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Chen Xiang did not know what to say, he truly knew how to refine many pills, and in his generation they were called divine pills, but now in Big Chaotic Times, the precious pills he concocted were nothing in this world.

Firstly, the people here were all strong, and secondly, the pills here were thriving. For example, the Yaoge Dan s were much better.

When they were in the Star Law Divine Realm, the Bone level Dan could be sold at a sky-high price, but no one would want it here.

I know how to refine a lot of pills, but you all do not know about these pills, and do not look down on them. In my place, these pills are considered very precious, but the Alchemist here are all very outstanding, and they are all very powerful. Chen Xiang sighed.

This was also the huge difference in age. Chen Xiang also felt that it was strange that the civilization of pills would decline so much in the later stages of life.

"Those pills are rather difficult, but they have no use. I spent my time researching how to refine them, and as time went by, I acc.u.mulated a lot of experience." Chen Xiang laughed bitterly: "I left my hometown to come here, and seeing the pills here, has completely overturned my common sense."

"Your alchemy skills have even overturned my common sense." Chu Hongqing laughed.

"This means that little brother, you have a solid foundation, it is very easy to refine the pills here, your flame is also very strong, it is not affected by your lack of Dao Body, which means, although your cultivation is not high, your pill refining level is higher than other Alchemist's." Lv Ying nodded his head. He wanted to pull Chen Xiang into his shop, but he felt that it was not possible. After all, Chu Hongqing was by Chen Xiang's side.

Although she was now Chen Xiang's servant, if she treated Chen Xiang well, when he grew up, she would be the one to endless wealth.

"Young master, I will teach you how to refine our pills in the future." Chu Hongqing said.

"Witch, you can just be my brother's servant like this. Will it be hard to explain to Fire Reverent School?" Yu Yan asked.

"What's there to be afraid of? I can leave Fire Reverent School at any time. Aren't you guys the same?" Chu Hongqing laughed, "Fire Reverent School is always relatively free, I have never been restricted by your rules."

After that, Chen Xiang chatted with them for a while and fell asleep while hugging Chu Hongqing's soft and fragrant body. Chu Hongqing did not sleep, and it was the same for Yu Yan and Lv Ying.

They were currently in the wilderness, and powerful savage beasts could appear at any moment. They had to be on alert at all times.

When dawn arrived, Chen Xiang yawned, looking full of spirit.

"Let's continue moving forward. That savage beast isn't far from here." Lv Ying said.

"Boss Lu, is that savage beast very precious?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Of course it's precious. Boss Lu, if he were to kill this savage beast, as long as he showed his worth, he would be able to earn quite a lot of Jade money." Chu Hongqing said, she was extremely familiar with these things.

Chen Xiang came this time only to broaden his knowledge, to see what a savage beast looked like.

In the afternoon, Chen Xiang and the others came to a canyon.

Lv Ying's expression suddenly became serious, "Not good, this seems to be the den of a beast."

Chu Hongqing's beautiful face suddenly paled. "You still came to the Beast Lair to die?"

"Let's go." Just as Lv Ying finished speaking, many black figures suddenly appeared from the front and back. Upon closer inspection, it was a gigantic barbaric beast.

"This... It's the Dragon and Eagle. " The savage beasts that Chen Xiang saw were actually numerous huge dragons, it was just that all of them had huge wings.

These Dragon Eagles were very cunning, they had actually come without any sound, even Lv Ying and the others had not noticed them before.

"Young Master, stay close to me." Chu Hongqing had to protect Chen Xiang at this moment. If he died, she and Chen Xiang, who had a blood bond as master and servant, would die as well.

Chen Xiang nodded his head. These dragon eagles were very powerful, there were more than twenty of them flying in the sky, with their huge wings and bodies covering the sky, making the ground very dark.


A Dragon Eagle roared out, spitting out a bolt of lightning, striking towards Chu Hongqing at an extremely fast speed, causing Chu Hongqing to not even have the time to dodge.

Seeing that she was so slow, Chen Xiang immediately grabbed her and teleported away, avoiding that terrifying lightning bolt.


The lightning struck the ground and shattered it, causing a burst of gravel to fly into the air.

"Your reaction is too slow." Chen Xiang said: "No, let's quickly run. These guys are too scary."

Chen Xiang never thought that these beasts would actually be so strong. They were far more powerful than warriors like Lv Ying and Yu Yan, and there were still more than twenty of them. They were simply not his match.

"This won't do. Their escape routes have already been sealed off..." Just as Yu Yan finished speaking, Chu Hongqing shouted in shock, "They are going to attack at the same time."

"They are all Lightning dragon eagle, they are fast, and their mouths can shoot out terrifying lightning. If they get hit, they will most likely die." Lv Ying's face changed, and everyone started to run away.

"Come to me." Chen Xiang anxiously shouted. Then, he took out the Six Realms mirrors, causing it to become extremely huge, like a giant ray of light floating in the sky.

"Young Master... Are you a Heavenly artifact? " Seeing the Spirit grain on Chen Xiang's Six Realms mirrors, Chu Hongqing could not help but ask.

Lv Ying, Yu Yan and the other few big sized men also rushed to Chen Xiang's side and hid under the Six Realms mirrors.

"I don't know." As soon as Chen Xiang finished speaking, rumbling sounds came from above, and the Six Realms mirrors was still trembling.

From all four directions, one could tell that the Lightning dragon eagle in the sky was constantly striking them with lightning.

However, all of this was blocked by Chen Xiang's Six Realms mirrors.

"This must be a Divine Weapon of the Heavenly Dao. Otherwise, it wouldn't be able to withstand so many attacks from Lightning dragon eagle." Lv Ying was shocked: "Little brother, this thing is yours."

"I... "I can pick it up." Chen Xiang said. He had gotten the Six Realms mirrors a long time ago, but he had actually picked it up and not lied.

"Are Heavenly artifact that easy to pick up?" Chu Hongqing curled his lips and said.


The Lightning dragon eagle in the sky let out strange cries. It no longer had its previous intimidating aura.

"These guys should be injured as well." Chen Xiang said: "This is a mirror that can reflect attacks. The lightning they use is much easier to radiate."

After he shrunk the Six Realms mirrors to a smaller size, he could see that it was charred black all over, with quite a few huge feathers floating everywhere. These were all injuries caused by their own lightning strikes.

Chen Xiang sent his consciousness into the Six Realms mirrors, and just now, it was struck by countless lightning bolts. The Six Realms mirrors had also absorbed a large amount of lightning energy, so he activated the Six Realms mirrors and struck the lightning energy out, striking one of the Lightning dragon eagle.

Roar …

The Lightning dragon eagle screamed and fell to the ground, smashing the ground and causing the ground to shake violently.

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