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Fang Daiqi looked at the crowd. He knew that if he reneged on the debt, it would definitely affect the Fang Family's reputation, and he didn't have that many Jade money in his hands.

"I'll have someone send it over right away." Fang Daiqi said in a heavy voice. He had already thought of a way to convince the Fang Family and he himself would have to sacrifice a lot of things in order to obtain these two hundred million Jade money.

Fang Daiqi took out the Communication jade Symbol paper and pa.s.sed the news back to the Fang family. For him to be so sure that the Fang family would deliver this information, it must be because of some exchange, since he also had a high position in the family.

After the Fang family found out about this, the entire Fang family was shocked.

The Heavenly Dao Auction held by the Fire Reverent School had already gathered many powers, so it was spread very quickly. Basically, the big families of the Fire Tao Divine Place knew about it, and while they were shocked, they also took pleasure in it. Although these families had a good relationship on the surface, there were quite a few conflicts in the dark.

This compet.i.tion caused Chen Xiang's reputation to once again reach a new height. Chen Xiang had long since gotten used to it, but what made him excited was that he had obtained the Qiyuan Dan's pill formula. In the future, he would be able to refine these Qiyuan Dan and earn a large amount of Jade money s.

Right now, Chen Xiang also did not know what to do with the two hundred million Jade money.

Very quickly, an old man walked in and handed Fang Daiqi a Storage bag. Although he did not say anything, he must have talked to Fang Daiqi secretly.

Fang Daiqi took out twenty jade plates from the Storage bag and said: "Although these are not Jade money, but you can exchange for Jade money from the three great native bank s of Fire Tao Divine Place."

Chen Xiang took the jade plates and looked at them. These were all specially made jade plates and were hard to copy, one was worth ten million Jade money s and the other 20 were worth two hundred million.

"It's true." Chu Hongqing took it and looked at it, and said.

"Hongqing, when you have time, take it out and trade it with the native bank." Chen Xiang said, then he handed over all the jade slips in his hands to Chu Hongqing.

By giving the Jade money to his servant so casually, it could be seen how good of a relationship Chen Xiang had with Chu Hongqing, but thinking about it, it was pretty normal. After all, they only had the Master-servant Contract, so Chu Hongqing did not dare to betray Chen Xiang.

Fang Daiqi had calmed down as well. What made him puzzled was how Chen Xiang was able to refine Qiyuan Dan s, and even five of them.

The most important thing about Qiyuan Dan was their Fang family's mysterious Dao Divine Powers. Only by cultivating their Fang family's special techniques could they condense them.

Fang Daiqi couldn't understand, so he could only find out by asking.

"You haven't reached the Dao Yuan realm, and don't have it, but you can use the flesh of a savage beast instead. However, you can't use the Mysterious Dao's divine power, so how did you do it?" Fang Daiqi asked.

Right now, he had more than just losing two hundred million Jade money. If he really lost these Jade money, he wouldn't have to worry about it.

However, he allowed the Fang family's Qiyuan Dan's pill formula, which they had earned so many years, to leak out, and this was what he was more worried about. If the Fang family's elders were to blame him, he would definitely receive a heavy punishment.

"I don't know, I just used my alchemy skills to solve the problem." Chen Xiang smiled faintly, he guessed that the Fang family's grasp of the Counter Power was not very high, it was only a little bit, in terms of refining pills, that was enough.

He had devoured many Counter Power s, so he could cultivate on his own. His body had also merged with the Counter Power, and if he needed, he could transform the Six Realms' Power into a Counter Power.

Seeing Chen Xiang being so proud, Fang Heng felt upset. Especially when he remembered that Chen Xiang not only had a delicate Chu Hongqing by his side, but he had also won over two hundred million of their Jade money s, and even obtained the Qiyuan Dan 'medicinal formula, he was so angry that he wanted to spurt blood.

"Don't be happy too early, be careful." Fang Heng said in a low voice.

"What, I defeated your Jade money, but you all still want to take revenge on me? Is that what the number one Dao family in Fire Tao Divine Place is like?" Chen Xiang sneered.

"Hmph, I told you to be careful and not sell your Qiyuan Dan without permission, or else you will have to bear the consequences … …" Fang Heng wanted to say more, but was pulled out of the shop by Fang Daiqi.

Qiyuan Dan was a pill that allowed the Fang family to earn many Jade money over the years. The reason the Fang family was able to become the number one family in Fire Tao Divine Place was all because of this Qiyuan Dan.

The Qiyuan Dan was only known to be refined by the Fang family, and although their uses were great and their prices were expensive, there were still many people who bought them. Currently, there were already people who could refine them, and if the price was lowered, it would definitely affect the Fang family's Qiyuan Dan sales.

"What's going on with the Fang family? Didn't that guy say it himself? I can sell Qiyuan Dan s." Chen Xiang shook his head and laughed.

"Lad, if you really touch their interests, they will kill you even if they don't want your reputation." Yu Yan's face became gloomy: Be careful.

"I will." Chen Xiang nodded, and then walked upstairs with Chu Hongqing.

Although Chen Xiang did not refine pills for him, but because Chen Xiang was here, Lv Ying's shop was extremely lively. This period of time was the best period of time for him to open the shop.

Chen Xiang sat on a chair and looked at the Qiyuan Dan in his hands while grinning: "Hongqing, how many low-grade heaven stage Qiyuan Dan s are there?

"What about a thousand Jade money? It's quite expensive. It's the most expensive low-grade Heaven-ranked pill." Chu Hongqing said: "You aren't thinking of selling the Qiyuan Dan in bulk are you?"

A thousand Jade money was indeed very expensive. Chen Xiang remembered that the difference between the two was huge for a Yaoge Dan of only eighty.

"I don't have any plans yet. Let me use those two hundred million Jade money for a long time." Chen Xiang laughed: "Hongqing, eat one and see how my Qiyuan Dan will compare to the Fang Family's."

"You can tell that it's much better than the Fang family just by looking at it. If you want to sell it, you don't have to lower the price. It's even more popular than the Fang family's." Chu Hongqing said, and she ate one as well.

"As expected, it's much better. Usually, it's better to only eat the first three stages of Dao Yuan realm." Chu Hongqing licked her lips, looking very charming.

Chen Xiang said: "Bring the Jade money out, I'm worried that there might be some problems inside."

Chu Hongqing said: "You don't have to worry about that, the three great native bank s are all very trustworthy, and if you put them in there, you will receive very good treatment when you go to the native bank."

Chen Xiang nodded his head, "I will listen to you, Hongqing. I can now partic.i.p.ate in the Heavenly Dao Auction."

Yu Yan had mentioned it to him before.

"Sure, Leader said he won't make things difficult for you … You don't have to worry, with me here, he won't do anything to you. " Chu Hongqing laughed: "Oh yes, how did you refine a Qiyuan Dan, you are truly too amazing. Back then, Leader had closed up many times just to refine this Qiyuan Dan, but he was unable to. You are truly a strange person, you can always do things that others cannot, and you can even do them very easily."

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