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Fang Heng laughed faintly: "Nothing, to be able to refine Yaoge Dan to such an extent, in Fire Tao Divine Place, there is no one who can rival you! But so what? "You only know how to refine this kind of pill."

"For you to be able to forge such a pill, you definitely won't focus on the other pills!" If you did not have such accomplishments in refining other pellets, you would have definitely suffered a huge blow and then, you would have spent your entire life refining Yaoge Dan. Because, as long as you refine Yaoge Dan, you would not feel any sense of defeat. "

"Therefore, no matter how well you have refined the Yaoge Dan, in my eyes, you are not a real Alchemist. A real Alchemist should be proficient in many different types of pills, even if you have refined other pills, it would still be extremely outstanding."

Chen Xiang sneered: "You are just like me, what right do you have to a.s.sert that I only know how to refine Yaoge Dan? Why are you so confident that I will only refine Yaoge Dan in my lifetime? "

"Oh? Didn't you only know how to refine Yaoge Dan? This is yours! " Fang Heng also sneered.

One look was enough to tell that he was looking for trouble. Chu Hongqing had already wanted to go over to fix Fang Heng, but he was stopped by Chen Xiang.

"That's because I just learned how to refine pills, and I only know how to refine Yaoge Dan. I have yet to try out any other pills!" Chen Xiang answered honestly: "So you and I will only refine Yaoge Dan s for your imagination.

Lan Taotian suddenly sneered: "What big words, don't you know who the person in front of you is? He is definitely qualified to say those words, he is a disciple of the Fire Reverent School Leader! "

So that's how it is, I finally understand, as long as you become a Leader, you can be a hero! If that's the case, then it would be my honor, for a disciple of the Fire Reverent School to come all the way here to fight Hu Ba. " Chen Xiang also mocked him.

"Who do you think you are to dare insult Fire Reverent School like that?" Lan Taotian was immediately enraged. Thinking back to how he had lost just now, his own heart was filled with anger.

"I don't have anything, I'm human! Do you think everyone has something in their eyes? And you think everyone else is the same just because you think you have something of your own? " Chen Xiang laughed.

"Chen Xiang, if you want to prove yourself, then compete with me in another batch of pills! Since you have just started learning pill refining, you just need to compete with those below Heaven Stage. " Fang Heng said.

Everyone present immediately understood that Fang Heng's previous words had already incited him to compete with him in refining other pills. Only by doing so could they win.

"You're giving me the pill formula?" Chen Xiang asked: "If you give it to me, I'll agree to compete with you!"

"Alright, I'll agree to the medicinal formula and ingredients." A pleased look flashed across Fang Heng's eyes. He had been waiting for Chen Xiang's words.

Seeing that Chen Xiang had been provoked, Chu Hongqing and the others secretly blamed him for being too reckless. Chu Hongqing even lightly pinched Chen Xiang.

"Before the compet.i.tion, we should at least make a bet. Only then will there be any meaning." Fang Heng said.

"Alright, what do you want to bet?" Chen Xiang asked, he was not afraid of the other party.

"If you lose, give me your control over Chu Hongqing." Fang Heng said.

That meant, Chen Xiang had lost, and Chu Hongqing was Fang Heng's female slave!

"Then please go back. Although Hongqing is my servant, she is not a wager in my eyes. I will definitely not use her as a wager." Chen Xiang's expression changed, and everyone could see that he was extremely resolute, causing Chu Hongqing to be secretly moved in his heart.

Seeing how determined Chen Xiang was, Fang Heng became even more furious in his heart, because now, everyone could tell that Chen Xiang was very concerned about Chu Hongqing.'s body and heart were both on the same level as Chen Xiang.

The lofty Hierarch Flame had been taken over by such a stinky kid. Everyone present felt uncomfortable just thinking about it!

"Alright, then how about we bet a million on the Jade money?" No matter what, Fang Heng would definitely compete with Chen Xiang today, and would even defeat him, causing him great losses.

"Only a million?" You still have the nerve to say that, young master of the Fang family, and a disciple of Supreme Flame's Leader, would you bet so little? " Chen Xiang sneered.

The crowd immediately went into an uproar. A million Jade money, no ordinary person would be able to afford that, even the owner, Lv Ying, wouldn't be able to afford that.

To many people, a million Jade money was considered very big.

"10 million!" Fang Heng clenched his teeth. Previously, he was still rather arrogant, but now, he had actually been flipped over by Chen Xiang.

"50 million!" Chen Xiang shouted indifferently: "If you don't want to, then go back!"

Chen Xiang could have rejected Fang Heng earlier, because he was betting on Chu Hongqing, and Fang Heng was even taking the initiative to challenge Chen Xiang!

If Fang Heng rejected the Jade money s who were gambling on him now, then he would be terrified. As the challenger, if he left with his tail between his legs, he would definitely be laughed at.

One million was Fang Heng's limit! He was confident that he would not lose, but's fifty million now was giving him a lot of pressure!

"Don't speak nonsense. Do you have fifty million on you?" Fang Heng said coldly.

"No, but do you have ten million?" How could Chen Xiang not know about the situation of the Jade money?

"I don't, but my Fang family's reputation is right here! What do you have? " Fang Heng sneered.

"I have refined ten Yaoge Dan. I believe that I can also refine them to this degree!" Chen Xiang said: "Boss Lu, if I can produce ten pellets in one furnace and refine ten batches in a day, how many Jade money can I earn in one day?"

"Five thousand Jade money s a portion of the Yaoge Dan's medicinal ingredients! If a Yaoge Dan goes one on top, then it would be ten thousand Jade money going one pellet, and a furnace would have ten thousand Jade money going ten thousand, while ten stoves would have a hundred thousand, and a million. Excluding ten sets of medicinal ingredients for fifty thousand Jade money, you can earn nine hundred and fifty thousand Jade money for a day. " Lv Ying said.

When everyone heard that, they could not help but jump in fright. One day, it was close to a million Jade money, in one month, it would be 30 million! After all, s were rather popular and had a lot of medicinal ingredients. If Chen Xiang really wanted to refine them this way, it would be a blessing for many cultivators.

"If I lose, I could pay back fifty million Jade money at most in half a year!" Chen Xiang said: "Fifty million Jade money, do you dare to bet?"

Fang Heng did not answer immediately. After all, this was a huge amount of money and if he lost and the Fang family did not give him the money, it would definitely cause him to lose his reputation. And he would be blamed.

"Can you really refine ten batches of Yaoge Dan in one day?" Suddenly, someone walked in. Upon hearing the voice, the anxious Fang Heng was overjoyed, because his father had come.

"Father!" Fang Heng immediately walked over, he did not know what to do earlier.

"That's right!" He only refined normal Yaoge Dan, he did not need to add beast blood and meat, so he felt that it would definitely not be a problem.

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