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Chen Xiang took a closer look and discovered that other than the things that looked like golden flames inside the pellets, there was a small dot in the middle of the pellets. This small dot was emitting energy, maintaining the flame's burning.

"This …" Chen Xiang took a deep breath in shock: "This Divine Deity … "No, it should be called Dan!"

The fact that the pellet could actually condense his own Divine Deity had already exceeded his imagination!

"As expected, there is no limit to the quality." Chen Xiang confirmed his method once again.

"These pills not only have Divine Deity, they also have their own divine soul. I wonder what will happen if I eat them!" Chen Xiang was secretly excited, he then swallowed a pill and started to refine.

The pill entered his body and he only needed to slightly circulate his cultivation technique. The medicinal strength was quickly refined and a.s.similated into his body, entering his second deep sea.

Inside Chen Xiang's second Divine Sense Sea, the Azure Dragon had already gathered all of its Bones. Next, he guided the medicinal power to the Ground-suppressing immortal elephant s, and just as he entered the Ground-suppressing immortal elephant s, he began to condense his Bones.

"Very fast!" Chen Xiang was wild with joy: "A single pill could allow me to condense two Bones, this is too unbelievable!"

After he completely condensed the Azure Dragon's Bones, it would be even harder for him to condense Bones, but now he had condensed two of them in an instant!

"Not much time has pa.s.sed, not only has my Bones condensed a lot faster, it's also much easier to refine and easier to absorb!" Chen Xiang felt that as long as he refined a few more batches, he would be able to cultivate Dao Body very quickly.

After that, he ate all the remaining pills!

Each pellet allowed him to condense two Bones. In less than two days, with the help of this kind of Yaoge Dan with Divine Deity, he allowed the Ground-suppressing immortal elephant and the heavenly qilin to condense ten ten Bones each. Previous Chapter

"It won't take long, I'll continue refining!" Chen Xiang took out another set of medicinal herbs. Just one set of these herbs, along with beast blood and beast meat, had such an effect after going through a variety of refining methods. If other Alchemist were to know about this, they would definitely be shocked.

Chen Xiang had been in closed door cultivation for two months, and in total he had managed to refine three batches of Heaven Pellets with the right to do so.

"Why hasn't there been any change?" Chen Xiang did not feel that he had a Dao Body. If he were to raise his Dao Body to a large realm, he would definitely feel an obvious change.

"Could it be..." Chen Xiang thought about it carefully, and said with a frown: "Could it be that my second Divine Sense Sea needs another Hundred G.o.ds level?"

According to what he felt, the second Divine Sense Sea no longer needed Divine Deity!

"The Yaoge Dan can condense Divine Deity too, give it a try!" Chen Xiang still had five pills, he ate one and channeled his Alive Slain Method to condense his Divine Deity in the second Divine Sense Sea.

Not long after, he managed to condense several Divine Deity in the second Divine Sense Sea!

"It's fast, how much Divine Deity can a pellet condense?" Chen Xiang was extremely shocked. Previously, when this pellet condensed two Bones s, he was shocked, but now, the condensing of Divine Deity s was like laying eggs, continuous and unending.

"Thirty Divine Deity!" Chen Xiang's heart trembled, the value of this was too heaven defying.

He discovered that one of the Beast statue could hold twenty Divine Deity, and the green dragon was quickly filled up by him.

"So, my second Divine Sense Sea can condense a hundred and sixty Divine Deity s?" Chen Xiang was very excited. This meant that when he stepped into the Dao Ti realm, he would become a lot stronger, and be able to possess a very powerful dao body.

After that, he consumed the remaining four pellets, and spent three days to condense a hundred and twenty Divine Deity.

"We still lack ten Divine Deity s!" Chen Xiang still had a few Yaoge Dan in his possession, all of which he had refined using ordinary methods before. After eating them all, he continued to cultivate.

Only he could consume so many powerful pills to cultivate quickly!

Not long after, his Divine Deity at the second Divine Sense Sea were completely full. Right now, he had not stepped into the Dao Body because his divine soul was not enough!

Regardless of whether it was Divine Deity or not, both required one to either integrate divine soul inside, or cultivate it themselves. This required a total of more than two hundred sets of divine soul!

But Chen Xiang did not feel it was difficult, because he had the Lightning dragon eagle's corpse in his hands, these Lightning dragon eagle all had two Divine Sense Sea s, if he was careful, he could obtain a lot of divine soul from their bodies, he felt that the divine soul in these few Lightning dragon eagle s were sufficient for him to use.

A few days later, Chen Xiang's body started to shine with a white light. He could feel his body being immersed in a warm and comfortable water and the warm energy that was flowing within his body made him feel extremely comfortable.

"Have I stepped into the Dao Ti realm?" Chen Xiang thought, at this moment, not only did he feel a change in his body, even the six Beast elephant in the Second Divine Sense Sea seemed to have life.

"My first Divine Sense Sea has already become a real world … How magical! " Chen Xiang could clearly feel that the Divine Sense Sea World in the First Divine Sense Sea was no longer his illusion, but actually existed in a world that contained its own laws.

"I can change the time inside!" Chen Xiang increased the speed of the time so that the plants inside could grow quickly. It was just that it required a lot of energy.

"I can use my control of the laws of the real world to comprehend Natural Law Principles!" Chen Xiang was shocked in his heart, because just now, when he controlled the real world, he had already felt the subtle changes in time.

Chen Xiang opened his eyes and thought, "I understand! The so called Dao Ti realm is to cultivate a real world, where one can experience the workings of the Heavenly Dao for themselves, and experience the power of Natural Law Principles from it! "

"I can even create a Natural Law Principles, but right now, I have already created a Natural Law World. My body is just a container for a Natural Law World!"

When he thought about this level, Chen Xiang was immediately shocked. He felt that it was very likely that he was in someone's real world, and the only thing he did not realize was that this person had cultivated an extremely huge Natural Law Divine Realm that had been operating for many years. Normally, this person would not even be in charge of it.

"Are we really in the real world of a living being?" Chen Xiang looked at his own real world. He believed that as long as he had time, he would be able to make his real world stronger. There would also be many creatures born inside that would form a system that would operate.

Of course, this would take a very long time. If it were in the past, he might not care about the world that he had created!

All of this was only his guess, but it also became a direction of exploration. He felt that if it was truly as he thought, he wanted to meet the master of this world, and that was the true Heavenly Dao.

Upon entering the Dao Ti realm, the most obvious increase was in strength. After all, his Bones and strength had both increased by almost two hundred, so the increase in strength was definitely extremely huge!

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