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Chen Xiang looked at the countless black dots in front of him, big and small. They were floating islands, and there were even many beautiful mountains and rivers.

"Why isn't there a Sky Spill skill when I enter?" Chen Xiang asked as he followed behind Long Shuang Ru, flying towards a small dot in the sky.

"The Sky Evolution Art belongs to a strange type of law, and in Divine Void City, this kind of law will lose its effectiveness! "In fact, there are many Laws that you cannot use. If you don't believe me, try using the s.p.a.ce Laws." Dragonfrost said.

Chen Xiang tried it and sure enough, he could not use it. He said in shock: "As expected, it's a really mysterious place! If they can't calculate that we're here, won't they guess that we're hiding here? "

"It doesn't matter if you guess. There are so many islands here, and every island has a lake. This lake is very strange. As long as you jump in, you can find another island." Long Shuang Ru smiled lightly. "When we jump down, as long as we hold hands, we'll be teleported to another floating island."

"It's so magical!" Chen Xiang was immediately filled with antic.i.p.ation.

"I've been fighting with them here for many years, but nothing happened. When the time comes, we just have to stay by the lake. Once we find them, we'll just have to jump into the lake and hide." Dragonfrost said.

Chu Hong Qing helped Chen Xiang grow spirit seeds inside the ring, and she was not bored at all. Furthermore, Chen Xiang started to teach her the [Inherent Skill], so that she could learn it.

When he was flying towards the floating island, Chen Xiang saw that not far away from this empty island, there was a huge plaza!

"What about the teleportation plaza?" asked. Other than that, he saw many people flying directly from the plaza towards the islands.

"Yes, the spatial laws in this area are unusable, and the teleportation formation is also based on the spatial laws, so it can only be built outside. Those who want to come here can only teleport to that teleportation plaza and then fly up here." "It's the most stable)" Frost Dragon said.

Chu Hong Qing told Chen Xiang: "I have been to this place before, and many merchants often go to the Fire Tao Divine Place to buy many pills, and then use this place to increase the price to sell them."

The Fire Tao Divine Place was a region, and this Divine Void City was also a region. In this era, every region had their own differences.

At this time, Chen Xiang also wanted to know where Huang Jintian and the others were after the fusion of the two generations.

Long Shuang Ru brought Chen Xiang to a very small island in the sky. When they arrived at a lake, they could see many people jumping into the lake.

"Let's test our luck and see if we can reach the largest island!" Long Shuang smiled mischievously, then grabbed Chen Xiang's hand and jumped into the lake.

Chen Xiang had thought that when he jumped in, it would be like falling into water. He didn't think that when he touched the lake's surface, he would only feel cool.

"We're on another island!" Long Shuang smiled. "Only, this isn't the largest island. Let's continue jumping into the lake!"

Then they came to a lake on the island, and jumped in, and so many times they jumped, until they came to a larger one, which was already very lively.

"Why is it that every time we appear, we are in the wilderness and not in the middle of the city?" Chen Xiang asked.

"This was determined after many tests by the predecessors, and the area that would not appear is suitable for the construction of a city." Dragonfrost said.

Chen Xiang said, "Shuang Ru, quickly find a place! I'm preparing to start concocting pills, so it might take some time. "

"Good, what a beautiful novel!" Long Shuang Ru had quite a bit of jade money in her hands, so it was unknown where she had gotten it from as she bought a house not far from where Hu Diechang was.

Chen Xiang was also in a hurry to refine the Three Lotuses Divine Pill. When he entered the secret room, he immediately started to condense the purple pearls and copied the three lotus seeds for the Three Lotuses Divine Pill.

Then, he would use Six Realms G.o.d Cup and Spirit Seeds to raise the quality of the three pellets!

All of this was for Chu Hongqing to do.

"What treasure is this?" This is too incredible, to be able to turn three lotus seeds into king level medicinal herbs in an instant. Chu Hong Qing was shocked, Chen Xiang personally taught her how to do it.

"So fast?" Chen Xiang also didn't think about it, "Okay, make a copy. You might need a lot of pills to cure that dragon's poison."

Chen Xiang took out the Creation G.o.d Furnace and began to refine the Three Lotus Pellet!

Moreover, he was already extremely familiar with the Three Lotus Divine Pills, and now, he only needed to get familiar with the new high levelled medicinal ingredients to concoct the pills, and three of them at that!

After ten days, he finally succeeded and walked out of the secret room.

"Shuang Ru!" Chen Xiang knocked on Long Shuang Ru's door. She had pa.s.sed by Chen Xiang, so if they came out, they would knock on her door.

"Not inside?" Chen Xiang went into the hall and saw that Long Shuang Ru had coincidentally come back from outside. She had even used a transformation technique to turn into an old woman.

Long Shuang returned to her original form, laughing. "You seem to be able to see that I'm using the Transformation Technique!"

"Of course, I can see a lot of things." Chen Xiang's Dao heart Eye was very strong, he could even break open the Evil Spirit Clan's invisibility.

"I've already refined the pill. Let your father try to see if he can cure the poison. If not, I'll think of another way." Chen Xiang said.

"So fast?" Long Shuang Ru still thought that Chen Xiang would need a few years to refine it, because Chen Xiang had told her that that kind of pill was extremely difficult to refine.

"I've refined it for more than ten days, and it's still going fast?" Chen Xiang laughed, and quickly gave it a try.

Long Shuang knew that antidote pills usually required a long time to concoct because she had tried out a lot of antidote pills for her father and found many alchemists to concoct them.

Chen Xiang and Long Shuang Ru came to a relatively large secret room. Long Shuang took out the crystal ice coffin, and melted the Icy cold power on top of it.

"Chen Xiang, during the Heavenly Dao Auction, the things you did were spread all the way here. Huang Tian seemed to have already known you were Chen Xiang and was putting bounties on you everywhere!" Long Shuang Ru said: "The Undead Divine Race is relatively calm. Don't tell me they didn't know you killed Huang Xuan?"

Long Shuang had been out asking around for news these past few days. She wanted to know what actions the Undead Divine Race would take, but even now, she looked very calm, as if Huang Xuan hadn't been killed.

"Eat one first!" Chen Xiang said: "I'm not afraid of poison!"

After dispersing the frozen ice, a black mist rose up from Long Shuang's body like her father, causing the poison to spread even faster.

Chen Xiang placed the Three Lotus Divine Pill into the black mouth, and quickly reacted. His originally black face now gradually turned white.

When Long Shuang saw it, she immediately became excited. "It's working!"

"What's your father's name? Just how strong is he, to be able to become a leader? " Chen Xiang also heaved a sigh of relief. The Three Lotus G.o.d Pellet was indeed powerful.

"Long Jiu Xiao." Dragonfrost said.

Hearing this name, Chen Xiang couldn't help but be taken aback. He was thinking, what does this Long Jiu Xiao not have to do with the Heavenly Divine Lord?

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