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Chen Xiang had killed He Sen, so the few men who came with him were all stunned. They did not know how to react, He Sen was their leader, and was extremely powerful.

But now, He Sen was killed by a little kid just like that.

"The head is dead, we have to bring him back. Otherwise, we cannot explain ourselves and capture them all." A man that followed He Sen said.

"Kill them too." Chen Xiang suddenly sent a sound transmission to Yu Yan,'s position in Fire Reverent School was very high, if this matter were to spread, not only Chen Xiang, but even Yu Yan and Lv Ying would be in trouble.

Yu Yan immediately took action, and Lv Ying immediately followed along.

Chu Hongqing clenched his teeth, took out a red long blade, and also killed the few men who followed He Sen.

Chen Xiang immediately hid himself inside the spatial crack. Just now, he had only been able to kill He Sen because of his sneak attack.

Right now, those few people all knew that he had this ability, so they were secretly on guard against him. Therefore, he did not plan to join the battle, he believed that Yu Yan and the others could definitely take care of these people.

The overall strength of Yu Yan and the others were already very strong, and with the addition of the G.o.ddess of Fire, Chu Hongqing, to join them, the other party was currently being tightly suppressed. There was no way out for them.

After a while, Chen Xiang came out of the spatial crack. The battle outside had ended.

"Fire Reverent School probably doesn't know." Chen Xiang said.

"No, just clean up this place. But they should know that these guys are dead by now." Lv Ying said: "They must have had life orbs inside the Fire Reverent School."

Chu Hongqing sighed: "If Leader knew that I had done such a thing, he definitely wouldn't let me go."

Chen Xiang laughed: "Who asked that He Sen to kill himself, that fellow is mentally ill. He wanted to kill me and you earlier, if I did not kill him, we might all die."

Lv Ying nodded his head: "This guy is very strong, he is one of the strongest Beast Hunting Squads in the Fire Reverent School. And this small team was formed from He Sen's support, the teammates beside him have already been changed many times … It seems like his teammates were killed by his brutal personality. "

Chen Xiang took out the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace and placed all the bodies inside it to burn them.

"Bro, your sneak attack skills are truly superb. It seems like you've done quite a bit of work." Yu Yan laughed.

Just now, Chen Xiang was extremely experienced, only by doing it frequently could he cultivate to such an extent.

Chen Xiang only laughed: "There's nothing I can do, I'm too weak. If I want to kill strong and weak, I can only do this."

Yu Yan laughed out loud: "Looks like in the future, when you kill someone, you must smash their head or else you might not die. He Sen is too arrogant, if not you would not suffer such a loss."

Although they had killed a powerful team in the Fire Reverent School, Lv Ying and the others were not worried at all. They were also secretly pleased, especially news about Lv Ying, who bought the Lightning dragon eagle from He Sen.

Chen Xiang and the others returned to Fire Tao Divine Place, where Chen Xiang and Chu Hongqing currently resided in Lv Ying's shop. The shop was a tall tower, and there were many empty rooms on top of it.

"Hongqing, don't you need to go back to the Fire Tao Divine Place?" Chen Xiang asked as he took off his clothes.

"No …" You don't need to go back, what are you doing? " Seeing Chen Xiang taking off his clothes, Chu Hongqing's face changed slightly as he asked worriedly.

"Take a bath! You're my servant now, but I've never seen you serve me. Why don't you come over?" Chen Xiang laughed sinisterly.

Chu Hongqing pouted and walked over to help Chen Xiang take off his clothes. Moreover, she had to help him get hot water.

"Today's harvest was pretty good, let's have a good rest first." After Chen Xiang finished showering, he comfortably lied on the bed, closed his eyes, and fell asleep.

After Chu Hongqing finished showering, she saw that Chen Xiang was lying on the bed naked. The first time she saw a man's entire body, her beautiful face immediately flushed red. She then hurriedly walked over and covered him with a thin blanket.

Chen Xiang suddenly opened his eyes, laughed sinisterly and pulled her onto the bed: "I want to hug you and sleep."

"You … Don't act recklessly, I only promised to be your servant. " Chu Hongqing pouted as he held her in his arms.

"You are my servant, and I can do whatever I want to you. Master-servant Contract said that you cannot resist Master." Chen Xiang hugged her, blew her earlobes, and then laughed evilly.

Chen Xiang was also only carrying her to sleep, but her hands were just a bit dishonest. Chu Hongqing had accepted it, but she was a little disappointed now, Chen Xiang was actually only carrying her to sleep, and did not do anything else.

"This brat." Chu Hongqing wanted to pull Chen Xiang's bad hand away from her chest, but to no avail. She silently sighed and could only give up.

Daybreak, Chu Hongqing helped Chen Xiang put on his clothes, and then, Chen Xiang went to find Lv Ying. He had sold the ten Yaoge Dan s he had refined at Lv Ying's place, and obtained ten thousand. Then, he had sold a lot of wine from the hotel to the side, and had a good drink with Yu Yan.

The wine here was extremely strong, Chen Xiang had drank a lot, and was drunk at night. Chu Hongqing nagged as he helped to wash the wine off his body.

In the middle of the night, when Chen Xiang woke up, he saw that half of Chu Hongqing's clothes were in disarray and half of his chest was exposed.

However, seeing that Chu Hongqing's upper body was in a mess, he heaved a sigh of relief.

"So beautiful." Chen Xiang couldn't resist reaching out his hand to rub it. Chu Hongqing also immediately woke up, then slapped away Chen Xiang's hand.

"Didn't you touch it enough last night? It hurts so much." Chu Hongqing said with a red face: "I already told you not to mess around with that b.a.s.t.a.r.d, and you didn't listen. If someone came to find trouble with you, with your drunk look, you would definitely be beaten to death."

"Hehe, I only want to sleep this time." Chen Xiang snickered, carried Chu Hongqing, and then fell asleep beautiful.

When Chen Xiang woke up, he did not see Chu Hongqing. He hastily dressed himself and walked out of the room.

Speaking of which, it was not bad to have Chu Hongqing to accompany her. It was a great thing to have such a beautiful, prestigious, and powerful beauty as a servant.

"You didn't leave, you worried me to death." Chen Xiang laughed: "I didn't do anything to you last night right?"

"Hmph." Chu Hongqing spat out, and said in a low voice: "It's only making my pinching more painful …."

Chen Xiang had his own principles in this regard, he would not do that sort of thing to a woman who did not have any feelings for him.

"Hongqing, teach me how to refine pills. It would be best if you could teach me how to use the Lightning dragon eagle in my hands to concoct pills. I still don't know how to deal with those Lightning dragon eagle." Chen Xiang said, he needed to hurry up and cultivate his Dao Body, he was currently too weak.

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