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Those who watched the compet.i.tion that day knew that Chen Xiang was still not very familiar with refining Yaoge Dan. Those who heard about it later on knew about it too, so Lan Taotian was very clear about it too.

"If you want to challenge me, you can only challenge me to refine Yaoge Dan s. I do not know how to refine other pills, I will definitely lose," Chen Xiang said.

Chen Xiang had refined a low-grade Heaven Ranked Yaoge Dan, and he could produce ten of them in one furnace! Not to mention this Lan Taotian, even if the strongest old Alchemist from the Fire Tao Divine Place s were to be invited, it would still be very difficult for him to win against Chen Xiang.

But what about middle-grade heaven-step? Everyone was thinking about this matter. The middle grade Heaven Stage was much harder to refine than the lower grade. They all felt that it would not be as easy for Chen Xiang to refine middle grade Heaven Stage.

Lan Taotian could not say anything now. After all, Chen Xiang had already very directly told him that he could not possibly have a compet.i.tion with someone else for a pill that they were not familiar with.

"Alright, let's compete in refining a middle grade Heaven Stage Yaoge Dan." Lan Taotian had also come prepared, so he only considered for a moment before agreeing.

Chen Xiang smiled and nodded, "Then let's begin! From the looks of it, you seem to be very good at refining Yaoge Dan too! "

Chu Hongqing did not say anything, she knew that Chen Xiang's pill refining skills were very high, let alone middle ranked, even if it was high ranked, with beast meat and blood, he could still refine five pills, and she could not compare to Chen Xiang.

"I heard that Lan Taotian's middle tier Yaoge Dan was also very powerful. Most of the middle tier Yaoge Dan that his Lan Clan s sold were refined by him!" Those who were familiar with this area discussed with the people around them in a low voice.

"I also know that I bought a Yaoge Dan refined by Lan Taotian. It was mixed with beast blood and beast meat. Although it was a bit expensive, I felt that it was worth it!"

"A middle ranked Yaoge Dan with beast blood meat added on it? This Lan Taotian is not bad! I just wonder how many pills he can refine in a single furnace. "

"Three pills!" If we do not add them, it is possible to get four or five of them! "

Although everyone knew that Lan Taotian was more outstanding in refining a middle tier Yaoge Dan, they did not dare to underestimate him. After all, Chen Xiang was able to refine ten low tier Yaoge Dan in one furnace, which was quite heaven-defying.

The reason why Lan Taotian came to challenge Chen Xiang was also to increase his fame. He felt that it wasn't a big deal even if he lost, because he was already outstanding and had a very high position in the Lan Clan.

Chen Xiang did not have any mid-grade Yaoge Dan medicinal ingredients, so he asked Lv Ying for a portion of it. Then, he took out a pill furnace.

"Isn't this pill furnace Chu Hongqing's? "The pill furnace is the life of the Alchemist, and he would normally not casually borrow it. It looks like his relationship with Chu Hongqing is not just ordinary."

"Hehe, so what! The Fire Reverent School was very unsatisfied with this, after Chu Hongqing learnt this brat's consummate pill techniques, he would probably force him and Chu Hongqing to remove the Master-servant Contract! This is probably why Chu Hongqing became his Master-servant Contract. "

Although Chen Xiang heard these words, he did not put it to heart. What kind of thoughts did Chu Hongqing have? Master-servant Contract was not a joke, it was equivalent to handing over his heart and life to him.

Of course, Chen Xiang still had to be wary of Fire Reverent School!

After inspecting each other's pill furnaces and ingredients, Chen Xiang and Lan Taotian began to refine pills!

It was just an ordinary refinement, so there wasn't anything difficult for Chen Xiang. He was able to easily refine that kind of pill, let alone an ordinary Medial Grade Yaoge Dan.

When concocting the pills, Chen Xiang noticed that there was a rather strong strand of consciousness inspecting his pill furnace. After he discovered it, he immediately stopped it.

Chen Xiang immediately followed this consciousness and discovered that it was released by a black clothed man in the back of the crowd.

"Hongqing, who is that guy from the outer sect? Do you know him? This fellow is not simple! " Chen Xiang quickly transmitted to Chu Hongqing and sent the image of the man to her mind.

"It's him!" Chu Hongqing was shocked: "I know him, he is from the Fang family! The most powerful family of the Fire Tao Divine Place, the Heavenly Dao Family. "

"Oh? He was very strong! It almost disturbed me! " Chen Xiang said.

"The Fang family and the Lan Clan have a good relationship. Did he try to disturb you? This guy is definitely trying to collude with Lan Clan on purpose. " Chu Hongqing scoffed, "If he dares to do it again, you can tell me. I'll go and take care of him!"

"His name is Fang Heng, a Alchemist at the peak of the Dao Yuan realm, a disciple of Supreme Flame.

Chen Xiang continued to refine pills. Although the other party wanted to disturb him, he was still a little weak and was discovered.

Last time, Chen Xiang used a Magic method furnace to refine pills because he did not have a good pill furnace. Now that he had Chu Hongqing's pill furnace and was more familiar with the refining process of a Yaoge Dan, it was not as difficult as last time.

After half an hour had pa.s.sed, Chen Xiang suddenly opened his pill furnace!


Everyone was startled, they never thought that Chen Xiang had improved so much. Previously, he was still a stranger to Yaoge Dan, but now, he was so familiar with it.

Lan Taotian had not finished refining the pill, and the rules were only set to four hours. The compet.i.tion was only about the quant.i.ty and quality of the pills being produced.

"Ten pills!" Chen Xiang casually took out ten Yaoge Dan s from the furnace and the entire place suddenly became quiet.

Ten low-rank ones, ten mid-rank ones, and ten high-rank ones. That would be too heaven-defying!

Chu Hongqing was also a little surprised, she thought that she had caught up to only seven or eight pills, but she never expected that Chen Xiang could actually maintain his low-ranked strength! Only now did she remember that Chen Xiang had refined five High Rank Yaoge Dan with beast blood meat before, and it was not an ordinary process.

If it was an ordinary refinement, refining ten pills wouldn't be a problem!

When Lan Taotian saw Chen Xiang being able to refine ten pills in one go, causing him to be extremely shocked, his mind was not at ease. His pill furnace shook violently, and with a "bang", he exploded the furnace.

"I... I've lost! " Lan Taotian still had time to concoct new pills, but he was very clear that no matter how many batches he concocted, he would not be able to produce more than Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang stood up. Even though everyone was looking at him as if they were looking at a monster, he did not feel anything.

"You only know how to refine Yaoge Dan!" Fang Heng suddenly spoke out, he took off his bamboo hat and walked over.

Lan Taotian immediately came to his side, and knew that they were not bad with just a glance, which immediately made Chen Xiang secretly angry.

"So what?" Chen Xiang said coldly, facing such a despicable person, the other party did not look good.

Just by looking at his appearance, Fang Heng was someone who would easily give others a good impression. He was handsome, and did not carry a haughty look like Lan Taotian, but Chen Xiang knew that this Fang Heng was very sinister.

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