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When Chen Xiang saw the middle aged man come over, it was like seeing a Jade money. This middle-aged man would definitely gamble in order to support his son.

"His Fang family's second clan head, Fang Daiqi, is quite strong. The Fire Reverent School Leader has often praised him." Chu Hongqing whispered to Chen Xiang.

"Let's see how I'll trick him to death!" Chen Xiang laughed.

Fang Daiqi thought for a while, and said: "But I don't believe that you can refine ten batches a day! However, I believe that you can refine ten batches of Yaoge Dan in one day! The price of Yaoge Dan s are not bad, if you lose, you can pay back the gambling debts within a year! "

"Then, you're willing to bet?" Chen Xiang smiled lightly: "Fifty million's is between Fang Heng and I. How about we bet a hundred million? Only then can we face Senior's status. "Of course, I wonder if senior represents the Fang family?"

Fang Daiqi also knew the rules. His son would give him the pill formulas and ingredients, and then compete with Chen Xiang in refining a batch of Heaven Tier lower pellets.

With regards to Chen Xiang, who suffered a bit because he had never concocted that kind of pill before, although he was able to concoct ten Yaoge Dan s as soon as he came into contact with them, Fang Daiqi had also heard that Chen Xiang had taken out a lot of Yaoge Dan s medicinal ingredients at that time, so he felt that Chen Xiang had a certain understanding towards Yaoge Dan s.

After careful consideration, Fang Daiqi made a decision, and said: "If you lose, you have to go to our Fang Family to refine Yaoge Dan, enough to pay off your gambling debts!"

Only an ancient clan like the Fang family could afford to gamble like that, but Chen Xiang was even more admirable, because he, too, could afford it. He concocted pills quickly and got a lot of pills.

Right now, everyone suddenly felt that it was very worthwhile for Chu Hongqing to be Chen Xiang's servant.

Chu Hongqing did not have any objections, she felt that even if Chen Xiang loses, he would only be able to concoct pills for a short period of time, at that time, she would also help refine it, and it wouldn't be for long. Previous Chapter

"Younger Brother Shen, that's a hundred million!" Yu Yan was also shocked. Although he came from a tribe deep in the mountains, he knew that this was not a small amount.

"Nothing, I can afford it." Chen Xiang smiled faintly.

He walked to the front and asked, "Alright, refine the Heaven stage pill. Give me the pill formula and ingredients!"

Fang Heng took out a jade tablet and gave it to Chen Xiang, saying: "This recipe!"

He then took out a jade box and placed three sets of medicinal ingredients inside.

"Qiyuan Dan?" Chen Xiang frowned.

When everyone heard this, they cried out in alarm.

Lv Ying said in a serious tone: "This is a miraculous pill, and is extremely difficult to refine. Furthermore, it can only be concocted with Daoyuan immortal power, and even if one has Daoyuan immortal power, it is very difficult to successfully refine it, because this pill requires the Fang family's unique divine power."

"Fang family, don't you think this is too despicable?" Chu Hongqing was furious, "You clearly can only concoct such a pill in your Fang family, and yet you take it out? You don't have a big family background?"

Everyone knew that the Fang family had such a miraculous pill, but they never thought that they would actually be willing to give it to Chen Xiang! But it didn't matter as long as he thought about it. After all, no one else would be able to refine it, and he would be able to obtain a hundred million Jade money.

The father and son duo of Fang Daiqi was so lucky, they probably wouldn't even need to compete to win.

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d of a father and son, you've put on a good show. You all did it on purpose before." Yu Yan shouted in anger.

When they thought about it, they could understand why. Previously, Fang Heng pretended to act that way in order to lure Chen Xiang into a trap.

"Haha …" Fang Heng laughed out loud: "I remember that previously, he had only been below Heaven Stage, our Qiyuan Dan was also below Heaven Stage, and it was very precious. After eating the Dao Yuan realm, it could increase the power of Dao Origin, although the difficulty is great, but it sold for a high price, it is worth it for him to buy it for one hundred million, it is definitely not a loss."

Chen Xiang was very calm, and asked: "So, if I win, I can sell this kind of pill? Won't your Fang family interfere? "

"This is our gift to you. If you really can refine it, we will not interfere." What? You want to try it? " Fang Heng laughed coldly: "It's alright, without our Fang family's special mystical powers, you won't be able to refine it. No, you, even my master cannot succeed, you can't not ask Chu Hongqing. "

"It's true!" Chu Hongqing understood this the best. Even the few she was familiar with did not succeed.

"Rules!" Chen Xiang did not care about this, he just wanted to give it a try.

"I will only give you three sets of medicinal herbs within the six hours limit. If you fail, it will be considered your loss!" "As for me, I can only use three sets of ingredients at most. Victory and defeat will determine the quant.i.ty and quality of the pills." Fang Heng said, he had already thought that Chen Xiang would definitely lose, so Chen Xiang could only struggle out of nowhere.

Even Chu Hongqing and the others did not think highly of Chen Xiang, because they had been in the Fire Tao Divine Place for so many years, so they understood this very well.

"Alright!" Chen Xiang was extremely confident, everyone thought that he was that confident because he did not know much about Qiyuan Dan.

"You'll know in a moment." Fang Heng laughed and took out a black pill furnace.

Chen Xiang still used Chu Hongqing's pill furnace. After inspecting the other party's ingredients and pill furnaces, the compet.i.tion immediately began.

Chen Xiang was not too worried about that strange G.o.d Power, because he only cultivated six G.o.d Power, and it contained all the power of the Heavenly Dao!

"There are ten stages to the Dao Ti realm. Refining this kind of pill requires Daoyuan immortal power, I don't have it right now! " This point that Chen Xiang was more worried about, he had already seen the pill formula before, it was clear to him that it required Daoyuan immortal power to be injected during the process of condensing the pill.

That was the most crucial point!

"Hongqing, what's the condition of the Daoyuan immortal power?" Chen Xiang whispered to Chu Hongqing.

"When one's Dao Body reaches the peak of its power, their powers will be channeled into a powerful Dao Body, which is a type of power that can only be activated by powerful Dao Body. Normally, one would only be able to attempt it once they have reached the tenth stage of the Dao Ti realm, and once they succeed, they will be able to enter the Dao Yuan realm." Chu Hongqing said.

"So, the Lightning dragon eagle's flesh also contains this kind of Daoyuan immortal power?" Chen Xiang asked.

"That's right, the Lightning dragon eagle are all savage beasts from the Dao Yuan realm." Chu Hongqing replied.

Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief, because this was a huge problem for him. But now, he felt that it was nothing.

"Young Master Fang, I'm not at the Dao Yuan realm yet. Can I add some other materials into the mix?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Do you want to add the meat of a savage beast? Of course you can, but you won't succeed. " Fang Heng said: "You just need to refine the Qiyuan Dan yourself, adding anything else is fine."

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