus G.o.dly Pill after that." Chen Xiang laughed: "When you see her, she might be very excited too, because in our era, the struggles within the dragon race were very intense. Bai Long was killed until she was the only one left."

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