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"Come in." Chen Xiang turned the mirror towards the falling Lightning dragon eagle and created a strong suction force, bringing it over, at that moment, the group of Lightning dragon eagle in the sky shot out lightning bolts from their mouths, Chen Xiang anxiously used the Six Realms mirrors to block them.

"These guys were quite crafty just now, why are they so stupid now?" Chen Xiang laughed: "Seems like we don't need to do anything to kill this group of people."

Lv Ying and the others didn't know what to say either. They had originally thought that they would return covered in wounds and wounds, but they didn't expect that things would take such a turn.

"You can attack now, these guys are being tortured by their own lightning." Chen Xiang said: "Don't be afraid of them."

Yu Yan was the first to attack. Jumping into the air, he used the gigantic axe in his hands to slash at one of the Lightning dragon eagle.

After the red light from the giant axe shot past, it actually cut off the head of that Lightning dragon eagle.

After that, Lv Ying and the other big sized men all took action, they were extremely excited, since this Lightning dragon eagle was also a powerful barbaric beast, it would be good if they could hunt one, but there were so many of them.

Not long after, ten Lightning dragon eagle fell to the ground, while the rest escaped.

Chu Hongqing also did not make a move, she wanted to protect Chen Xiang, although she knew that Chen Xiang was not simple, she was still worried.

They only wanted three of the ten Lightning dragon eagle and the rest were all given to Chen Xiang. They knew that this was all thanks to Chen Xiang, or else they would not be able to obtain a single one and might even be injured.

Chen Xiang also accepted the corpses of the seven Lightning dragon eagle s, then happily returned with Lv Ying and the others.

"This Lightning dragon eagle can be sold for two hundred thousand, bro, you sent it. After it's sold, you must treat us to a drink." Yu Yan laughed.

"Definitely." Chen Xiang laughed.

"Gongzi, what exactly is your background? I don't believe that you picked up that Heavenly artifact." Chu Hongqing asked curiously.

"That thing is called Heavenly artifact." Chen Xiang asked. Previously, it was called the Six Divine Weapons.

"Yes, it's a divine tool bred by the Heavenly Dao. It's incomparably precious. Legends say that it can sell for tens of billions of Jade money." Chu Hongqing nodded.

"So valuable." Chen Xiang purposely revealed a surprised expression. He would definitely not sell it, he believed that he could earn a lot of Jade money, so he did not need to sell these things.

"Little brother, it's best if you don't use it normally. If people with evil intentions find out, they will definitely s.n.a.t.c.h it away." Lv Ying warned.

"That's right, especially those Heavenly G.o.d Sect disciples. If they knew that the Heavenly artifact is not in their hands, they would definitely think of ways and means to get it." Yu Yan glanced at Chu Hongqing, "This witch is Fire Reverent School, and Fire Reverent School is also a member of the Heavenly G.o.d Sect."

"Hmph. Right now, he is my master. Selling him would be seeking death, so what good is that to me?" Chu Hongqing anxiously hugged onto Chen Xiang's arm and snorted.

Chu Hongqing could be considered dead set now. Just now, she and Lv Ying had experienced Chen Xiang's abilities, if not for Chen Xiang, they might have been heavily injured in order to escape.

"I'll be careful." Chen Xiang pinched Chu Hongqing's face, and said: "Let's go back first."

They had only walked for a short period of time when they noticed that there was someone ahead.

"It's them. The Fire Reverent School's Beast Hunting Team is rather famous in the Fire Reverent School." Chu Hongqing frowned: "Why are they here?"

"I bought that savage beast of mine from these fellows, and they nearly caused my death." Lv Ying snorted: "They should be here to see if we're dead or not."

"These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, I must wring their heads off and feed it to the dogs." Yu Yan was furious, he raised his axe and was about to go over.

"Big Brother Yu, wait a minute. They look very aggressive. They should be coming for us." Chen Xiang said: "We were all tired just now, we'll just wait and see."

There were only five people who had come, and all of them looked very strong. Just from the vicious aura they emitted, one could tell how strong they were.

"You guys went to kill the Lightning dragon eagle and came back." A man wearing black armor asked as he looked at Chu Hongqing with a cold expression.

"He's back. I'm lucky that he didn't die there." Lv Ying sneered: "Are you planning to collect our corpses?"

The black-armored man ignored Lv Ying and looked at him instead, "Hongqing, you really made a master and servant blood bond with this kid."

"Absolutely, many people saw it then." Chu Hongqing said: "He Sen, just give up."

"You … Don't you know how I feel about you? Why would you rather be his servant than my woman? " He Sen's face darkened, "In what way am I, He Sen, not worthy of you? I am the eldest son of a Patriarch of the Heavenly Dao Family, how can I not be worthy of this kid?"

"Hmph, do you think I don't know about that stupid thing you said? There were more than ten women in front of you, and they were all killed by you." Chu Hongqing scoffed.

Yu Yan and Lv Ying both felt that something was off.

Sure enough, the gloomy faced He Sen suddenly thrusted out his sword, aimed at Chen Xiang's throat, and pierced through his throat.

Everyone was startled, no one expected that He Sen would suddenly attack Chen Xiang.

"Take away my woman, then die, Chu Hongqing, since you do not like me, then go and die as well." He Sen laughed sinisterly.

This He Sen indeed had something wrong with her heart. No wonder even his woman was killed by him, Chen Xiang understood what Chu Hongqing had said just now.

When He Sen saw that Chu Hongqing was fine, he reacted that Chen Xiang was not dead.

Chu Hongqing and Chen Xiang had a master and servant blood contract, and even if the master and servant died, Chu Hongqing was still perfectly fine.

"Young Master... "You …" Chu Hongqing also felt it was strange. She tugged at Chen Xiang and could feel his warmth.

"My life is so tough." He Sen thrusted again, going through Chen Xiang's forehead, when he pulled out the sword, it was bleeding profusely.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you dare to kill my brother? I'll kill you!" Yu Yan was furious, Lv Ying and Chu Hongqing were also furious, and they both attacked.

"You bunch of trash. If you had the ability, you would have stopped me long ago, but you're too weak, you can't keep up with my speed … Haha, cripple them. " He Sen laughed sinisterly, but immediately felt that something was amiss.

Chu Hongqing did not die.

"Could it be that my Master-servant Contract is not effective?" Chu Hongqing looked at the fallen Chen Xiang and felt it was strange.

Yu Yan's gigantic axe had already struck at He Sen, but at the same time He Sen used his sword to block, Chen Xiang suddenly appeared behind him, and the speed of his sword was actually much faster than He Sen's.

Chen Xiang's Heavenly magic sword was still as invincible as ever. He gathered all of his power and swung his sword at Immortal He Sen's neck.

He Sen's head immediately tumbled to the ground and he immediately rushed over. The Meteor immortal power beneath his feet erupted outwards and stepped on He Sen's head.


He Sen's head was smashed into smithereens by his foot, causing sparks to fly everywhere, and fell onto the ground, burning with raging flames.

The real him was already hiding inside the spatial crack and waiting for an attack. Therefore, when Yu Yan tried to distract He Sen's attention, Chen Xiang made his move, and used the extremely sharp Heavenly magic sword to cut off He Sen's head.

Chen Xiang received two simple and crude moves, and actually killed He Sen. He was so shocked that both Chu Hongqing and Yu Yan were speechless.

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