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At this moment, Huang Xiaotian's face was full of pride, as if he had already won. In his opinion, the quality of the Yaoge Dan that Chen Xiang had refined before was much lower than his own, so this round would definitely not be able to surpa.s.s his.

Everyone felt the same way, because Chen Xiang was not only sweating, he was frowning. It was obvious that he was facing a huge difficulty and was trying his best to save his opponent.

He had used the Crash method just now, and it was even within the Magic method furnace s. It had to be known that the upper grade heaven stage Yaoge Dan did contain an extremely rich amount of energy, and adding to that, when he used the Crash method, he still needed to add a lot of his own energy as a push, to charge through the formation.

Therefore, when they collided, the energy that erupted was extremely terrifying. Previously, he had his Chuangshi G.o.d furnace, so he did not have to worry about the energy that would spread to his pill furnace.

But now it was different, his pill furnace was too damaged, and he could only use Magic method furnace s to strengthen it from the inside.

Only after continuing for a long time did Chen Xiang finally relax. It seemed like he had already completed the collision process, and had even merged all of it together.

"Look at Yun Fei's pill furnace." A man with sharp eyes shouted in a hurry.

Everyone immediately looked carefully and found that there were many cracks on the surface of the pill furnace. The cracks were like spider webs that covered the entire surface of the pill furnace.

In fact, the pill furnace had already been shattered by the force of the explosion. In order to prevent others from seeing him using the Magic method furnace to concoct pills, Chen Xiang had used his own strength to wrap it up, preventing the pill furnace from shattering.

If he were to be exposed now, the Fang family and Huang Tian would know that he was Chen Xiang, and at that time, he would not be able to obtain the Dao mark Dan's medicinal formula.

Although there were cracks on the surface of the pill furnace, Chen Xiang did not explode, which was a very strange thing for many Alchemist, it looked like there was an invisible force enveloping the entire pill furnace, preventing it from breaking, and that required a very clever control over the furnace to do.

Many people secretly admired him. They all understood how Chen Xiang was able to endure using a pill furnace to this point, they felt that Fang Heng and Huang Xiaotian were doing the same thing, if not for the pill furnace, they would not have been able to last till now.

Time was running out. Although it was only four hours, the spectators were still chatting and did not feel bored.

"If this Yun Fei wins first place, then the Eternal Life Native Bank will have a huge profit because no one will be able to buy this result."


Everyone pa.s.sed by the Eternal Life Native Bank and made a small bet, but they did not know that Chen Xiang had placed a huge bet.

The old man in charge of gambling from Eternal Life Native Bank was also watching on the side, cursing Chen Xiang in his heart. If Chen Xiang could endure through all three matches, his Eternal Life Native Bank would not be able to earn much either.

"Time is up." An old man on the stage shouted.

Chen Xiang and Huang Xiaotian opened their eyes at the same time. They had already completed it long ago, but had allowed the pellet to stay in the furnace for a while to absorb the Qi that was in the furnace to strengthen the pellet's quality.

Both of their pills were of the same black color. It was hard to tell which one was better from the outside, so they had to pa.s.s the test.

"You first." Chen Xiang smiled faintly.

Huang Xiaotian walked over, and then placed the Yaoge Dan he refined into a pit, only to see the stone monument suddenly lit up.

"One hundred and sixty. This one has already surpa.s.sed your father." the old man said in surprise.

Huang Xiaotian was extremely pleased, because he knew that his father's previous tests were not as good as his.

"It's your turn, I'm also a pretty good Alchemist. Even if you lose, don't be discouraged and join our Fire Reverent School." Huang Xiaotian laughed, looking at his proud smile, it was as though he had already obtained first place.

Chen Xiang walked in front of the stone tablet and placed his Yaoge Dan in the hole. At the same time, everyone was also confused why the stone tablet did not light up.

"Top." A person shouted in shock, "Two hundred! His quality is actually two hundred!"

The crowd didn't think that it had 200 points in quality, so they didn't pay attention to it from the beginning. Now that they saw it, they couldn't help but be stunned.

It was indeed two hundred.

Chen Xiang felt that the pellet he had refined was not just of such quality. It should be of a higher quality instead, just that the stone tablet only had 200 tick marks.

"Impossible." After Huang Xiaotian saw it, he shouted, "This monument must be broken, it can't be of such high quality."

"Try your one again." Chen Xiang smiled slightly.

As expected, Huang Xiaotian tried again, and it was at the one hundred sixty scale bars that lit up.

Now, everyone believed that the test method was not broken, it was just that Huang Xiaotian did not accept this fact.

At this time, a middle aged man suddenly appeared. It was Huang Xiaotian's father, Huang Tian.

When the Fire Reverent School Leader appeared, Chen Xiang immediately became vigilant.

"Dad, there's definitely something wrong with the stone tablet." Huang Xiaotian anxiously said: "You said it before, it is impossible for it to be that high quality."

Chu Hongqing was also very surprised that the pill refined by Chen Xiang would be of such high quality. If she did not have a deep understanding of Chen Xiang, she would not dare believe that this was true, because she understood the testing monument very well.

Huang Tian nodded and said, "I also feel that it's strange, so I brought a better one. Let's do the test again."

Huang Xiaotian was instantly overjoyed, and said: "Quickly, take it out."

Sure enough, Huang Tian took out another one. This one was taller than the previous one, and there were even more than the previous one. In total, there were four hundred of them.

Chen Xiang found it funny. "It's impossible for the quality to be that high, why did you make so many scale bars, this stone tablet shouldn't have been created by you guys, right?"

Everyone also felt that it was strange. The two hundred grade stone tablets from before was understandable, because the quality could reach 160, or even 170. This could be considered the peak, which could be considered normal.

However, the one that Huang Tian had taken out really did have four hundred scale bars. There was clearly a contradiction between them.

The quality is limitless, I said before, it is impossible to reach such a high level, it is based on our current level, this world is big, there are not only Fire Tao Divine Place, and this stone tablet is also very ancient, it was left behind by ancient people. Huang Tian said.

Chen Xiang secretly frowned, because he had already returned to the most ancient Big Chaotic Times, and Huang Tian actually said that there were still people from the ancients.

Huang Xiaotian immediately walked up to test his Yaoge Dan. It still had a hundred and sixty points, and everyone could clearly see it light up on the one hundred and sixty points mark.

"It's your turn." Huang Xiaotian said as he looked at Chen Xiang.

"Coming." Chen Xiang walked over, and after placing his own Yaoge Dan on it, he immediately looked up.

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