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Refining Yaoge Dan was a piece of cake for Chen Xiang. He felt that he would definitely be able to enter the top fifty without any pressure.

"I have to finish this in two hours." The old man said: "For the first round, let's start the refining of the Yaoge Dan."

Many of the partic.i.p.ating Alchemist began to frown as this was rather harsh on them. After all, the rule now was that they would only compete in terms of quality, and that would require a lot of time to compress.

From the very beginning, many people were complaining that the pill furnace was terrible.

"What lousy pill furnace is this? It's no different from mud, I'm not going to forge it anymore." A large man shouted out angrily as he smashed the pill furnace with his palm.

One could see how terrible the pill furnace was when it turned to dust.

Many people left the venue without even starting.

"A truly skilled Alchemist would succeed even without a pill furnace. Don't you know that Chen Xiang did not even use a pill furnace to refine ten pills? It seems like Fire Reverent School did this on purpose.

Chen Xiang did not expose the pill furnaces Fang Heng and Huang Xiaotian used, even if he wanted to, he would have to wait until he obtained the Dao mark Dan's pill formulas.

Everyone was surprised at first, but after a short while, there were only three people left.

Chen Xiang, Fang Heng and Huang Xiaotian, the rest could not stand that broken pill furnace, some of the pill furnaces were directly melted in the beginning, and could not even be activated, which was why many people had no choice but to give up.

"This Yun Fei is pretty good, he actually persisted for so long."

"I thought this guy only knew how to boast. I didn't expect him to be so powerful. No wonder he dared to say that he could cure the poison."

"Fang Heng and Huang Xiaotian are truly Supreme Flame's disciples. Their son was able to use this broken furnace to refine pills for so long."

Everyone was discussing amongst themselves, and the Alchemist s who were leaving the compet.i.tion could not refuse to admit to it. At least, they were unable to do so, and could only secretly hate themselves for being too low leveled.

However, many people felt that it was strange, because many of the partic.i.p.ants in the pill refining compet.i.tion were disciples of famous sects.

Long Shuangru had also seen through a lot of things. She knew that Fang Heng and Huang Xiaotian's pill furnaces were very good, they were given to them intentionally by the Fire Reverent School to eliminate everyone else. That way, they could save on medicinal ingredients, because many people left without concocting pills.

When Long Shuangru saw that Chen Xiang could endure for so long using a broken pill furnace, she felt that the chances of it happening was even higher. She had already guessed that this Yun Fei was that Chen Xiang before, and had also heard of his deeds in Fire Tao Divine Place.

Just now, Chen Xiang could tell how sinister the Fire Reverent School was, so he didn't plan on showing such an astonishing performance at the start.

Very quickly, Fang Heng and Huang Xiaotian had finished refining, and Chen Xiang was a little later than them.

"There's no need to test for quality anymore, because the first round's rules is that one will be able to enter the next round after entering the top fifty. Now there's only the three of you, and as long as you can refine Yaoge Dan, you will definitely be able to enter the next round."

Just like that, the second round began without any further testing.

"For the second round, to refine a middle grade heaven stage Yaoge Dan, the two with the best quality will be able to enter the third round. The time limit will still be two hours." The old man said again.

Chen Xiang took a deep breath, he could not hide his true strength this time, if not, he would be eliminated if his quality was not good enough.

"I know Fang Heng's standards. As long as I perform normally, my quality will definitely be better than his. Moreover, I'm only refining one pellet, it shouldn't be a problem for me to be stronger than him." Chen Xiang carefully considered for a moment before deciding on how to refine it.

Two hours pa.s.sed by very quickly. When they were close to the end, they announced the completion of the refinement process. This time, they would need to conduct a quality test.

The first one he tested was Fang Heng. After he placed his Yaoge Dan in the pit, he saw that the ranking bar on the stone tablet had lit up, it was at the one hundred and thirty position.

This was the best, Fang Heng was very satisfied.

Then it was Huang Xiaotian's turn. He was at the 145th position, which made him very proud, because he was much higher up than Fang Heng.

Finally, it was Chen Xiang's turn.

It was also because this arena was viewed as Huang Xiaotian and Fang Heng. Whether or not they could break this theory, all they could do was rely on Chen Xiang.

"Yunfei, it's your turn." the old man shouted.

Fang Heng and Huang Xiaotian were more wary of Yun Fei, because they knew that their pill furnaces were all good, while Yun Fei's pill furnaces were very broken, but to be able to hold on till now, he definitely had a good foundation.

"One hundred and thirty-five." The old man said in shock. Everyone could see him clearly, and with that, Fang Heng would be wiped out.

Fang Heng had been eliminated, which made Fang Heng extremely angry. He was the genius of the Fang family, the disciple of Supreme Flame's Leader, but he had been taken down by a nameless newbie.

Of course, Chen Xiang had suppressed himself earlier, otherwise his quality would not have been so low.

Huang Xiaotian did not think much of it, because during the test just now, Chen Xiang was slightly lower than him. He felt that Chen Xiang was only at this level, and he would definitely win the next round.

Fang Heng walked out of the arena in an extremely unreconciled manner. This arrangement had already been made in the beginning, and would let him and Huang Xiaotian's battle to the end, even if he lost, it would not look that bad. To him, this was a great shame, and others would laugh at him in the future.

"The third match, is still a Yaoge Dan, it's just a high-grade Heaven-ranked Yaoge Dan, it's only for six hours." The old man said.

Chen Xiang looked at Fang Heng's furnace, which was still there. He hoped that the old man had not kept it, or else he would not have a chance to reveal it.

As expected, the old man didn't keep them and announced the start of the compet.i.tion.

Chen Xiang did not even put Huang Xiaotian in his eyes. Forget about Huang Xiaotian, even if Leader Huang Tian came, he could guarantee his victory under these rules.

This was because the quality of the Yaoge Dan that he refined using the Crash method was extremely shocking. He wasn't sure how much quality it would have, but it would definitely not be any worse than Huang Xiaotian's.

In the previous two rounds, he did not use that broken pill furnace at all. He had even released a Magic method furnace from the broken pill furnace, so the broken pill furnace would not be damaged because of that.

Refining high-grade Heaven-ranked Yaoge Dan required at least six hours, which was extremely demanding. Many Alchemist s required at least ten times the amount of time, and some needed even more than a month to complete it.

Therefore, no matter what, as long as they could refine a high-grade Heaven Ranked Yaoge Dan at this time, they would be a very promising Alchemist.

Huang Xiaotian was sweating profusely, it was obvious that he was not relaxed either, it was the same for Chen Xiang, because using Magic method furnace to execute Crash method s was very challenging.

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