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The old man from Eternal Life Native Bank suddenly felt that he had seen wrongly. If the other party really won three rounds in a row, they would lose a lot. Of course, their native bank could afford it. They had only come here to make a bet just to join in on the fun.

"No problem, I hope you can succeed!" The old man took out a special jade slip, on it were some words: "As long as you win, this jade slip will turn red, and you will be able to go to our native bank to obtain a billion Jade money."

"Alright!" Chen Xiang grinned as he received it, and then continued to stroll around.

He suddenly found the Fang family's stall. It was bustling with noise and excitement, and there were many Qiyuan Dan s placed around.

"In order to liven up the Heavenly Dao Auction this time, our Fang family will bring out ten high-grade Heaven Rank Qiyuan Dan for auction …" The one who spoke was Fang Daiqi.

Chen Xiang looked around, then walked to a secluded area, quietly changed his appearance, and walked towards the Fang family's booth.

That's right, he was going to look for trouble. The Fang family's elder had sealed him, and he was feeling extremely infuriated.

"You even want to auction a high-grade heaven-step one? Does your Fang family really think that you're the only ones who can refine Qiyuan Dan?" Chen Xiang turned into an old man, he immediately shouted: "Your Fang family's Qiyuan Dan s should have their prices cut, there are people who are even better at refining now, on what basis are you selling it for so much?"

Many of the people who wanted to buy immediately suppressed the impulse to buy. Previously, they had heard that someone refined a Qiyuan Dan, so they all felt that it was no longer unique to the Fang family, and that the Fang family shouldn't sell it so expensive.

"You don't know, although that Chen Xiang can refine our Fang Family's unique Qiyuan Dan, he doesn't have any medicinal ingredients, and only our Fang Family can grow medicinal ingredients." Fang Daiqi sneered. They were displeased that someone had come to provoke them, but today was a gathering of the heavens, so no matter how overbearing they were, they could not make a move against an old man in front of so many people.

"This is only your side of the story, I believe that not long from now, Chen Xiang will be able to ma.s.s produce Qiyuan Dan! I heard that he was able to refine five pills in one go, and the quality is much better than yours. I think that you guys are worried that you won't be able to sell them in one go, which is why you're selling them here. " Chen Xiang said again.

"You must be here to cause trouble!" Fang Daiqi shouted in anger.

"I just want to tell everyone to buy it after a while, so that they won't feel like they're losing something." Chen Xiang laughed: "I am just trying to help everyone conserve their Jade money."

As Chen Xiang finished speaking, he squeezed through the crowd and quickly walked out of the Fire Reverent School. As expected, the Fang family sent a few people to follow him out, they were all young people, and could easily tell that they were members of the Fang family's younger generation.

Chen Xiang ran to the edge of the city, where he found a small forest. After entering, he sneered: "You have followed me for so long, what is your goal?"

"Old man, are you purposefully making life difficult for our Fang family? Or was he tired of living? You actually dared to find trouble with us. "

"Look at your strength. You really don't know your place."

Chen Xiang said: "I thought that your Fang Family was fair and square, I never thought that you would actually do such a small thing, you are here to take revenge on me! "If you guys have the guts, then kill him, or else I'll reveal what happened to your Fang family today."

"Haha …" Who would believe your lies! Go to h.e.l.l, old fellow! " A man rushed forward.

Chen Xiang teleported behind the man, the Heavenly magic sword appeared out of nowhere and slashed at the man's neck, easily decapitating him.

After that, he released two Spatial Bind and entangled the two men. Then, he instantly teleported over and swung his sword to kill them.

After killing them, Chen Xiang plundered their belongings, threw their corpses into the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace and burned them away, then left them far away and returned back to Yun Fei, the middle-aged man.

"You, killing people is really fast. Those three fellows from before had quite a high status. From their clothes, you can tell that they must have come here with their elders to broaden their horizons. I didn't expect you to kill them." Chu Hongqing laughed, Chen Xiang's methods were truly admirable to her, especially her change in technique and her ability to conceal herself.

"If I had enough strength, I would definitely flatten the Fang family right now." Chen Xiang sighed helplessly, "After the Heavenly Dao Meet ends, I'll go take a look around the Fang family's vicinity. I definitely won't let them off so easily, you actually want to seal me."

As members of the Fang family, everyone had a life orb within their clan. If they died, the life orb would have a huge reaction, and the three young men's life orbs would have shattered.

This matter was quickly made known to the elders of the Fang family who were partic.i.p.ating in the Heavenly Law Auction, especially Fang Daiqi!

Chen Xiang quietly observed Fang Daiqi from afar. Seeing Fang Daiqi's pale face, he knew that one of the three young men he had killed just now definitely had an incredible background.

"This guy is quite stupid. Those youngsters' strengths are so weak, yet he actually sent them to kill people. Isn't that just asking for it?" Chen Xiang snickered.

"Looks like the Fang family won't be able to partic.i.p.ate in this Heavenly Law Auction happily." Chu Hongqing said: "They must be the descendants of people with status."

"Hmph, those three fellows wanted to kill me!" "Furthermore, I have a grudge with the Fang family. I deserve it if I die." When Chen Xiang thought back to how he was mercilessly sealed by the Fang family, he could not help but feel infuriated.

The Heavenly Dao Auction was very lively, there were many booths, all sorts of things, all sorts of battles, with only a few compet.i.tions, such as strength, fire, cold power, speed, Thunder power and so on, it caused the entire plaza to be very noisy.

"There's a stall over there. It's said that as long as we detoxify the person inside the ice coffin, we'll be able to obtain two billion Jade money."

"Really? Just what kind of poison is this, it's so strong! "

"I don't know. Let's go take a look!"

In the past, Chen Xiang was already considered a poison expert, but of course, his ability at detoxification was also very strong. He immediately went over to see if he could earn 2 billion.

After going over, Chen Xiang saw a crystal ice coffin on the ground, inside laid a handsome middle-aged man, and a woman in white sat beside him. Her head was slightly lowered, and she looked a little shy.

Although many people were looking at this woman, they didn't dare to look at her. This was because they could feel an extremely powerful aura emanating from this woman. She possessed a terrifying strength.

The white clothed female slightly raised her head, glanced at Chen Xiang, and then lowered her head. Her self-control was excellent, if not for the fact that Chen Xiang had such an opinion, she would have exploded long ago.

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