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Chen Xiang trusted Chu Hongqing a lot, not only because he had his own Master-servant Contract, but also because of the feeling he had with Chu Hongqing. Therefore, he had decided to give Chu Hongqing a little gift as well.

"Hongqing, you must have refined Qiyuan Dan many times." Chen Xiang asked, seeing Chu Hongqing nod his head, he asked again, "Are they all stuck at the stage where the three medicinal liquids are unable to fuse together?"

"That's right. It's not just me, all of the other Alchemist in the Fang family are unable to progress at this stage. The Fang family also told us that we need the Fang family's Dao Spiritual Force to reach that stage." Chu Hongqing said, "Leader has tried all kinds of methods, but to no avail."

Chen Xiang laughed: "I coincidentally have the Fang family's so-called Mysterious G.o.d Force, that kind of power is indeed strange, and being called the Mysterious G.o.d Force is not an exaggeration. Back then, it was by chance that I obtained it."

Chu Hongqing said in shock: "So that's how it is, no wonder you succeeded, I thought it was because you used your powerful pill refining skills."

Chen Xiang chuckled, took out a transparent pearl and poured it inside the Counter Power. The pearl slowly turned red.

If you leave the pearl, it will become transparent. If you fuse the blood with this pearl, even if that power leaves the pearl, you will be able to sense it, and you will also be able to control it. You only need to draw a little of it each time, and it will be enough for you to use the three globes of medicinal liquid. Chen Xiang handed the pearl over to Chu Hongqing.

"Can I really refine it too?" Chu Hongqing was ecstatic, and quickly took it. She was also a Alchemist, if she could concoct a pill that she had not been able to concoct for many years, she would feel a sense of accomplishment.

Sometimes, the Alchemist did not refine pills for the sake of eating, but for the joy of producing pills, especially those that were extremely difficult to refine.

"Right, do you have any Qiyuan Dan's medicinal ingredients?" Chen Xiang asked.

"In the past, the Fang family gave us quite a bit of money, but we've lost it all in these past few years, and the Fang family didn't give it back either. Now, if I go and ask them for it, they definitely won't give it back, and it seems like only the Fang family can grow those herbs." In the past, the Fang family gave us quite a bit of money, but we've lost all our money in these past years, and the Fang family hasn't given it back. Chu Hongqing said.

"You don't have to worry about that, I have a way." Chen Xiang had already antic.i.p.ated this problem, so he had pretended to fail before and moved the Qiyuan Dan's ingredients away.

The total Life-Killing Divine Deity of Chen Xiang's first and second Divine Sense Sea were about two hundred, and the purple pearls he condensed out also had a very strong replicating ability. He only used ten Life and Death Pearl to make a copy of the medicinal ingredients, and because there were Six Realms G.o.d Cup s present, he discovered that if he placed the purple pearls inside the Six Realms G.o.d Cup for a period of time, the replicative ability would increase even more.

"Here, go and have a try." Chen Xiang quickly copied a portion of it from the ring and gave it to Chu Hongqing.

"Where did you come from …" The moment Chu Hongqing asked that question, he immediately thought of the first time Chen Xiang detonated a furnace, and knew that it was Chen Xiang who had moved it away at that time.

Chu Hongqing received the medicinal ingredients and smiled coquettishly: "No matter how I look at it, you don't look like an inexperienced brat from the depths of the mountains. You look like a cunning fox."

Chen Xiang laughed, and pinched Chu Hongqing's jade face: You can finally see it, you're still young in my eyes, little girl.

From the moment the Fang family's father and son were cheated so badly by Chen Xiang, Chu Hongqing could already tell.

"I'm going to refine some pills." Chu Hongqing ran into the secret room.

Chen Xiang looked at the Qiyuan Dan and said: "Are the Qiyuan Dan useless against the Dao Ti realm? I'm now at the first level of the Dao Body.

He did not know a thing about cultivation in the Heavenly Dao Realm. When Chu Hongqing came out, he would ask him for some advice.

More than two hours later, Chu Hongqing came out. Looking at her expression, one could tell that she had succeeded in refining it, she had refined it many times before, but all of them were stuck in one place. Now that she had pa.s.sed that step, it was normal for her to succeed in one furnace.

"Success." Chen Xiang asked with a smile.

"Yes, it's just that I only managed to refine two pills." Chu Hongqing pa.s.sed Chen Xiang two Qiyuan Dan s: "There's a difference in quality."

"Of course, you're my servant girl. It's normal for there to be a gap between us." Chen Xiang laughed.

The Heavenly Law Auction is about to begin, when the time comes, I will inform you to come, and if you go, it will only be to compete with those guys in refining pills, but I heard that the Leader will especially change the rules for you, I am not very clear on the specifics, although this guy said that he won't make things difficult for you, but in his heart, he is still very unhappy with you. Chu Hongqing said, and poured Chen Xiang a cup of tea.

"There's nothing to be afraid of." Chen Xiang laughed: "As long as you promise me that you won't kill me."

"Of course, I will die even if you die." Chu Hongqing laughed.

"Hongqing, I'm already at the first stage of the Dao Body Realm, what do I need to do next? I don't know much about this." Chen Xiang said.

Chu Hongqing was a little surprised. She thought Chen Xiang was very good at cultivation, but didn't expect him to actually ask her.

"When I'm cultivating, it's basically the same as before. Cultivating two Divine Sense Sea s with a powerful fleshly body is basic. Other than this, the more difficult part is comprehending Natural Law Principles." Chu Hongqing said, then opened up her jade palm, and ten strange lines gradually appeared on her palm.

If you gain enlightenment on a Dao mark, you will be able to obtain even more powerful Dao Force, which is Heavenly G.o.d's divine power. The owner has to use the Divine Sense Sea World to comprehend it for himself, which is when you step into the Dao Ti realm. Chu Hongqing said, "Stepping into the Heavenly Dao Realm, the use of cultivation techniques only increases the strength of one's physical body and powerful Divine Sense Sea s. Their physical bodies and Divine Sense Sea are strong enough, so comprehending Dao marks would be easier."

Chen Xiang held Chu Hongqing's jade hand. Looking at the ten lines of marks on top that resembled Spirit grain s, they indeed carried a certain charm within, and was naturally formed.

"What kind of law is this Dao mark?" Chen Xiang asked.

"These are all Dao marks of fire. When you use one Dao mark in battle, you will be able to release a very strong flame energy. If you combine the two, the power will be different and you will also be able to use different combinations of Dao marks to release different flame energy." Chu Hongqing said: "My main task is to refine pills, so I have to go and comprehend the Dao mark of fire. You should also do the same."

"Probably." This was also the first time Chen Xiang had seen this mark, and he felt that it was very mystical. Right now, he was not sure of the direction of his mark, because he would need to use spatial energy frequently.

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