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Chen Xiang's Six Realms mirrors contained all sorts of powerful formations, and many of them were naturally formed great formations. As long as one had enough energy to support them, they could release limitless amounts of power.

"I need to use the spatial array inside the Six Realms mirrors to stabilize the surrounding s.p.a.ce. That way, I can teleport out."

The seal that trapped Chen Xiang released a strong interference force that caused ripples in the s.p.a.ce around him. This force was strong enough to trap him here.

Two days later, Chen Xiang's Six Realms mirrors had already condensed enough Six Realms' Power, he was controlling the Six Realms mirrors to release the quant.i.ty of array magic power. The fluctuating s.p.a.ce had calmed down, and in that moment of calmness, he channeled all the divine power in his body and teleported.

In the blink of an eye, he was already on the ground. At this moment, it was already night time. Coming out from the darkness, he thought that he had failed.

"As expected, the Fang family's older generation all control extremely powerful Counter Power. I wonder what kind of relationship they have with the Evil Spirit Race." Chen Xiang snickered in his heart. The Evil Spirit Race at the time in the Star Law Divine Realm was developed from now onwards, he suspected that the Fang family was the ancestor of the Evil Spirit Race.

"The Heavenly Law Auction is going to start in two or three days. I can't use the name Chen Xiang to attend it." Chen Xiang thought that he had to attend the Heavenly Dao Auction.

"How did those guys discover me? I used the Transformation Technique when I came out." Chen Xiang was very confident in his transformation techniques, so he would definitely not be recognized by others.

He was also worried about this matter. If his Changing Technique was seen through, then he wouldn't be able to partic.i.p.ate in the Heavenly Law Auction.

"Right, that old man." Chen Xiang thought about the old man that he had questioned him about in the shop. Back then, Lv Ying had told him that if there was anything he could ask the old man for when they were not around.

"This fellow purposely told me that Brother Yu and Boss Lu were at the Bright Moon Mountain and that there were people lying in ambush on this road. They would immediately attack when I arrived here. It's obvious from that seal that they won't be released in a short period of time." Chen Xiang thought about this and was secretly worried about Lv Ying and Yu Yan.

"That old man is someone that Lv Ying trusts very much. He should be able to push Lv Ying and Yu Yan away for a period of time without much difficulty. As long as I come out of seclusion and inquire about the whereabouts of Lv Ying and Yu Yan, he would tell me that they are at Yue Mingshan."

"Truly impossible to guard against. Even if this guy sold me out, as long as I continue to be sealed, he would still be fine." Chen Xiang laughed coldly in his heart. Now that he had come out, he definitely wouldn't let this old man who betrayed him go.

As long as his transformation technique was not seen through, he had nothing to worry about. He turned into a refined middle-aged man and returned to the city, heading towards the Fire Reverent School.

It was still not too late for him to register now. Chen Xiang went to the registration location and used the pseudonym Yun Fei to register. The registration was going to start in two days.

He still had a few Jade money on him, enough for him to stay in an inn. Right now, he had to condense more purple pearls and duplicate the Qiyuan Dan's medicinal ingredients. Only then would he be able to get revenge against the Fang family.

"Brother Yu and Boss Lu are fine. So they went out to drink that day, but that old man actually tricked me out." Chen Xiang cursed in his heart: "I'll let you live for a while longer, you actually dared to plot against me."

"Hongqing said that she would come find me, so I'll wait for her at the shop. When the time comes, I'll directly get her into the ring." Chen Xiang did not want Chu Hongqing to stay by Supreme Flame's side for too long, so he stayed close to Lv Ying's shop to guard it.

On the day of the Heaven's Path party, before the sky brightened, Chu Hongqing had already come. The door of the shop had not even been opened.

She knocked on the door and entered the shop for a moment, frowning as she walked out, a look of worry on her face, because she already knew that Chen Xiang had been gone for a few days and had not come back.

The streets were quiet and there were not many people. Chu Hongqing sat on top of a carriage and looked out the window gloomily, because she and Chen Xiang had already made an appointment, so she came today to bring him to the Natural Law Divine Realm.

Just as she was sighing softly, Chen Xiang teleported and appeared in her carriage.

"You are..." Chu Hongqing saw an elegant middle-aged man suddenly appear in the carriage, and immediately became alarmed, she had only said two words, but they were already blocked by Chen Xiang's hand.

"It's me." Chen Xiang told her: "I am Chen Xiang, I have met with big trouble, I can only appear like this, don't resist, I will bring you out of here."

Chen Xiang was worried that she would not believe him and change back to his appearance.

"Alright." Chu Hongqing relaxed his body and put her into the ring. Then, he teleported out of the carriage and returned to his own inn.

"What is this place, your Divine Sense Sea World?" Chu Hongqing saw that it was very beautiful with many flowers, herbs and fruit trees. Chu Hongqing liked it a lot, but other than these, there were also a lot of herbs.

Of course, she was also infatuated with that exquisite palace.

"No, it's one of my Storage magic treasure." Chen Xiang said: "Earlier, when I went out, I was ambushed by the Fang family's experts. What kind of earth seal did they use to seal me under?"

"This... The earth seal is the Fang family's most famous seal, and it was even helped by Supreme Flame and Leader himself back then. " Chu Hongqing sighed.

"Sealing me is also related to your Leader, do you believe me?" Chen Xiang said coldly: "This guy is plotting against you."

Chu Hongqing became silent. When Chen Xiang told her about the seal on the ground, she knew that it must have something to do with Supreme Flame, or else the Fang family's people would definitely kill Chen Xiang, and if they killed Chen Xiang, she would also die.

"Hongqing, if I were to tell you that Leader Huo Zun views you as a cultivation furnace, would you believe me?" Chen Xiang said. He knew that Supreme Flame treated Chu Hongqing very well, and Chu Hongqing respected him a lot.

"I... "I …" Chu Hongqing wanted to say that she didn't believe it, but she wasn't sure now.

Without saying a word, Chen Xiang immediately used the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell to extract a copy of the memories of the conversation he had with the Fang Family warriors when he was sealed.

"These are my memory orbs. Take a look." Chen Xiang said. He only wanted Chu Hongqing to know Supreme Flame's purpose for coming here.

After Chu Hongqing received the letter and examined the memories inside, she could only let out a long sigh. It seemed that she had sensed the malicious intentions of Leader Huo Zun towards her before.

"Is there anything in Fire Reverent School that you can't let go of?" Chen Xiang asked: "If you don't have it, then don't go back."

"No more." Chu Hongqing sighed: "He has disappointed me so much."

Chen Xiang said: "Luckily I realised it earlier, he is really unreliable. On the surface, he wanted to invite me to some Heavenly Dao gathering, but he secretly schemed against me."

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