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No matter whether it was the strength or the physical body, the Lightning dragon eagle were both extremely powerful. If Chen Xiang had not used the Six Realms mirrors to reflect their strength back, it would have been difficult for them to kill the Lightning dragon eagle at that time.

Before, Chu Hongqing knew that Chen Xiang did not understand anything about the pills here, and she had also said that she would teach Chen Xiang how to refine pills.

"Generally speaking, beast meat and beast blood can be used to concoct pills. However, this needs to be accompanied by some medicinal ingredients." Chu Hongqing said: "Other than this, I will need a pill furnace that has a lot of s.p.a.ce inside, because at that time, I will need to store the huge body of the Lightning dragon eagle inside."

"What can a refined pill do?" Chen Xiang took out the Heavenly furnace. The interior of the Heavenly furnace was quite large.

"Let's see which aspect you need to improve! Physical body, Divine Deity, and Bones are all fine, but this will mainly depend on the ingredients used. " Chu Hongqing took out a few medicinal ingredients and placed them in front of Chen Xiang.

"You should know this herb. It is used to refine Yaoge Dan. However, it has to be of a higher grade!" It was a high-grade heaven-step medicine; it was able to refine a high-grade heaven-step pill! If it is refined with beast meat and beast blood, eating it will help you form your Bones. "

"The last two medicinal ingredients are respectively related to the flesh and blood of the Divine Deity."

"Is the high-grade Heaven-ranked medicine expensive?" Chen Xiang asked again, Sky pill was a common sight here, there were a lot of ingredients.

"Not too expensive, you can buy it with five thousand Jade money! If they were able to refine high-grade Heaven-ranked Yaoge Dan, one pellet could be sold for ten thousand Jade money. It was just that it was easier to fail during the refining process, and there were fewer pills! In order to guarantee its success, Alchemist would usually lower its quality. "

"If I add the beast blood and meat to make it, how much more expensive would it be?" Chen Xiang asked again.

"Five to ten times depends on the quality!" Usually, buyers will invite an appraiser to appraise a pill that costs ten thousand Jade money s per pellet. " Chu Hongqing laughed tenderly: "Young master, do you really lack Jade money now? You need Jade money, I have it here! You should first refine a pill for yourself to eat so that you can become stronger. "

"That's true! However, a lot of Jade money are needed in order to buy a lot of high-grade medicinal ingredients. My goal is to refine those high-grade, useful divine pellets. "

"Let's forge this first!" Chu Hongqing pa.s.sed the medicinal ingredients to Chen Xiang. She was currently very good to Chen Xiang, just like how she was to her own master.

"Put a Lightning dragon eagle into my storage box and let me deal with the corpse. You can refine the ingredients first and then add in the beast meat and beast blood." Chu Hongqing took out an exquisite and beautiful small wooden chest.

After Chen Xiang placed one Lightning dragon eagle inside, he started to release flames to refine the medicinal ingredients. Right now, he was also refining Yaoge Dan, but the rank was higher.

"These medicinal ingredients are not easy to deal with." From the very beginning, Chen Xiang had already felt that it was extremely difficult. The Yaoge Dan that he had previously refined was a low-grade heaven stage, but now, it had directly jumped to high-grade heaven stage.

Not long after, Chen Xiang's Heavenly furnace made a loud bang!

"The furnace exploded?" Chu Hongqing slightly frowned: "I was too careless, I should have let you refine a mid-grade Heaven Ranked Spirit Beast first."

"It's fine. There was a slight mistake." Chen Xiang said, then put away the Heavenly furnace and took out the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace.

Chu Hongqing gave him another batch of ingredients. She looked at Chen Xiang's Chuangshi G.o.d furnace and asked: "Is this pill furnace powerful?"

"Very powerful!" Chen Xiang laughed, and then continued.

Chu Hongqing was currently dealing with the Lightning dragon eagle's corpse, all of this was done inside her storage box. Her small wooden box had a lot of s.p.a.ce inside, and was able to store the corpse of a huge savage beast. She then controlled the many sharp blades inside to cut apart the corpse of the savage beast, and at the same time, collect the beast's blood.

The Alchemist here were all familiar with these things, although Chu Hongqing was a girl, he had to do these things himself often.

Chen Xiang's previous failure was also because he did not have enough fire energy. He did not expect that the usually weak medicinal ingredients would suddenly increase multiple times during the process of refinement, and become very difficult to refine. It was because he could not suppress the swelling power of the medicinal herbs with his strong flames that caused the furnace to explode.

"The grade of these medicinal herbs must definitely far surpa.s.s that of a heaven-rank divine pill!" Chen Xiang thought to himself, he quickly reached the place where he failed previously, and this time he successfully pa.s.sed through.

The flames released by the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace also had a strong stability, which was very useful for him to refine pills.

Three days had pa.s.sed and Chen Xiang was still refining. After all, this was a very difficult heavenly pill and it was normal for it to take time.

"Hongqing, when will you be able to join the beast blood and meat?" Chen Xiang asked.

"It's best if you prepare to condense the pill." Chu Hongqing said: "You've reached that level now?"

"It's done!" Chen Xiang nodded.

"This is way too fast! It's only been three days!" Chu Hongqing could not believe it, Chen Xiang had not even reached the Dao Ti realm, her cultivation must be very weak, the fire she was releasing must be limited, not to mention Chen Xiang, even she would need 5 days.

"It's slow for me." Chen Xiang laughed.

"The beast blood meat is inside." Chu Hongqing took out a small jade box. It was a Storage magic treasure and inside it was the beast meat that Chu Hongqing had distributed to them.

Chen Xiang threw it in, and not long later, it was refined, and smoothly mixed into the medicinal liquid!

"Is that all?" Chen Xiang felt that it was too little, the beast blood was just a vat, and a few hundred kilograms of beast meat, that Lightning dragon eagle was actually very big.

"Do you want to refine the entire Lightning dragon eagle? If you just add a little, that will be enough. One Lightning dragon eagle will be enough for many times. " Chu Hongqing said snappily.

"Get two more. Four portions! " Chen Xiang said: "Quickly!"

Chu Hongqing had no other choice, he could only give four to Chen Xiang according to the amount he had just given.

After Chen Xiang poured the pellet in, and refined it for two hours, the liquid inside started to emit a faint golden light.

"The effects are indeed quite good!" Chen Xiang laughed: "I never thought that savage beasts could have such uses."

He divided the medicinal liquid into five groups! This was also the reason why he wanted more beast meat and blood. It was because he wanted to concoct more pills.

Chu Hongqing saw that Chen Xiang was successful, and also secretly hoped for Chen Xiang to produce a pill. She and Chen Xiang had formed the Master-servant Contract, so even if she was unable to obtain the pill refining skills that Chen Xiang had inherited, but if Chen Xiang was able to concoct many good pills, she would definitely obtain many good ones.

"It's a success!" Chen Xiang laughed, opened his pill furnace and took out five golden pellets.

"Five pills!" Chu Hongqing shouted in surprise and admiration.

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