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One of them patted Chen Xiang's shoulders and said: "Brother, are you here to cure the poison or to visit the other party? You're too rude! "

Chen Xiang laughed, "About that... I'm here for the antidote, so I need to take a closer look! "

That person said, "But the place you're looking at isn't right!"

Chen Xiang was too lazy to talk with him, this person only wanted to show off for the girl, but everyone present was blaming him for being too rude to such a pitiful girl.

"You, the last time you saw me, it was the same. Do you even have to think this way when you see beautiful women?" Chu Hongqing giggled: "You see, you must have gotten into trouble!"

"What do you know? This woman is a dragon. If my guess is not wrong, then the middle-aged man lying in the coffin is also a dragon. " Chen Xiang said.

"Really?" Chu Hongqing said in shock: "How did you notice?"

"That's because you haven't seen dragons before, so you don't know their aura!" Chen Xiang said, "But I'm very familiar with them, so I can tell."

"How familiar?" Why can't the people here tell this is a dragon from its aura? " Chu Hongqing asked.

"I've even been on the dragon many times. Do you think I'm familiar with it?" Chen Xiang really understood dragons very well. Long Xueyi had slapped him many times already.

The woman in white finally spoke and said softly, "Everyone, the one in the crystal coffin is my father. He has been afflicted with a strange poison, and we used all sorts of methods but were unable to help him expel the poison. We can only freeze him and reduce the damage the poison has done to his body."

Soon after, everyone started asking about the symptoms of the poison, but the woman didn't say it clearly either. She only said that it was a strange poison, and the symptoms of the poison were also very common, making it impossible to tell what kind of poison it was.

There were a few old Alchemist s here, and they all shook their heads.

"Miss, do you have your father's blood?" Chen Xiang asked: "You need to see the blood to know!"

"Yes, but his blood is normal!" The lady looked at Chen Xiang and took out a transparent bottle. "My father's blood also contains highly toxic poison. We have tested it on a savage beast.

Hearing her words, everyone immediately took a few steps back, fearing that the bottle would suddenly break and splash onto their bodies.

Only Chen Xiang was not afraid, but he was rather interested and said: Can you give it a try on the spot? That shouldn't be a problem, right? "

A manager from the Fire Reverent School nodded. Today was meant to broaden their horizons, so it was not bad for them to be able to see this strange poison.

The white clothed female nodded, and then the people of Fire Reverent School made a large s.p.a.ce and even did some protective measures.

"This is a dragon lion!" The woman in white took out a huge dragon lion and placed it on the ground. Then, she carefully dripped some of the poison on it.

Everyone's heart was bleeding. This dragon lion was very valuable, worth at least a few hundred thousand Jade money. It was actually used as a demonstration and was such a waste.

Of course, this was also because the woman was extremely rich and powerful. To be able to take out two billion Jade money to cure her father's poison, it was obvious that she had a very powerful background.

After the dragon lion was poisoned by the blood, its entire body suddenly turned black. Black gas emerged from its body as it quickly melted. In a few blinks of an eye, the dragon lion's corpse turned into black smoke and disappeared!

Everyone felt their scalps go numb. The dragon and lion's bodies were extremely powerful, yet they actually managed to survive. It was just a drop of poisonous blood!

"Do you see it now? I wonder if any friends know what poison it is? " The woman asked. Seeing that no one replied, the woman in white sighed helplessly and sat on a stool, waiting.

Everyone did not know what poison it was, but they knew that the poisoned middle-aged man in the crystal coffin was extremely powerful. With such a poisonous blood in his body, he was still alive, so this power was definitely stronger than someone like the Fire Reverent School Leader.

"Can you let me have a look at that bottle of poisonous blood?" Chen Xiang asked.

"No, that thing is very dangerous. I think the moment you step into the Dao Ti realm, half a drop is enough for you to die thousands of times." The woman in white shook her head.

"I am a member of the impenetrable, so I know a lot of poisons. This thing definitely won't kill me." Chen Xiang laughed.

Chu Hongqing shouted, "In order to get close to a beauty, you're going to pay with your life?"

Chen Xiang immediately replied: "I want to screw over her Jade money, this girl clearly doesn't think much of Jade money. If I cure her father's poison, forget about two billion, even ten billion will not be a problem. Just watch! "

Everyone could not bear to watch anymore and thought that Chen Xiang was trying to seduce a girl.

"impenetrable also requires strength. You just cultivated a Dao Body, what nonsense are you spouting?"

"Yeah, who the h.e.l.l would believe that you have the impenetrable! This girl's father is much stronger than you, so wouldn't he still be poisoned to death? Forget about this young lady's father, just the dead Dragon Lion is already stronger than you. "

Chen Xiang laughed: "If the poison blood drips onto my body and does not die, how about you slap yourself a hundred times? I'm betting my life against you! "

"A hundred slaps? I'm willing to drink ten thousand, why don't you drink! "It's like the wind blowing through the sky." The man laughed.

Chen Xiang said to the white clothed female: "Miss, if you want to cure your father's poison, then give me your blood. I think it's very similar to the poison that I've encountered!"

"If you dare to steal the bottle of blood, or do anything reckless, I will kill you immediately!" The white clothed female said very seriously, and then pa.s.sed the bottle of blood to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang took it, and immediately opened the bottle, dripping blood onto his palm. The majority of the blood dripped onto the bottle, on his entire palm!

When the white clothed female saw that Chen Xiang was fine, she was immediately stunned. The others were the same, especially the person who poisoned Chen Xiang!

Just when everyone was startled, Chen Xiang did an even more shocking action. He actually absorbed the blood in his palm into his own body, intentionally allowing the poison blood to seep into his body.

As the white-clothed woman was shocked, she was also secretly excited, as if she had seen hope!

Chu Hongqing was also shocked. Now she knew that Chen Xiang was not bragging just now, it was really his impenetrable!

"This big brother …" How are you doing? Have you really seen this poison before? " The woman in white asked.

"It's slightly different from what I've seen, but it's more or less the same. It can be said that it's even more powerful than the poison I've seen." Chen Xiang frowned, his expression was stern: "Whether or not I can cure the poison will have to wait for me to concoct the pill!"

Right now, Chen Xiang was sure that the middle-aged man inside the crystal coffin was a dragon. Furthermore, its strength was extremely terrifying.

Chu Hongqing had told him before that dragons were very rare here, and they were all very powerful and mysterious!

The poison was very similar to the Black dragon flower poison he was familiar with. It was just that it dealt severe damage to dragons and didn't have much poison effect on humans and other savage beasts.

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