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Chen Xiang felt that it was nothing strange that she was so willing to be a servant. She was a smart girl, but now that Chen Xiang had mastered such a profound alchemy, if she could learn it, it would make her stronger.

To Chu Hongqing, she felt that it would be easy for a beautiful woman like her to deal with Chen Xiang. Furthermore, Chen Xiang was not that annoying.

"Witch, what you said was the truth. You couldn't be plotting something else, could you? Don't harm Younger Brother Shen." Yu Yan shouted: "If you want to be his servant, that's fine, but make a Master-servant Contract."

That was why Chu Hongqing could leave. Now that she wanted to be Chen Xiang's maid, as long as she had the brains, she would know that she had a goal.

Chen Xiang was not strong, but he seemed to have mastered some kind of mysterious pill refining technique. To the Alchemist, he was a treasure, as long as they could learn his brilliant pill refining techniques, it was fine to stay by his side.

If Chen Xiang accepted a disciple on the spot, there would definitely be many people who would be willing to take him as their master. Not to mention refining ten of them in one furnace, they would be very satisfied with just five of the Yaoge Dan.

The formation of a Master-servant Contract was very serious, at that time, only the master would be able to remove it, and if the master died, the servant girl would also die.

That was why Chu Hongqing hesitated, she was considering whether it was worth it, she did not seem to care about her status as the Fire Nation's G.o.ddess at the moment, if not she would not willingly become someone's servant, this would be a disgrace to Fire Reverent School.

"Fine, let it be. I've said it before, I never break my promise." Chu Hongqing hesitated and said.

Everyone was shocked, this Chu Hongqing actually wanted to do this.

"Come." Chu Hongqing shouted.

"Wait." Chen Xiang laughed: "I do not need a servant now, so I plan to sell you. The matter of a servant should be more common, if any of you are interested, I will auction her off here."

Chu Hongqing was startled, she immediately went over to Chen Xiang's side and pinched Chen Xiang's ears, then scolded: "You d.a.m.ned brat, don't take things too far, you should be a bit more straightforward."

The crowd also scolded Chen Xiang. Chu Hongqing had already done this, but he did not plan to take it. He even auctioned it off in public.

"Younger Brother Shen, this woman is not worth much, I can guarantee that you won't even take her when you open the ten Jade money s." Yu Yan laughed.

"Hmph, that's because they don't dare to take it." Chu Hongqing said as a drop of blood congealed between his brows. This was the master and servant blood contract.

Seeing that, Chen Xiang wanted to struggle free, but the drop of blood had already pierced the center of his brows, and just like that, Chu Hongqing became her servant.

"Done." Chu Hongqing chuckled: "My young n.o.ble, I will serve you well in the future."

Since things had come to this, Chen Xiang could only accept it. Furthermore, this Chu Hongqing's conditions were not bad, whether it was a Alchemist or some other G.o.ddess of a Fire Reverent School, they would definitely understand this place very well.

Currently, Chu Hongqing had already formed a master and servant blood contract with him, and he would not sell him out, so it was very trustworthy.

Seeing how amazing Chen Xiang was, Lv Ying was secretly happy, and at the same time, blamed himself for underestimating Chen Xiang.

"Yu Yan, let's go. If we're a little slower, that beast will leave. Little brother, wait here for us to return." Lv Ying said.

"I want to go with you." Chen Xiang said.

"This... "I'm afraid that there will be some dangers. Although you have an incredible talent in alchemy, you haven't even managed to cultivate your Dao Body." Lv Ying said.

"Don't be afraid, my maidservants will protect me." Chen Xiang suddenly pinched Chu Hongqing's beautiful face, on the smooth flesh of her face, and pulled her forward.

"Hmph." Chu Hongqing scoffed and patted Chen Xiang's shoulder.

"Is my servant girl strong enough?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"Enough." Yu Yan laughed: "Witch, I never expected you to be my brother's servant, in the future you must be more polite to me."

Chu Hongqing glared at Yu Yan, and then ran behind Chen Xiang. She could only accept it now, because she didn't know if following Chen Xiang was right or wrong, and only wanted to give it a try to see if Chen Xiang could help her change her fate.

"Alright, let's go." Lv Ying laughed, there was no need to doubt Chu Hongqing's strength, as the G.o.ddess of the Fire Reverent School, she would definitely not be weak.

Just like this, Chen Xiang followed Lv Ying and the others out of the Fire Tao Divine Place. The crowd looked at Chen Xiang making a move on Chu Hongqing and cursed him in their hearts, but they also felt that it was a pity that such a good woman was taken away by a little kid who didn't even have a Dao Ti realm.

Walking out of the Fire Tao Divine Place, they arrived at a large mountain range. It was already dark by the time they arrived, everyone was resting at the foot of the mountain.

Chen Xiang took out the ten Yaoge Dan s he had refined and said: "How many Jade money can this Yaoge Dan sell for a single pill?"

Chu Hongqing sat beside Chen Xiang: "Your quality is good, a hundred pills is not a problem."

"It's really not worth much." Chen Xiang curled his lips. In the past, when he was refining Bone level Dan, it was always very valuable, which was why he felt such a sense of disparity.

"It's not worth much, you can turn two hundred Jade money's worth of medicinal ingredients into a thousand Jade money s worth of value in just an hour. Think about it, if you refine ten batches, that would be ten thousand Jade money, this is a lot." Chu Hongqing said snappily.

"The spirit demon woman is right, you only have one hundred thousand Jade money in ten days, and three hundred thousand in a month. I fight and kill all day long, but only a little is left." Yu Yan laughed: "Younger Brother Shen, you once said that you would treat me to all the good wine in Fire Tao Divine Place, don't forget."

"Of course I won't forget, but then again, are three hundred thousand Jade money a lot?" Chen Xiang still had no idea.

"Of course it's much, I refine pills in the Fire Reverent School, and I can only earn over a hundred thousand Jade money a year. I have to spend a lot of money myself, I also need to buy medicinal ingredients to refine pills myself, and I can only save forty to fifty thousand Jade money a year." Chu Hongqing said, then looked at Lv Ying: "Ask Boss Lu, how much can he earn in a month with such a large store."

"My shop only sells for 100,000 a year. If the business is bad, we might even lose money. If you buy your own medicine and concoct pills, 300,000 a month will be a terrifying amount." Lv Ying nodded.

Yu Yan said: "Younger Brother Shen, when the time comes, you have to take care of your own Jade money, don't be tricked away by this demoness. This demoness should be determined to be your servant, and is only interested in this little bit of you, this way she will be able to enjoy the glory and wealth."

Chu Hongqing rolled her eyes at Yu Yan, and said in a tender voice: "That's right, that's what I was thinking. Then, she hugged Chen Xiang's arm, leaned her head on Chen Xiang's shoulder, and acted very intimately with him.

"Young master, aside from refining Yaoge Dan, you can also refine other pills. Your foundation is very solid, you must have refined many pills, otherwise you wouldn't have acc.u.mulated so much experience." Chu Hongqing asked. Not only her, Lv Ying was also very curious.

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