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Seeing that Chen Xiang was still smiling so happily, Long Shuangru secretly clenched her teeth, because she knew the background of the man named Huang profound.

"You're very afraid of them. What if your father recovers?" Seeing Long Shuangru's worry, Chen Xiang asked.

"It won't do if my father recovers. Our dragon clan will be split up by those fellows." Long Shuangru sighed: "Our Dragon Clan was originally very peaceful, but because of that group of fellows, we were split into three factions. The faction which my father commanded was opposed to the other, while the other was neutral, and had already retreated."

"Your father is already like this. It seems as though his faction should be under his command …" Chen Xiang sighed, and did not continue.

"Yes, we lost very miserably, because the other side had the help of the Undead Divine Race and our strength was far too different, so we lost. My father was also poisoned and became like this." Long Shuangru nodded.

"Shuang Ru, why didn't the Undead Divine Race kill you? They should have had a lot of chances to kill you, but they still let you live until now." Chen Xiang asked.

"This is a secret." Long Shuangru also knew that Chen Xiang was not stupid, he must have thought of a lot of things, "This guy is also hiding a lot of secrets, I have not found out about the matter of you learning the Transformation Techniques yet."

Chen Xiang laughed: "In short, I'm not sent by Undead Divine Race, and I promised you that I would help your father cure the poison, you also said that you would give me double the amount of Jade money s you gave me at that time."

"Are you sure you can cure my father's poison? Although I know that your alchemy skills are very strong, but that poison is very strong. It is also recorded in the ancient records of our Dragon clan. Many of our dragon race's experts were infected with that poison and died in the end." Long Shuangru said.

"Ancient book, how many years have your dragon race existed for?" Chen Xiang had already been suspicious about this since long ago. He believed that the current era when he was in Big Chaotic Times should be the time when all the races had originated.

"It's been many years. I'm not too sure either. Anyway, there's an ancient book here." Long Shuangru shook his head.

Chen Xiang thought about it, then came to a conclusion. They were at the Big Chaotic Times, but only at the later stages of the era.

"The poison your father was infected with is very similar to the poison I have seen before. In fact, the poison is only used against your dragon race, and my place calls it the Black dragon flower poison. Legend has it that because the Black Dragon race was not favored by them, they created this poison to specifically take revenge on other dragons." Chen Xiang replied, "The Black Dragon race is an evil dragon in our world."

Long Shuangru frowned: "Black Dragon, I have never seen or even heard of this white dragon before, but this white dragon of mine was also newly born. At the very beginning, there was only the green dragon, and only later on did it evolve into a dragon with a different color, and used a different type of power."

"Where are you? The dragons there are very different from the ones I know."

Chen Xiang laughed, "I returned to this era from the future … Sigh, it's hard to explain in a single sentence. In short, in my era, the number of dragons were many. Although their overall strength was great, they were still inferior to humans. "

"The future." Long Shuangru was extremely shocked, and so was Chu Hongqing.

"If that's true, then you should master the Time Laws. You came back alone or with a large group of people. Why did you return to this era? Is that not the best time of your era?" Long Shuangru asked a series of questions, the same as what Chu Hongqing wanted to ask.

"I didn't grasp the laws of time. I only entered the laws of time by mistake, and then accidentally blended my time and this era together …" That's why all the living creatures of our era have been covered here. " Chen Xiang laughed bitterly: "Compared to you, the overall strength of our era was very weak. You must know that in the past, I was very strong."

Chu Hongqing now understood why even though Chen Xiang seemed to know nothing about this world, he was actually extremely shrewd and ruthless. He did not seem like a little imp who knew anything about the world.

"The main reason we came back was because our era was about to be destroyed. The top experts who protected our era were also unable to deal with those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, and they also ran back to this era. In the end, I could only do this." Chen Xiang sighed.

"Could the guy who wants to destroy your world be the Undead Divine Race?" Long Shuangru asked.

"Mn, there's still one more Evil Spirit Race … or more accurately speaking, it should be the Red Spirit Race s. " Chen Xiang said: "Have you heard of this race before?"

"I've heard of it." Long Shuangru sighed: "There are very few Red Spirit Race here, but they are very scary, and they are very unreasonable here, but the other races, together, can still suppress them."

"Why didn't the other races help when something happened to the dragon clan?" Chen Xiang asked.

"This is the cleverness of the Undead Divine Race. He had us fight amongst ourselves and then secretly help the entire sect. This is the internal affairs of our Dragon Clan, no other races are allowed to interfere." Long Shuangru said.

"The Undead Divine Race is starting to weaken the various races." Chen Xiang replied, "Why is the Undead Divine Race like this? In my era, there was a very good school of Undead Divine Race. One of my teachers was the Undead Divine Race."

"I'm not too sure either. In short, your era has merged with this one. There will definitely be a great change in how it develops in the future." Long Shuangru shook his head.

After the rest ended, Chen Xiang stretched his back.

"Where are you bringing me? Are you going to your territory?" Long Shuangru said, "When you return to this era, you must be very weak. You should hide your abilities well."

Chen Xiang nodded his head: "They are not very knowledgeable about this world, especially regarding cultivation, so I have to pa.s.s on a message to them, and also that the pills here are more useful."

"Right now, it's still not enough. We are all being chased. If we lure that group of powerful people to your hiding place, you all will be in trouble." Long Shuangru anxiously pulled Chen Xiang: "If they had hidden themselves well, there's no need to worry too much about them. After all, you are once the apex existences of your generation, and have enough power to adapt to situations."

Chen Xiang thought about it, and felt that Long Shuangru was right.

"They are the Undead Divine Race. If you know anything about them, you should know how terrifying those Heavenly Evolution Masters are. They can track you." Long Shuangru said again.

"Alright, then where do we go now?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Just stay away from Fire Tao Divine Place." Long Shuangru said, then pointed in a direction, for Chen Xiang to bring her there.

Chen Xiang had many doubts about this era. He felt that this era was not just that simple. Following Long Shuangru's guidance, he arrived at a place with many islands floating in the sky.

"This is Divine Sky City, there are a total of ten thousand small and large floating islands, it is a relatively strange place, if you hide inside, it would be hard to calculate where you are in the Heaven extended method." Long Shuangru said.

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