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In their eyes, Chen Xiang did not look like an expert, especially when he was staring at the white clothed female. However, when they saw that the poison blood did not cause him any harm, they all felt that they were mistaken.

The white-clothed woman knew very well about that poison. If they, these Ancient Era's Divine Dragons were to be poisoned, they would all be half dead. Yet, this human before her was completely unharmed.

"Are you really okay?" The woman in white asked again, "Just now, you absorbed the poison into your body. Many experts are unable to withstand the poison!"

"Do you see how I look like now that I've been poisoned?" Chen Xiang laughed: "Miss, please keep your father safe. Once the Heavenly Dao Meet is over, I will help you concoct pills to cure his poison."

Chen Xiang felt that he could get rid of the Three lotus Dan with a slightly higher level of cultivation. It was just that he wanted to fish for a little more, since the other party was an Ancient Divine Dragon, they would definitely have a lot of good stuff.

"Can't you do that now?" The woman in white was slightly anxious as she asked, "Big brother, what pill are you refining?" Is it going to take long? "

The woman in white believed that the pill required a long time to refine in order to cure her father's poison.

"I still want to attend the Heavenly Dao Auction! I have already registered for the pill forging compet.i.tion, and I still lack a portion of medicinal herbs. However, you don't have to worry, I promise I will be able to cure your father of his poison! " Chen Xiang laughed.

If not for the fact that Chen Xiang had not come in contact with the poisonous blood earlier, no one present would have believed that he was such an expert.

"Alright!" The white-clothed woman placed her father inside a storage ring and whispered, "Big brother, I have been by your side for the past few days. Right now, I am also on my own."

The white clothed female was not afraid that Chen Xiang would do anything to her, because she knew her own strength.

"Well... "Fine, I'll concoct the antidote for your father after the compet.i.tion is over." Chen Xiang laughed: "My name is Yun Fei, what about you, miss?"

"Long Shuangru!" The woman in white spoke softly.

Chen Xiang also guessed that she was surnamed Long and nodded, "Miss Long, you must have come from somewhere very far away! "They don't look like people here!"

"Yes sir!" Long Shuangru replied and then stood beside Chen Xiang. Everyone was a little jealous when they saw this, and with this, a beauty became's follower.

Chen Xiang really didn't have time to refine pills right now. He had originally planned to let Long Shuangru contact him after a while, but he didn't expect Long Shuangru to take the initiative to ask to follow him, so he reluctantly agreed.

"Hey, can you really help her father cure the poison?" Chu Hongqing asked: "Don't lie to me!"

"How would I dare!?" She is a dragon, and is very strong. She followed me probably because she was worried that I would die. Right now, I am her father's only hope in curing the poison! " Chen Xiang replied with a smile, "My wife, Bai Long, was also infected by this kind of poison before. I solved it on that occasion."

Now, Chu Hongqing was a little convinced of what Chen Xiang had said. She had seen how terrifying that poison was and how it could quickly melt a Dragon Lion.

Just like this, Chen Xiang brought Long Shuangru to wander around the plaza, but Chen Xiang was having a lot of fun, while Long Shuangru seemed to be deep in thought, as he followed by Chen Xiang's side with his head lowered, not interested in anything around them.

Chen Xiang bought a lot of things, all of them were refining ingredients, especially the top quality materials that he bought the most. Xue Xianxian and the others loved these things the most.

In the evening, the Fire Reverent School's plaza was still very lively, but Chen Xiang was already tired of playing. He brought Long Shuangru out of the Fire Reverent School and arrived at a relatively good inn.

Although Long Shuangru was a dragon, she still ate these things. When she ate, she did so elegantly, unlike Long Xueyi who ate like a tornado.

"Miss Long, you don't have to worry. I will definitely be able to cure your father's poison." Chen Xiang laughed: "Seeing that you haven't been happy all day, you must be worried about this!"

"En!" Long Shuangru said softly, "Other than worrying about my father's poison, there's also your safety!"

Chen Xiang raised his eyebrows, and laughed dryly: "Could it be that some strong person wanted to kill your father, and in order to prevent your father from coming back to life, they would kill me?"

Long Shuangru lightly nodded his head, "I'm sorry, I didn't say this before. If you can cure my father's poison, I will double the amount of Jade money you have and my father will also eradicate his enemy. At that time, they will not take revenge on you."

"Actually, I'm also quite a troublemaker. If I cause any trouble, Miss Long, please help me block it for a while." Chen Xiang laughed.

He had guessed that Long Shuangru's father had a strong enemy, but he did not think that he would actually follow Long Shuangru here, so why didn't he kill him? He felt that Long Shuangru's ident.i.ty must definitely not be simple.

"No problem." Long Shuangru agreed very straightforwardly.

"Why are you partic.i.p.ating in the Pill Forging Compet.i.tion?" Long Shuangru asked again: "Is it for the Jade money? I can give it to you! I only wish for you to cure my father of his poison as soon as possible! "

"It's not because of the Jade money, you are not Alchemist, so you do not know how important the compet.i.tion is!" Chen Xiang said.

Long Shuangru had already put down her chopsticks and used her hand to hold her cheek as she stared at Chen Xiang's face. Chen Xiang was currently wolfing down her food, and when he noticed that Long Shuangru was looking at him, he immediately felt a little unnatural.

"I always felt that your face wasn't real!" Long Shuangru said.

It was said that only the White Dragon Clan could use this technique, at the moment, Chen Xiang did not dare say that he knew this method, he was afraid that the dragon race had a death rule, and did not allow humans to use this ability.

"I've said that I'm a troublemaker, so my name and face are fake. Please forgive me!" Chen Xiang laughed and continued to eat.

"I have seen many Alchemist, their strengths are many times stronger than you, but they are powerless against my father's poison, especially when they see the power of that poisonous blood, they are extremely afraid!" Long Shuangru then asked: "Are you hiding your cultivation?"

"Of course not, I really just entered the Dao Ti realm, I don't even have a single trace!" Chen Xiang did not know why, but this Long Shuangru suddenly spoke a lot more.

"My alchemy skills are very profound. If I had the strength of those guys, hehe, I could dominate this world." While Chen Xiang was chewing on vegetables, he was not domineering in the slightest when he said these words.

At night, Chen Xiang returned to his room and looked at the three divine lotuses of the Three lotus Dan. After that, he closed his eyes and began to condense the purple pearls;

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