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Hearing Chen Xiang's words, everyone felt that it made sense and secretly nodded.

Chen Xiang then said, "Ox Boss, has your disciple been studying to refine Yaoge Dan? Maybe he is stronger than Boss Lu's disciple but weaker in other aspects, so he only competed in refining this kind of pill. I don't think it's worth it."

Yu Yan patted Chen Xiang's shoulder, and laughed: "Well said, Old Cow, your disciple is specialized in fighting with his feet, while we use our fists on our side.

Lv Ying also nodded, "That's right."

They had lost, so they needed to regain some face. Although everyone believed that they were looking for a reason, they also felt that it was reasonable. That battle just now, could not manifest the true strength of a Alchemist.

Chu Hongqing chuckled: "Little brother, don't you know, that many Alchemist s can only refine two of these Yaoge Dan pills? The reason Boss Lu's disciple was able to refine three of these Yaoge Dan pills was because he had been researching these pills for many years, and Owner Niu's disciple was also an expert at refining Yaoge Dan. Thus, this compet.i.tion can only show their true strength."

No matter how you looked at it, you could tell that this woman was speaking up for Niu Hao. Chen Xiang himself didn't know if it was because Chu Hongqing was trying to provoke Lv Ying or because he had a good relationship with her.

"Then if I can refine five or six pills, won't he lose even more miserably?" Chen Xiang replied, he felt that refining a Yaoge Dan would not be a problem, even though he had never refined one before.

"Haha …" Niu Hao immediately laughed out loud: "You boast too shamelessly, everyone needs to understand him, don't laugh at me."

Chu Hongqing chuckled: "Even the Boss Lu beside you can't guarantee that he can refine five or six pills, not to mention them, even our Fire Reverent School's Fire Sovereign Leader s don't have such standards. Little fellow, you have just come out of the mountains, how much wisdom do you have in the future?

Yu Yan immediately snorted, this was what Chu Hongqing was saying.

"What if I can refine it?" Chen Xiang was very confident in himself. Refining the Bone level Dan and the Nine Bone Divine Pill was very easy for him, if he combined the two, it wouldn't be difficult.

Niu Hao laughed: "What G.o.ddess Fire says is right, she is also a Alchemist, and her strength is not below mine. In terms of seniority, we all have to call her Master Ancestor."

Chen Xiang never thought that this G.o.ddess Huo Zun would have such a high status.

"Boss Ox, please don't call me an old woman." Chu Hongqing laughed tenderly: "That's all for today, I hope Boss Lu will follow the rules."

Chen Xiang curled his lips: "You all still haven't answered my question. I just asked you all, if I could refine five or six Yaoge Dan, what would happen to you all?"

Yu Yan did not know if it was because Chen Xiang had drank too much previously, but he still insisted on drinking. He did not say anything, he only patted Chen Xiang's shoulder.

"If you can actually refine it, then it means that you are even stronger than our Fire Reverent School's Supreme Flame. If you can really refine it, then I will be your servant and serve you by your side." Chu Hongqing chuckled.

"Haha …" Niu Hao laughed out loud, "If you succeed, I will take you as my master. But if you can't, come to my shop and work there for ten thousand years."

Without saying anything, Chen Xiang took out a portion of Bone level Dan s' medicinal ingredients. According to his previous generation, this could already be considered as a King grade's medicine, because during the compet.i.tion just now, he had also used the King grade's medicinal ingredients to refine the pill.

In this era, they were merely the ingredients for a Heavenly Pill.

"You're serious." Chu Hongqing stopped smiling.

"G.o.ddess Fire, don't go back on your words." After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he said to Lv Ying: "Boss Lu, lend me these two fruits, I only lack those two fruits."

Lv Ying was also startled, but he still took out two fruits. He also wanted to see if Chen Xiang truly knew how to refine pills.

"Bro, you really know how to refine pills. Did you get all these herbs from the thousand Jade money I gave you before?" asked him many questions about refining pills previously, but no matter how you looked at it, it seemed like Chen Xiang did not know anything about it. It had only been a few days, and now he already knew how to refine pills.

"Big brother Yu, just watch." Chen Xiang received the medicinal ingredients handed over by Lv Ying, and then, he said to Chu Hongqing and Niu Hao: "Seniors, I am issuing a challenge to you now, and you guys shouldn't be refusing it, right? Just now, you guys have already made a bet with me, if you don't agree to compete with me, wouldn't you be lying?"

Chu Hongqing walked to Chen Xiang's side and circled around him. Her cute nose twitched, and said: "You don't smell like alcohol, you probably don't drink, but you don't seem to be sober at all."

"Why are you guys so long-winded? Why don't you guys compare me? Whether I'm awake or not, and whether I'm crazy or not, we'll know very soon." Chen Xiang smiled faintly.

The spectators had always been shocked by Chen Xiang's words. They really wanted to see Chen Xiang lose, there were times when he was young and arrogant.

"Let's compete then. It's worth it to get a free service for ten thousand years just for a single batch of pills." Niu Hao rolled up his sleeves and took out the pill furnace and the ingredients.

"If you lose, I just want you to run around the outer court naked." Chu Hongqing mischievously smiled and took out a small green jade pill furnace.

"Where's your pill furnace?" Chu Hongqing laughed, "Don't tell me you don't have a pill furnace?"

"I don't need a pill furnace to concoct this kind of broken pill." Chen Xiang said very arrogantly. He looked like he deserved a beating, but others only thought that he was sick.

Chen Xiang could not use Chuangshi G.o.d furnace. Although there was a Heavenly furnace, he felt that it was related to this era, so he did not plan to use it.

But to use other inferior pill furnaces, he felt that it would be better not to use them, it would be more stable to use Magic method furnace instead.

"How should I refine without using a pill furnace?" Lv Ying's disciple frowned and asked.

"I don't need a pill furnace to refine it, but it requires a very high level of skill." Lv Ying said. He didn't know why, but he didn't feel like Chen Xiang was crazy.

"Boss Ox, let's train him. Don't worry about him for now." Chu Hongqing said, and then became serious.

"Begin." Lv Ying shouted.

Once he shouted "begin", Niu Hao and Chu Hongqing immediately went ahead, while Chen Xiang immediately used the Dao heart Eye to observe the insides of their pill furnaces.

"It's another different method of refinement. After Chu Hongqing put the medicinal ingredients into the pill furnace, he actually used ice to seal them all, and then broke them into pieces … Her ice is also quite special. After breaking it and melting it with flames, the frozen medicinal ingredients actually remain unharmed. "

"Niu Hao's refining methods are the same as his disciple's, they are all wrapped with a special force, then started to refine the medicinal ingredients."

Chen Xiang carefully observed them for a moment, then released his Magic method furnace and threw all the medicinal ingredients in, using his own method to refine the Yaoge Dan.

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