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When Fang Heng heard that Chen Xiang wanted to add something, he knew what Chen Xiang was thinking. The reason why he usually added meat from a savage beast into his pill was to allow the pill to produce this kind of Daoyuan immortal power.

Since he could join, Chen Xiang had nothing to worry about right now. He believed that he would definitely succeed.

"Let's begin!" Fang Daiqi said. Everyone present thought that Chen Xiang would not succeed, especially the Fang family's father and son, because they understood the Qiyuan Dan very well.

Now that Lv Ying and Chu Hongqing were so confident, they could only hope that Chen Xiang really had a way to concoct the pill.

Qiyuan Dan were also very expensive, because in the entire Fire Tao Divine Place, only the Fang family could refine such a pill. Furthermore, the usage of the pill was not small, and to cultivators in the Dao Yuan realm, the use of the pill was extremely important. If enough Jade money could buy such a pill, it would only be a matter of time before they surpa.s.s the Dao Yuan realm.

From the very beginning, Fang Heng's speed was extremely fast. After handling the medicinal herbs and releasing the flames, he completed it in a single breath in a few blinks of an eye.

Fang Heng's level was originally very high. After all, he was a disciple of the Fire Reverent School Leader and a Young Master of the Fang family. It would be strange if he did not have such a level of skill.

Chen Xiang was the same as usual. When refining this kind of strange pill, he would observe his opponent first. This way, he could have a direction to go.

Qiyuan Dan did not require much medicinal ingredients, but the conditions to refine it were extremely harsh. This medicinal formula was created by the Fang family's ancestors, so only members of the Fang family could refine it.

Chen Xiang carefully observed Fang Heng's pill furnace and used the Dao heart Eye to look at it. Chen Xiang stared at his pill furnace without blinking, making him feel uncomfortable, as if he had been spied on.

After observing for a while, Chen Xiang realized that Fang Heng had released an extremely strong flame from the very beginning, which then gradually weakened.

"The time it takes to refine this kind of pill should be very short!" Chen Xiang was also prepared to start concocting. He looked at the herbs in the jade box, there were three of them in each, a black bean, a white flower and finally a golden fruit.

He did not know what kind of ingredients those were, but he would send a sound transmission to Chu Hongqing. did not know either, so it could be seen that the Fang Family was extremely well-prepared in this area.

"If the concoction is successful, the Fang Clan will definitely take back the remaining medicinal materials!" Chen Xiang thought that if he were to succeed after only using one portion of the ingredients, there would be two more left.

In order to prevent him from bringing them back for planting, the Fang family would definitely take them all back. Therefore, the first thing he would do next was to secretly hide a copy.

Finally, everyone saw Chen Xiang start to concoct pills, just like how Fang Heng did, he tidied up the ingredients, and then placed them into the pill furnace.

At this time, Chen Xiang had also secretly circulated his power, transferring the medicinal ingredients that had been put into the furnace into the ring, and then condensed a ball of violent fire into the furnace.

He purposely waited for a moment before he detonated the ball of fire!

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! The furnace released a m.u.f.fled sound, causing Chen Xiang to purposely sigh!

The furnace exploded! This was the reaction of everyone, but everyone felt that it was normal, since even Fire Reverent School Leader would not be able to succeed, let alone a boy that had not cultivated for long.

Seeing Chen Xiang's explosion, Fang Heng and his father looked at each other and laughed. They had already expected this to happen.

Chen Xiang had purposely made it for the sake of transferring the medicinal ingredients to him for him to copy later on. Now, he was truly going to start concocting the pills.

He still had two more medicinal herbs. If he didn't succeed, he would lose 100 million!

Chen Xiang placed the second batch of ingredients into the furnace and released the flame. He then started to refine the ingredients extremely carefully.

When he was refining medicinal ingredients that he had never refined before, he usually needed the shortest amount of time to understand the special characteristics of these medicinal ingredients and use a very gentle flame. Otherwise, if the medicinal ingredients were too violent in the beginning and too fragile, they would be burnt.

Chen Xiang had conducted many such compet.i.tions before, so he had a lot of experience, and he did not plan to succeed this round, because he wanted to understand the characteristics of the three medicinal ingredients thoroughly before he could proceed to the final stage of Core Formation.

"These ingredients are all relatively soft. Too strong of a flame can be instantly burnt to ashes. Looks like it's the same as the Bone level fruit, it needs to be refined with water and fire." Chen Xiang had comprehended many different methods from the Heavenly Alchemy. He could use different methods to refine the ingredients according to their condition.

After a short period of purification, he was able to immediately determine the characteristics of the three medicinal ingredients in the furnace. Then, he used the Six Realms' Power to condense a liquid and pour it into the furnace, soaking the three medicinal ingredients.

"I wonder if the Six Realms' Power can replace the Fang family's mysterious powers!" Chen Xiang didn't dare to be sure now, so he could only try it out.

These medicinal ingredients were all low-grade Heaven-ranked medicine, so they were relatively easy to refine. In just an hour's time, Chen Xiang had completely refined all of them.

Inside the pill furnace, the three spheres of black and white gold were submerged in the water. These were three medicinal liquids, Chen Xiang used his divine power to gather the three liquids together, but he was unable to succeed!

When the three medicinal liquids merged together, they all had a very peculiar reaction. It was just that they overlapped together, but they were incompatible. If one withdrew their divine force, the overlapping medicinal liquids would once again run out and form the three original lumps.

"I should first put it into the savage beast meat!" Chen Xiang tried a few times but all was the same, he then threw in a large amount of beast meat.

Seeing that Chen Xiang had added something, and had a serious expression, Fang Heng was secretly pleased. At this time, he could guess the problem Chen Xiang was facing, because other than the Fang Family, the problems he had in the Alchemist were all the same.

"Adding flesh and blood is useless! I heard that Fire Reverent School Leader tried to join hundreds of different kinds of flesh and blood but failed. "

"Many of his old Alchemist have tried hundreds of times, but none of them succeeded. And now, he has two more chances."

"In order to prove the uniqueness of the Qiyuan Dan, the Fang family distributed medicine everywhere and even organized a large a.s.sembly for the Alchemist to refine.

"That's right, the Qiyuan Dan has also become famous because of this!"

Chen Xiang also learned from the discussions of the crowd how the Qiyuan Dan became famous. At this point in time, he had already refined the savage beast's flesh and split it into three equal groups, merging them into the three medicinal liquids.

The process of fusing them was extremely smooth. After completely fusing them, Chen Xiang once again tried to fuse the three clumps of medicinal liquid!

However, they still did not succeed. The three medicinal liquids could converge but not fuse together, and once they retracted their powers, they would immediately separate. When they squeezed the three medicinal liquids together, it would also be very easy, and they would not need any divine powers.

Chen Xiang finally understood that in order to fuse the three medicinal liquids together, he would have to use the Fang family's unique divine power.

"What kind of divine power is this?" Chen Xiang used the Dao heart Eye to look at Fang Heng's furnace.

He used water and fire refinement to refine all the medicinal ingredients extremely quickly. Although he had observed for a while, in the end, he still caught up to Fang Heng.

At this time, Fang Heng had also made progress. Using the Dao heart Eye, he could see that there were three batches of medicinal liquid slowly gathering in Fang Heng's pill furnace.

"Is that the Mysterious G.o.d ability?" Chen Xiang looked carefully, and noticed that it was a light red light, and in order to look more carefully, he even stealthily released a bit of his divine soul and used the power of s.p.a.ce to infiltrate it.

His wisp of divine soul was extremely weak and would not disturb Fang Heng from concocting pills, but it would let him understand the situation inside the opposing party's furnace more clearly.

"This is …" Chen Xiang was ecstatic, he suddenly understood why the three clumps of medicinal liquid required the so called "Mysterious G.o.d Power" to gather together.

The strange divine power that Fang Heng was using was the Counter Power that he was very familiar with!

For some reason, the three medicinal liquids were mutually exclusive. No matter what, they could not be fused! However, if they were to use Counter Power, they would initially reject each other, and they would then become attracted to each other.

"Haha, I understand!" Chen Xiang was ecstatic, he did not think that it would be so easy to overcome this difficulty, it did not even require a bit of effort.

Although he was happy, he still had doubts in his heart. Why does the Fang family know about this Counter Power?

He urged the Counter Power in his body to enter the three lumps of medicinal liquid. As expected, the three lumps of medicinal liquid did not need him to condense them, they all sucked on each other, gathering together with confidence.

The moment it gathered, Chen Xiang felt a very violent power. At the same time, it also erupted with a strong white light, causing the pill furnace to shake violently!


Chen Xiang did not expect such a sudden change. Before he even had the chance to control it, the ball of liquid medicine that had just merged burst open!

The furnace exploded again!

No one was surprised at all, Fang Heng even revealed a smile, although he had seen too much of this kind of thing, but seeing that Chen Xiang had gone crazy with happiness, he was extremely happy in his heart.

Chu Hongqing could only sigh, now that Chen Xiang only had one chance, if he failed again, in the period of time that he had left, he would have to help the Fang Family refine Yaoge Dan.

It had only been an hour, and under normal circ.u.mstances, it would take at least two hours for a Fang Family disciple to refine a cauldron of Qiyuan Dan.

Everyone felt that Chen Xiang would lose in less than two hours!

Chen Xiang was thinking about why the furnace had exploded just now, and the replayed sequence of events continuously replayed in his mind. He slowed down the process and carefully a.n.a.lyzed it, in order to find out the reason.

The time limit was six hours, which was still more than enough for Chen Xiang.

Unknowingly, Chen Xiang had already pondered for more than an hour. At this time, Fang Heng also opened his pill furnace and took out two Qiyuan Dan s, their quality was top-notch.

All of the Alchemist present were full of envy. They all knew that the value of this Qiyuan Dan was much higher than that Yaoge Dan.

Chen Xiang also looked at Fang Heng's Qiyuan Dan, it was white, he felt that he was about to succeed too. He could already gather all of them, but he did not know what went wrong.

Chen Xiang only had a portion of medicinal ingredients left, and seeing that he was still thinking, everyone started to urge him.

"Hurry up and start, or you can just admit defeat and dilly-dally!"

"A pointless struggle!"

can't do it, it's normal that you can't do it, no one will laugh at you! It's not a bad thing for young people to fall down a lot. "

Chen Xiang suddenly said: "I can refine ten Yaoge Dan in one furnace, but Fire Reverent School Leader cannot! So what he can't do, it's not necessarily something I can't do either. "

Chen Xiang's words made him speechless!

He was right, because it was not luck but strength that allowed him to concoct ten Yaoge Dan s in one go. He definitely had a very unique pill refining technique, which was why he was able to reach such shocking levels.

Yu Yan said: "Fang Heng being able to refine Qiyuan Dan is not that amazing. Even the Fang family knows how to refine, they can't possibly just say that he has good pill refining skills, right? Even the Fire Reverent School Leader could not refine Qiyuan Dan. Could it be that Fang Heng was stronger than the Fire Reverent School Leader? Fang Heng only did so because he possessed the special power of the Fang family. "

"But my Younger Brother Shen is different, because he succeeded under very fair conditions, not like Fang Heng, who relied on his own special kind of G.o.d Power, and he has also refined Qiyuan Dan for many years, now that he has refined two, he is full of pride. I really can't see what's so special about him, his ability is just that!"

Fang Heng was so angry that his face was flushed red. He was, after all, a small celebrity, yet he was belittled in front of so many people. Furthermore, he did not know how to refute, as it was equivalent to slapping his face.

"What is it? Are you unconvinced? Even if Younger Brother Shen loses, it's just because he was tricked by you and your father. Although you guys won, other than obtaining the one hundred million Jade money, are you guys trying to touch your own conscience and ask yourself, did you win in terms of glory? Right, you all should have no conscience, right? "

Many people immediately cheered for Yu Yan's words. After all, the Fang family's father and son were intentionally scammed by Chen Xiang, and at this moment, even the Fang family's father and son did not say anything.

"If my Younger Brother Shen knew how to use your strange dao powers, this Qiyuan Dan would definitely be able to refine four pills." Yu Yan said again, he was cheering for Chen Xiang, but at the same time, it was because he was feeling displeased when he saw how pleased Fang Heng was with himself.

Chen Xiang suddenly laughed: "No, I think I can at least refine five pills!"

Fang Heng snorted: "Then you must at least refine one. Our Fang family's ancestors can only refine three pills at most, and not a single one of them can be refined by the Fang family."

"What is it? Shall we add some stakes now? " Chen Xiang laughed, if he was a person who was familiar with Chen Xiang, he would have rejected him immediately, all those years ago, Chen Xiang had tricked many people.

It was just that no one here knew that Chen Xiang had once used such underhanded methods on the dead, and that this was one of his most common moves.

"Do you really think you can refine it?" "You've failed twice …"

Before Fang Heng could finish, Chen Xiang interrupted him and said: "With the two hundred million Jade money, do you dare?"

Fang Heng looked at Fang Daiqi, and this was decided by his father, who also hesitated for a moment before saying: "Alright, let's go. I want to see how you refine five Qiyuan Dan s! If you can really refine it, then I will spend money to broaden my horizons. "

Chapter 2390 - Creation of Myth Chen Xiang smiled faintly: With so many people watching here, I'm not afraid that you will go back on your words!

Right now, Chen Xiang was full of confidence. He had already found two mistakes, the first one was that he had used too many Counter Power.

Everyone took a deep breath, they could not see what Chen Xiang was doing, and actually raised the stakes, no matter how they looked at it, it did not seem like he had the upper hand!

At the same time that Chu Hongqing was shocked, she was also thinking. She knew that Chen Xiang would never do something so foolish. It was just like how she lost to Chen Xiang previously. At that time, Chen Xiang looked like a fool to many people, but later on, Chen Xiang used his own strength to prove that they were the fools!

Previously, when he observed Fang Heng refining the pellets, Fang Heng's Counter Power was extremely dim, which meant that he did not use it much! However, he had used up a lot of it himself. He continued to pour the medicinal essences into the three clumps, causing them to create a strong suction force during the instant of fusion. It was as if the three clumps of medicinal essences were clashing against each other.

The second point was that the timing of placing the savage beast meat inside was wrong. According to the pill formula, only when a savage beast meat was condensed can it be placed inside.

Of course, the recipe required Daoyuan immortal power when concocting a pill. He did not have a Daoyuan immortal power, so he could only use the flesh of a savage beast to replace it.

Due to the three lumps of medicinal liquid being unable to fuse with him, he had added the flesh of the savage beast earlier. That was why the instant the three lumps of medicinal liquid possessing great Daoyuan immortal power collided with each other during the fusion, a violent explosion occurred, catching him off-guard.

After Chen Xiang found a place to concoct the pill, he was able to avoid it, and now he was going to concoct it again!

Fang Heng had already finished refining the pill. He stood beside his father and looked at Chen Xiang together. Although they looked extremely confident, they were secretly worried in their hearts.

Just now, Chen Xiang suddenly raised the bet by a hundred million, there must be some reason why he was so confident!

At this moment, Chen Xiang was also secretly on guard against this pair of father and son. Previously, when he was competing with Lan Taotian to refine Yaoge Dan, Fang Heng had secretly disturbed him, so he was extremely wary of Fang Heng.

Very quickly, he refined the three types of medicinal herbs into a medicinal liquid. He released a very weak trace of Counter Power, and then, he controlled this sliver of Counter Power to pierce through the three medicinal liquids like a rope.

The moment it pa.s.sed through, the three clumps of medicinal liquid automatically fused together. The fusion speed was relatively slow, and wasn't as sudden as before. This was closely related to the degree of using the Counter Power, proving Chen Xiang's speculation.

Not long after, the three blobs of medicinal liquid successfully fused together, turning into a ball of white medicinal liquid. By now, it was about time to form a pill!

"It's going rather well. Don't make any more mistakes." Chen Xiang took out the Lightning dragon eagle's meat and placed a lot of it inside, because he wanted to condense five pills.

The process of him refining the flesh of the savage beast into a Daoyuan immortal power and then controlling that strand of Daoyuan immortal power to merge it with the medicinal liquid was extremely smooth.

Seeing Chen Xiang's steady progress, Fang Heng and his father became even more worried. If they lost, they would need to give Chen Xiang 200 million Jade money!

Although Fang Daiqi was a high ranking member of the Fang family, it was still very difficult for him to take out two hundred million Jade money. He could only take them from the entire Fang family's native bank.

Fang Daiqi suddenly sent a sound transmission to Fang Heng, telling him to disrupt Chen Xiang's rhythm. As long as Chen Xiang failed this round, they could win.

Chen Xiang wanted to split the medicinal liquid into five parts, but suddenly felt a weak force approaching him, he immediately released a spatial barrier that covered the entire pill furnace.

"This b.a.s.t.a.r.d, he really did it!" "Hmph, no matter what happens, you will lose for sure." Chen Xiang was secretly angered in his heart, if not for the current situation, based on his temper, he would have ignored the consequences and fiercely beaten Fang Heng up first.

After Fang Heng tried a few times, but he didn't know why the energy he released couldn't enter Chen Xiang's pill furnace. He slightly frowned, then sent a sound transmission to his father, asking him to make a move.

Chen Xiang immediately sent a sound transmission to Chu Hongqing: "That b.a.s.t.a.r.d wants to disturb me again, it was that son of mine who did it, and he did not succeed, the next step is for his father to take action, go and distract them!"

was not surprised at all when she found out that Fang Heng had disturbed her ability in concocting pills. He had told her about it before, and Fang Heng was not a good person either.

Chu Hongqing immediately walked over to the father and son pair and laughed: "If you father and son lose, will the Fang family be willing to offer these two hundred million Jade money?"

"What if the Fang family doesn't come?" Can you father and son afford it? "

Fang Daiqi was about to attack, but Chu Hongqing suddenly blocked in front of him, and at the same time, Chen Xiang split the medicinal liquid into five groups and started to condense the pill.

"You don't have to worry about that. The credibility of our Fang family is known to the entire Fire Tao Divine Place." Fang Daiqi said.

"Is that so? "Although I know the Fang family's reputation, I'm a bit worried because your Fang family has never encountered such a thing." Chu Hongqing laughed.

Fang Daiqi was a little angry: "You guys can talk after you win!"

Chu Hongqing chuckled: "We will win very soon. I am only here to inform you all to prepare!"

Chen Xiang was already at the Core Formation stage, and it would be completed very soon, so Chu Hongqing had returned to Yu Yan's side!

Fang Daiqi and Fang Heng were currently trembling in fear, because Chen Xiang had been so calm for so long, which made them feel extremely uneasy.

After a while, Chen Xiang opened his eyes and exhaled: "I succeeded, this Qiyuan Dan is only so-so!"

"You …" Just as Fang Heng wanted to say something, Chen Xiang suddenly opened the pill furnace, and then controlled the five snow white Qiyuan Dan to float within the furnace.

These Qiyuan Dan were shining with a layer of white light, because the quality had already reached the peak. The quality of the Qiyuan Dan he refined, was much better than Fang Heng's.

Fang Heng and Fang Daiqi, the father and son pair, were both stupefied. Their faces were filled with disbelief as all sorts of complicated emotions surged in their hearts: anger, jealousy, fear, and unwillingness …

The great hall was extremely quiet, as they stared at the five Qiyuan Dan floating above Chen Xiang's pill furnace with stupefied expressions!

The legend of only the Fang family being able to refine Qiyuan Dan was broken!

Furthermore, the Fang family could only refine three pellets at most, but Chen Xiang could actually refine five!

The quiet great hall was broken by Yu Yan's loud laughter, "Did you see that, Younger Brother Shen succeeded! The Qiyuan Dan is not only something that your Fang Family can refine, the Younger Brother Shen can also successfully refine it, and it will be much better than what you can refine! "

Lv Ying took in a deep breath and walked over, then looked at the Qiyuan Dan up close.

Chu Hongqing knew that Chen Xiang could succeed, but she still felt very surprised, but she quickly adapted to it. She smiled and said: "You have lost, 200 million Jade money, quickly take it out!"

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