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Other than Chen Xiang being unfamiliar with those small white fruits, he was extremely familiar with the other medicinal ingredients.

"This little fruit is also very afraid of fire, looks like it's the same as the Bone level fruit, it needs to be refined with water and fire." Chen Xiang used a very weak flame to test it out, and then hurriedly put it away, if not the white fruit would be exterminated.

After knowing the characteristics of the small white fruit, Chen Xiang released another Magic method furnace which was specially used to refine the Bone level fruit and the small white fruit.

Everyone was secretly surprised, because Chen Xiang was trying to refine the pill just now. He looked a little inexperienced, but now he was splitting it into two pill furnaces to refine.

Although Chen Xiang's Magic method furnace was transparent, the people here were all strong and could sense the power of the Magic method furnace, so the outline of two pill furnaces would also appear in their minds.

The two Magic method furnace s that Chen Xiang had released gave a very deep impression. Because they were very stable, they floated in the air, not moving at all, even though there were a few waves of energy that could sense them, they were not affected by it at all. This was not a technique that could be cultivated in a short period of time.

Chu Hongqing and Niu Hao could obviously tell that they were indifferent in the beginning, but slowly, they also realized that Chen Xiang's two Magic method furnace s were extremely powerful, with many of their pill furnaces being superior as well.

This meant that Chen Xiang had some methods up his sleeves.

Amongst the two Magic method furnace, half a pot of clear water gradually appeared, soaking the Bone level fruit and the small white fruit.

The clear water was floating. Inside, there were two small fruits, one black and one white, that looked like fish swimming in water. They were running around happily.

The water was condensed out by Chen Xiang using his G.o.d Power. At this moment, he released his flames and permeated into the water.

Everyone saw a red flame appear in the clear water and immediately cried out in alarm. The fire in the water looked very beautiful, especially when it was burning. It danced non-stop and emitted a bewitching red light.

The flames that seeped into the water were currently like a claw that wrapped around the two little fruits in the water and then began to burn them.

"The Bones Black Fruit and the Bones White Fruit are most afraid of flames. He had tried it just now and almost burnt the Bones White Fruit. It looks like this is his first time refining a Yaoge Dan, but it seems like he has a lot of experience in refining pills. Lv Ying frowned: "Could he have laid a solid foundation deep in the mountains?"

Chu Hongqing and Niu Hao initially did not put Chen Xiang in their eyes, but now that they saw Chen Xiang becoming more and more bizarre, they started to feel apprehensive in their hearts, even though they looked extremely calm and collected.

Chen Xiang's other Magic method furnace had also been set ablaze.

"Directly burn it." Lv Ying said: "Even though this method is simple and crude, without a rich experience and solid foundation, it is impossible to refine medicinal liquid. If it was a stronger Alchemist, they would normally like to use this method, it's fast and simple."

Chen Xiang's flames looked extremely terrifying. Even though they did not emit any heat wave, the transparent Magic method furnace could still feel that kind of faint threatening aura.

After burning for a moment, the medicinal plant within suddenly cracked open. Immediately, rays of light burst out, flashing out with multicolored light and stinging everyone's eyes.


Those medicinal herbs instantly exploded, turning into liquid medicine and a ball of air. The light became even more intense.

"What terrifying control. He didn't explode the furnace in that explosion just now." Lv Ying exclaimed: "Just how did he refine it? It should have been refined bit by bit, so why did it suddenly burst into liquid medicine?"

Chen Xiang used the Mystic Fire Refinement skill, using fire on both the inside and outside, which could increase his speed. His current progress was much faster than Chu Hongqing's and Niu Hao's.

"This brat …" "It's actually that powerful." Chu Hongqing scolded in her heart. She truly did not expect that Chen Xiang, who had not even arrived at the Dao Ti realm Realm, would already have such great ability.

Amongst the Magic method furnace s refined by fire and water, the black and white fruits had already melted in the water, and the water had turned black, just like thick black sesame paste.

At this moment, Chen Xiang had fused two Magic method furnace together. Originally, they were emitting intense multicolored light, but after merging, they were enveloped in darkness and the entire hall had been restored to its previous state. However, the beautiful and shocking scene was still constantly replaying in everyone's mind.

Chen Xiang had already fused all of the medicinal liquid together, turning it into a large ball of medicinal liquid.

"I really didn't expect it to be this big." As Chen Xiang looked at the large ma.s.s of medicinal liquid, he secretly rejoiced in his heart. This signified that the number of medicinal pills condensed was much more than he had expected.

"Eight, nine, ten." With a thought from Chen Xiang, the black medicinal liquid was divided into ten uniform cl.u.s.ters.

Looking at those ten small black b.a.l.l.s, Chu Hongqing and Niu Hao's bodies trembled. They were extremely shocked and understood what this meant.

This meant that Chen Xiang would condense ten Yaoge Dan.

Chu Hongqing secretly clenched his teeth, his heart hoping for Chen Xiang to not succeed, otherwise she would become his servant.

The two of them had never thought that Chen Xiang would be so heaven defying in refining pills, it had already far surpa.s.sed their expectations. In their eyes, condensing five Yaoge Dan s was already the best possible level for them, but Chen Xiang had actually made ten, if they hadn't seen it with their own eyes, they wouldn't have believed it at all.

Looking at the ten b.a.l.l.s of black liquid inside Chen Xiang's furnace slowly turning into smooth and sleek black pellets, Chu Hongqing and Niu Hao even had thoughts of dying. They even suspected that they were having a nightmare, and their emotions were extremely complicated.

"Alright." Chen Xiang took a deep breath, the ten Yaoge Dan had already stabilized.

"I'm done." Chen Xiang chuckled, took out a jade box and kept the Yaoge Dan.

But Chu Hongqing and Niu Hao were still not done well. Of course, this was not because they were too slow, but rather, it was because Chen Xiang was too fast.

Lv Ying was completely dumbstruck. Just one set of medicinal ingredients was enough to refine ten Yaoge Dan. Three to four times more than others, this was truly heaven-defying.

Following that, Chu Hongqing and Niu Hao were also done concocting. They could all concoct four pills, but their total number was not as many as Chen Xiang.

"You've lost." Chen Xiang smiled faintly: "Although you guys boasted previously that you guys want to acknowledge me as your master as your servant, but you don't have to worry, I will just treat it as a joke and will let you off."

Niu Hao didn't know what to say, and at this moment, Chu Hongqing didn't know what to say either. In comparison, none of them had recovered from their shock yet, but they were all shocked by Chen Xiang's ten Yaoge Dan s.

"I've lost. My shop has been closed for ten years." After Niu Hao finished speaking, he brought along his own people and left in a dejected manner. He was worried that he would not be able to resist defeating Chen Xiang as his master, and he also wanted to learn Chen Xiang's method of refining pills.

Although Chen Xiang used the transparent pill furnace to concoct pills, none of them could see anything. Only Chen Xiang knew the secret behind it.

"Are you still not leaving?" Yu Yan laughed and said to Chu Hongqing. At the same time, he patted Chen Xiang's shoulder.

"I... I never break my promise, I am his servant girl now, why should I leave? " Chu Hongqing's words were shocking, causing everyone to be shocked. The high and mighty G.o.ddess Huo Zun wanted to be someone else's servant.

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