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Chen Xiang wiped his sweat. When Chu Hongqing saw this, he also quickly helped him wipe his sweat.

"Hongqing, how many Jade money s do you think I can sell these five pills for?" Chen Xiang asked.

"This is a light gold crystal pill, selling it for fifty thousand is not a problem." Chu Hongqing said: "But you should just eat by yourself!"

Chen Xiang nodded his head, "Then, I shall go into closed door cultivation for a while."

After he finished speaking, he entered a secret room and ate the pill that he had just refined …

Five days later, Chen Xiang refined all of the medicinal powers of the pellets. What he did not expect was that these five pellets actually allowed him to condense nine Azure Dragon Bones.

The Azure Dragon inside the Second Divine Sense Sea was already filled with Bones, and his fleshly body had also risen by a lot!

"In addition to the Bones that the Azure Dragon has just condensed, the flames that I have released are even stronger. If not for the help of the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace, my previous flames would not have been able to refine high-grade Heaven-ranked Yaoge Dan."

was extremely excited. He felt that he would need to cultivate in a Dao Body soon!

"When I finish cultivating the Dao Body, I will go back to look for Qilian and the others." Chen Xiang had already understood that the forest where the Great Heaven Star was located was a deathly still place. The barbaric beasts would not go, nor would they grow medicinal herbs.

Walking out of the secret room, Chen Xiang shouted, "Hongqing..."

"She's not here!" Chen Xiang frowned. He then looked around the room and the hall but he did not find Hongqing.

When he was outside, he could smell the aroma of the wine and knew that Yu Yan was drinking again.

"Younger Brother Shen, you've finally come out from closed door cultivation!" Yu Yan laughed: "Quickly come over and drink a few bowls."

"I've only been in closed door cultivation for five days, right? What do you mean finally! " Chen Xiang laughed, he walked over and drank a big bowl: "Have you seen my servant girl?"

"She has returned to the Fire Reverent School. The Fire Reverent School is hosting a grand gathering for the Heavenly Dao Sect, and as the G.o.ddess of the Fire Reverent School, how can she not return? It was Fire Reverent School Leader who came to call her. " As Yu Yan spoke, his expression became serious: "Bro, you might be in trouble. Fire Reverent School Leader is very dissatisfied with you taking the spirit demon woman as your slave, you need to be careful!"

"I will pay attention!" Chen Xiang nodded, "Then what's the Heavenly Dao Sect gathering?"

"It's just a bunch of guys showing off, what's wrong? Are you interested? " Yu Yan's eyes lit up, and he laughed: You are so good at refining pills, then maybe you will be able to shine there, which is good for you!

"Tell me about this gathering!" Chen Xiang laughed: "I still prefer to join in on the fun."

"It's a group of powerful sects and families gathering together to compare! However, little brother, your current power is still a bit off from being able to cultivate a Dao Body. Yu Yan said: "It's already too late, there's still three months of time!"

"Why can't I return in time?" Chen Xiang laughed, "I have complete time! "Right, how do I contact my young maid?"

"She said she would come every few days. You just wait patiently!" "Don't go look for her in the Fire Reverent School right now, those fellows from the Fire Reverent School have been bewitched by this witch to the point of having their divine soul turned upside down. When they found out that you took her as your slave, they couldn't help but want to tear you into pieces. Yu Yan laughed: "Right now, there are many young masters who want to see you, they should be trying to curry favor with you."

"I'm too lazy to see them!" Chen Xiang said with a smile, and then took another sip of the wine.

"Brother Yu, in this world, are Fire Reverent School's Leader the strongest?" Chen Xiang asked.

"If it is in the Fire Tao Divine Place's eyes, he is considered stronger! However, I am also not sure just how big this world is. Although there are many powerful sects and ancient families in this region, outside of this region, Fire Reverent School Leader is probably not even worth a fart. " Yu Yan said: "Of course, we might not leave this area for the rest of our lives, and we don't have the ability to."

Chen Xiang was shocked, he never thought that this Big Chaotic Times would actually be so vast, even Yu Yan felt that he was unable to leave this area!

Chen Xiang suddenly felt that Yu Yan and the others did not know about the existence of those Natural Law Divine Spirit s!

Not long after, Chu Hongqing arrived. When she saw Chen Xiang drinking, she chastised him with her charming voice, and Chen Xiang then pulled her away.

"Hongqing, is your Leader dissatisfied with me?" Chen Xiang asked: Do you want me to rescind the master and servant blood contract?

"No need, this is my own problem. Even if he's unhappy, it doesn't matter." Chu Hongqing smiled at Chen Xiang: "Don't worry about this, I will settle this matter! How is it going after you ate those five pills? "

"The effects of condensing nine Bones are very good! Right, where is the Lightning dragon eagle's divine soul? My Bones needs to be integrated with the divine soul. " Chen Xiang said.

"Here. That Lightning dragon eagle has quite a few Divine Deity s, they have all been taken out, and that can also be used to refine pills! " Chu Hongqing took out a small red bag. "Take a look!"

Chen Xiang looked inside, there were more than a hundred Divine Deity and more than ten Bones, all of them seemed to be very strong.

"What about the beast meat and beast blood? "Give it all to me, I want to concoct pills, I want to cultivate my Dao Body as soon as possible so that I can partic.i.p.ate in the gathering!" Chen Xiang laughed.

"You really want to go!" Chu Hongqing frowned slightly.

"Can't you go?" Chen Xiang said.

"Yes, yes. But now … Even the disciples of Fire Reverent School hate you, I'm worried that something might happen to you if you go. " Chu Hongqing said.

"Then I won't go!" Chen Xiang laughed: "Hongqing, why don't you leave Fire Reverent School! You should be clear that following me is much better than staying in Fire Reverent School. "

My father has a good relationship with the Leader, if I were to leave the Fire Reverent School now, the Leader would definitely not agree to it. " Chu Hongqing shook her head. She gave all the refined beast meat and beast blood to Chen Xiang, as well as the Lightning dragon eagle's scales, Bones, dragon tendons and other good materials.

"What about your father?" Chen Xiang asked.

"He died a long time ago!" Chu Hongqing sighed: "Right now, you better raise your strength first, and give me another Lightning dragon eagle, I'll help you get it!"

Chen Xiang nodded.

When Chu Hongqing left, he started to refine pills again. Just now, Chu Hongqing had given him more than ten sets of medicinal ingredients, which were enough for him to refine quite a few Heaven Stage High Rank Yaoge Dan.

Chen Xiang had originally wanted to join in on the fun, but she could tell that Chu Hongqing wasn't too willing to join in. It might be because of his master-servant relationship with Chu Hongqing, otherwise, it would attract too much attention and attract a lot of trouble.

"I better be honest in concocting pills. We'll talk about it when I have the strength."

This time, Chen Xiang was refining a batch of pills a day faster than before. Right now, he felt that he could already completely master the high-grade Heaven-ranked Yaoge Dan, so he planned to challenge even more difficult people with Crash method s, in order to refine even more high-grade or in order to produce even more pills!

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