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The one hundred and twenty Divine Deity that Chen Xiang had cultivated in the Second Divine Sense Sea had all been for the sake of helping him condense even stronger purple pearls that could help him quickly duplicate medicinal ingredients. Previous Chapter

Furthermore, when using the Crash method, the best and most effective life and death divine power condensed by the Life-Killing Divine Deity would allow him to refine a heaven pellet that had the right to do so.

"With just a few medicinal ingredients, I was able to increase my cultivation by such a huge amount. The Heavenly Alchemy is indeed frightening, who exactly was the one who created this Heavenly Alchemy?" This was a question that had been in Chen Xiang's heart for many years.

After taking a bath, Chen Xiang walked out of the secret room!

Yu Yan and Lv Ying were drinking wine, and were both surprised to see Chen Xiang walk in.

"You've cultivated Dao Body?" Yu Yan asked anxiously: "You managed to cultivate to Dao Body in less than three months? How did you do it? Furthermore, you are on the verge of a breakthrough! "

"I am a Alchemist, you understand!" Chen Xiang laughed, and picked up the wine that Lv Ying poured for him, and drank it all in one gulp.

Before he formed his Dao Body, he could get drunk from drinking this wine, but now he felt like he was drinking water!

"Good boy, amazing!" Yu Yan immediately poured wine for him, and then the three of them filled the bowl with wine.

"You're not in a hurry to attend the Heavenly Law Auction?" Yu Yan asked again.

"No, I don't plan on going. This will bring trouble to my little maid!" Chen Xiang laughed: "Has she been here before?"

"Of course I have. Come on time! It's just that I didn't see you, you brat. This demoness was previously made of steel and no one could bite her, but who would have thought that you would make her obedient. " Yu Yan laughed wickedly: "She told me to tell you, if you came out, you should go partic.i.p.ate in the Heavenly Law Auction, she should have dealt with all of those troubles."

"Really?" Chen Xiang had already given up on that idea.

"Of course it's true! Furthermore, she was even invited to go by the Fire Reverent School's Leader. You are very famous now, I wonder how many people come to this shop to find you every day. " Yu Yan laughed and patted Lv Ying's back: "Boss Lu, your shop's business is so good now. It's all thanks to Younger Brother Shen, how are you going to thank him now?"

Lv Ying smiled as he poured wine for Chen Xiang. "I will thank you so much little brother!"

Chen Xiang laughed: That's unnecessary, you just have to take care of the food and shelter, and from time to time, let Big Brother Yu drink some wine.

Just as the three of them were happily drinking, someone suddenly walked in. It was the shopkeeper.

"Boss, another person has come to cause trouble. This time, the person who has come is not someone to be trifled with. We can't just chase him away like we did in the past." The shopkeeper said with a worried expression.

"What are you doing here?" Chen Xiang asked anxiously, he guessed that it must be related to him, and from the shopkeeper's words, it must have been something like that.

Lv Ying sighed: "Even they came to challenge you! Because you took Chu Hongqing as your female slave, mercilessly defeated Niu Hao, and closed the door on him. You could be said to have become famous in the Fire Tao Divine Place in one fight! "A lot of people who want to be famous are trying to beat you. They think that as long as they can beat you, they will be able to get such a reputation just like you."

"Right now, I only know how to refine Yaoge Dan. Compared to them, I can't even concoct other pills." Chen Xiang shook his head and laughed, "Of course, I can compete with the Yaoge Dan s on the Heaven Stage."

"Younger Brother Shen, do you know how to refine Heaven Stage Yaoge Dan?" Yu Yan was suddenly so shocked that he almost choked on his wine.

Lv Ying was also very surprised, and could not believe it.

"What is it? Is that strange? " Chen Xiang didn't really think so.

"Of course it's strange. This c.r.a.ppy shop of Boss Lu's only had Heaven Stage pellets at its highest. That King's Pellet he kept here was a treasure used to hold shop!" Yu Yan said.

"Little brother, are you serious? Refining a Heaven Ranked Yaoge Dan would take a lot of time, so I would need ten days. " Lv Ying said.

"Ten days? "It's a little slow!" Chen Xiang laughed: "If I refine it, adding the beast meat and beast blood, it'll be done in a day … Right now, it should be more than one day. "

The corner of Lv Ying's mouth twitched. He did not dare to not believe what Chen Xiang had said, so he asked: "Not just for a day, but for how long?"

Adding Beast Blood Beast meat would definitely increase the difficulty by a lot, and it wasn't just something he could refine in a day. He could only use the word 'monster' to describe Chen Xiang.

"I'm not sure either... We have to give it a try to know! " Chen Xiang had refined a few batches of Heavenly Pellets before, so his skill at refining Heaven stage had increased by a lot. Furthermore, he had already stepped into the Dao Ti realm, although he was only at the first stage of the Dao Ti realm, it was still a huge improvement compared to previous stages.

"Go, aren't there b.a.s.t.a.r.ds that want to cause trouble? Kill him! " Yu Yan said: "I'll go and give it a try now!"

Yu Yan pulled Chen Xiang, "You don't need to refine those on the Heaven Stage, and those in the middle will suffice. You don't need to add the Beast Blood Beast meat to challenge those ignorant brats who don't know their place, they can only refine those on the Heaven Stage if they push themselves to their deaths."

Lv Ying nodded: "Let's try it out!"


Chen Xiang smiled, then shared a bowl with them before walking downstairs.

The luxurious lobby on the first floor was already filled with people. The commotion caused by the people was not small, and with a single glance, one could tell that they had some sort of background.

"Hongqing!" Chen Xiang saw that Chu Hongqing was also there, and there were a few other handsome men beside her.

Chu Hongqing had also just arrived, when a few men came up to chat with her, but when she saw Chen Xiang, she anxiously went over, and although she was surprised, she did not come out.

"You haven't seen me for so long, do you miss me?" Chen Xiang giggled as she pinched Chu Hongqing's beautiful face, causing everyone to curse him in their hearts. He actually treated such a beauty so rudely.

"Humph!" Chu Hongqing pouted coquettishly, then walked behind Chen Xiang.

"You're just Chen Xiang?" A blue-clothed man walked up. Behind him were two attendants and a few beautiful maidservants.

"Nonsense!" Chu Hongqing scoffed.

Chen Xiang sized him up, then he turned out to be a little handsome, looking somewhat arrogant, but with no special characteristics.

"Lan Taotian from Lan Clan?" Lv Ying said.

"That's the guy." Yu Yan said: "After staying in the Fire Reverent School for a while, I have learned quite a good pill refining skill and then went back. I should be able to conveniently come to partic.i.p.ate in this Heavenly Mystery to challenge the Younger Brother Shen."

Chen Xiang had also heard that the Tian Dao Family had quite a bit of power in this region, they normally wouldn't dare to provoke anyone, so he had to be careful around Lv Ying.

At this time, everyone wanted to see if Chen Xiang was really as powerful as the rumors said he was! Because Chen Xiang had accepted Chu Hongqing as a servant, the young masters at the scene were furious. They all hoped that Chen Xiang would lose to him.

"Not bad, I wonder if Young Master Shen will accept my challenge?" Lan Taotian smiled at Chen Xiang, it was a smile filled with confidence.

"I can accept that, but I can only refine Yaoge Dan, and now I can barely make Heaven Ranked ones, so if you want to challenge me, you can only compete with me on this." Chen Xiang said.

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