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Chu Hongqing was one of the most important things to watch at this Heavenly Law Auction, but it had not appeared for a long time. Chen Xiang had already heard many people complaining.

The person on the stage was a middle-aged man wearing a fiery red armor and a flaming cloak. He was tall, handsome, and had an imposing manner.

"This guy is Fire Reverent School of the Fire Reverent School." Chen Xiang asked.

"It's him. This guy is really malicious. He actually had that kind of thought towards me. Hmph." At this time, this Leader made Chu Hongqing feel extremely disgusted.

A man said, "How come it was Huang Tian who came out to preside over Hierarch Fire?"

The other person laughed, "Holy Maiden Huo has already become someone else's female slave, of course she won't come out. That guy seems to be called Chen Xiang, I heard that he is also here to partic.i.p.ate in the Heavenly Law Auction, but he hasn't seen him yet, could he be missing?"

"It's very possible that not only did this Chen Xiang guy offend the Fire Reverent School, he also offended the Fang family, and even refined a Qiyuan Dan that the Fang family relied on. It would be strange if he did not go missing."

The disappearance of these people meant reprisal.

Chen Xiang smiled at Chu Hongqing: "If even others know that the Fang family will make a move against me, then it seems that my disappearance is also a matter of course. Oh right, this Leader's name is Huang Tian."

"Mm, don't just look at how he is now. He is usually pretty arrogant, but his alchemy skills are pretty good." Chu Hongqing said.

The moment Huang Tian walked up, he smiled and said a few polite words. At this moment, his smile was very unnatural, it was obvious that he was pretending. It was evident how much resentment he was holding in.

Following that, an old man walked up and said a lot of nonsense. In the end, he introduced the main contents of the Heavenly Law Auction.

The Heavenly Law Auction allowed the various powers in the Fire Tao Divine Place to exchange pointers, and at the same time, allowed many young Rankers to shine here. Over the years, there had been many people who had gained fame during the Heavenly Dao Auction.

When Chen Xiang partic.i.p.ated in the registration for the Heavenly Dao Auction, he had signed up for the pill refining compet.i.tion. Chu Hongqing had told him before that not only would the young Alchemist attend, there would also be some old Alchemist lecturing on the spot.

After hearing the old man's nonsense, the crowd dispersed. The vast plaza was divided into several regions. The first one to start was the area where the compet.i.tion was held, and soon, there was a fight.

Chen Xiang had just stepped into the Heavenly Dao Realm, so he had no interest in the pill refining compet.i.tion. He headed to another area, which was filled with business, and the pill refining area was still in preparation.

… ….

Huang Tian was walking around in a hall in the Fire Reverent School with a stern expression. There were three Fang Family elders sitting in the hall, namely the elders who had sealed Chen Xiang.

Not long after, a young man walked in and said: "Before dawn this morning, she went to's shop, but she didn't wait for Chen Xiang, and in the end she went to the Eternal Life Native Bank. I've asked around, and Chu Hongqing exchanged all the two hundred million Jade money that Chen Xiang won from the Eternal Life Native Bank for her, and in the end she got into the carriage."

"Where's the carriage?" Huang Tian asked, "You guys couldn't have lost such a large carriage, right?"

"The carriage is still at the entrance of the Eternal Life Native Bank, but she has disappeared. She must have used the Transmission array Plate to leave." The young man said.

"Go down, continue searching. Search through the entire Fire Tao Divine Place for her." Chu Hongqing was extremely important to him, but now he had gone missing.

No matter how he looked at it, it looked as if he wanted to escape. With these two hundred million Jade money, it would be more than enough for Chu Hongqing to live an easy life.

Huang Tian said: "Three Fang Family Elders, you are sure that Chen Xiang was sealed."

An old man said: "Of course I'm sure, if the seal on the earth loosened, we would be able to feel it anytime, but this Chen Xiang just stepped into the Dao Ti realm, so using the seal to deal with him would be a waste."

"Then why did that girl, Chu Hongqing, sense that something was amiss?" Huang Tian frowned: "I pretended not to care about Chen Xiang before and even invited Chen Xiang to partic.i.p.ate in the Heavenly Law Auction, she shouldn't have any suspicions."

"It's possible that she had some sort of special connection with Chen Xiang's Master-servant Contract. If something happened to Chen Xiang, she could feel it, so she hid away." An old man said, "Could it be that we made our move too early?"

"She shouldn't be too far away. We'll use our greatest strength to look for her." Huang Tian said.

… ….

The Chu Hongqing they were looking for was in Chen Xiang's ring, while Chen Xiang was walking around the Fire Reverent School with a smile on his face.

"Why is the Eternal Life Native Bank selling things here too?" Chen Xiang saw a booth in the Eternal Life Native Bank and walked over.

Today, Chu Hongqing was going to this native bank to retrieve the Jade money, so he had a very deep impression of this native bank.

"Eternal Life Native Bank is one of the big powers within the Fire Tao Divine Place, even the Fire Reverent School doesn't dare to provoke them. It is said that when the Fire Tao Divine Place was just in its infancy, the three great native bank s suddenly appeared, it is very mysterious." Chu Hongqing said.

Chen Xiang walked over to the booth and looked carefully, to see that Eternal Life Native Bank was actually gambling here.

The main point of the bet was to bet on the victories and losses of the various compet.i.tions.

Chen Xiang looked at the form, seeing that Yun Fei was also on it, he asked the person in charge: "Can you suppress yourself?"

"Of course you can. You have enough confidence to get rich enough. Do as you wish." The old man laughed.

"Oh, then how will this Yun Fei be pressured?" Chen Xiang asked.

"You are Yun Fei, he is partic.i.p.ating in the pill refining compet.i.tion, and he has partic.i.p.ated in three pill refining compet.i.tions. If you bet on him, it would be 1: 2, 2: 1: 5, and 3: 1: 10." The old man said.

"Don't tell me I'm not that popular? I lost so much in three consecutive victories." Chen Xiang asked.

"You are just a n.o.body, of course you are. Those who are famous compensate very little …" For example, even if you bet three consecutive victories on this Fang Heng, it would only be a loss of three. " The old man laughed. "You're lucky. How much stronger are you?"

Chen Xiang looked around and muttered: "If I earn a lot, you guys won't be cheating right?"

The old man became serious: "The name of our Eternal Life Native Bank is there, how can you act shamelessly?"

Seeing such a bet, Chen Xiang's hands started to itch again, and said: "If I bet on myself, can you keep quiet? I am very confident in myself, so I will bet a lot, and do not want others to know."

"No problem." The old man nodded: "Our native bank will keep your secret."

"I bet a hundred million." Chen Xiang pa.s.sed a Storage bag to the old man: "Count this."

The old man was stunned as he received the Storage bag. Then, he sucked in a breath of air: "This brother, you're really confident in yourself. A hundred million is one hundred million.

"The one who won three rounds in a row. If I can really win three, then I'll get a billion, right?" Chen Xiang asked.

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