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Seeing the scale on the stone tablet light up, everyone sucked in a deep breath and lit up. Then, a burst of exclamations broke out.

It actually lit up on the 324 mark.

"Over 320 points in quality, quite a bit higher than the previous 200 points." One of them shouted, "In other words, the testing monument from before was not broken, but the Yaoge Dan that this fellow refined was of too high a quality."

"To think that it would be twice as good as Huang Xiaotian's. Is this for real? This quality is too scary."

Huang Tian was also stunned. He had concocted pills for so many years, and had also meditated everyday to improve his quality, yet his limit was only 109. Chen Xiang was actually higher than him by so much.

"You've won. This is your reward." Huang Tian took out a jade box. Inside it was the Dao mark Dan's pill formula and a set of high-quality medicinal ingredients.

Chen Xiang looked at the pill formula, checked the ingredients, and confirmed the information. Then, he accepted the ingredients.

"Yun Fei, right? I admire your refining skills very much. I wonder if you are interested in entering our Fire Reverent School. I will make you an elder of our Fire Reverent School." Huang Tian laughed as he said this. He really wanted to learn how to refine high quality skills.

"I'm not interested. It would be better if your Fire Reverent School were open with the public … Of course, I had thought that you did not plan to give me the Dao mark Dan's pill formula. " Chen Xiang laughed.

"Brother, what do you mean by that? If you don't explain it clearly, I will treat it as an insult to our Fire Reverent School. The consequences will be severe." Huang Tian's face darkened as he said.

Chen Xiang immediately controlled his Spirit Force and struck the pill furnaces Huang Xiaotian and Fang Heng used just now, sending the two pill furnaces flying towards the crowd of people, falling amongst them.

"Everyone, take a look at these two pill furnaces. Are they different from the trash that everyone just used?" Chen Xiang sneered, and the pill furnace he used just now had already shattered after he condensed the pill.

There were a lot of Alchemist who went up on stage just now, as they had a very deep impression of those broken pill furnaces. But now that they saw the pill furnaces used by Fang Heng and Fang Heng, they became extremely angry.

This was because the two pill furnaces looked the same on the outside, but their insides were vastly different. They were vastly different from their c.r.a.ppy pill furnaces.

"d.a.m.n, so that's how it is. It's too dark, Fire Reverent School is actually this kind of guy. He's manipulating everything in the dark."

"No wonder those two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds were so calm and concocted pills. So their pill furnaces were all good stuff and they gave us trash. We were rotten before we even f * cking started."

"Seems like Yun Fei is really capable. If Yun Fei did not expose us, we would still be in the dark. If Fang Heng and Huang Xiaotian had used those broken pill furnaces, I think they would not have survived the first round like us."

"That's right, we might even be stronger than them."

Hearing the angry complaints of many people, Huang Tian clenched his fists so hard that they began to clatter. He naturally knew of this matter, but he never thought that this "Yun Fei" would actually expose it so recklessly.

At this moment, Long Shuangru felt really satisfied in her heart. As long as it was someone with a little morals, they would all dislike Fire Reverent School's secret operation. She did not expect Chen Xiang to be so bold as to expose it.

"You … "You're fine." Huang Tian wanted to kill Chen Xiang with a palm, but Long Shuangru suddenly flew up and stood beside him.

Long Shuangru now really believed that Chen Xiang could cure her father, so she had to protect Chen Xiang no matter what. Now, she saw for herself why Chen Xiang said that she was a troublemaker before.

If Long Shuangru was not here, Chen Xiang might have left after winning.

Huang Tian saw through Long Shuangru's strength with a single glance, especially the aura that Long Shuangru had released when he was preparing to fight, which gave him a huge pressure.

The originally angry Huang Tian now seemed somewhat fearful.

"Let's go." Long Shuangru also didn't want to fight with Huang Tian, it wasn't because she couldn't win against him, but because once they started to fight, she had no time to take care of Chen Xiang, and she also had her own enemies.

Looking at Chen Xiang's back figure, he seemed to have already guessed that this Yun Fei was Chen Xiang.

… ….

"You guys need to go take a look at that earth seal. Chen Xiang might have already ran out long ago and brought him away. Also, didn't you guys tell Chen Xiang a lot of things before?" Huang Tian's voice was very low.

The Fang family's elders who were sitting in the hall, upon hearing Huang Tian's words, immediately denied it, saying that they had never said anything to Chen Xiang.

They had indeed said a lot, and had even revealed the very important fact that Chu Hongqing was secretly cultivated by Huang Tian. If they were to admit it now, Huang Tian would definitely be furious.

"It's definitely impossible for him to break the seal. Don't tell me you suspect that Yun Fei is Chen Xiang?" An old man from the Fang family said.

"Other than him, who else has such great alchemy skills? I heard that a few juniors from your Fang Clan died yesterday, right? Don't you think that someone is targeting you?" Huang Tian laughed coldly: "Yun Fei is definitely Chen Xiang, it's just that he has hidden himself well, and he has a terrifying dragon by his side."

Regarding Yun Fei wanting to cure Long Shuangru's father of the poison, Huang Tian also understood a little, so he understood why Chen Xiang dared to be so arrogant.

"Alright, let's go take a look now." An old man said.

Four hours later, they returned with expressions of shock on their faces.

"That's impossible! The seal of the earth is so powerful, but it's actually unable to seal a brat like him."

"Forget about Chen Xiang, the brat who just entered the Dao Ti realm, even if many old fellows were sealed, no one would be able to come out."

Huang Tian laughed coldly: "Chen Xiang really came out. It seems that he has many powerful methods, we must think of a way to deal with him."

… ….

Chen Xiang and Long Shuangru had already quietly left the Fire Tao Divine Place, and right now, it was Chen Xiang who was bringing Long Shuangru far away from the Fire Tao Divine Place.

"You really are Chen Xiang." Long Shuangru saw that Chen Xiang had changed back to his original youthful and handsome appearance, and said, "Exactly what method did you use, this makes me feel that it's very familiar."

"It's just a tiny spell, you don't even know what it is." Chen Xiang laughed.

"The art of transformation, right?" Long Shuangru smiled slightly: "Coincidentally, I have heard of this technique before, and I know of it too."

"You are the White Dragon." Chen Xiang said in shock.

The expression of Long Shuangru, who was smiling just a moment ago, instantly darkened, "How do you know? Other people only know that I'm a dragon, but don't know that I'm a white dragon.

Seeing Long Shuangru's wild thoughts, Chen Xiang immediately laughed: "Don't be so nervous, my transformation technique was taught to me by a White Dragon. Later on, I heard that only the White Dragon knew of it."

"Nonsense, I'm the only one with the White Dragon. When did I teach you the Art of Transformation?" Long Shuangru said: "The Transformation Art is a secret technique of my Dragon clan, there are a few dragons that have grasped it, but they seem to be almost dead now, at present, only my father and I understand it."

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