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When Chu Hongqing saw how bold Chen Xiang was looking at her, she did not feel disgusted either. Furthermore, she would smile faintly at him from time to time.

"I just heard that the two of you were going to have a compet.i.tion or something today. Leader asked me to come and have a look, so that the two of you wouldn't fight until your heads bled. I am a weak girl, and I hate it when people beat me to death. " Chu Hongqing smiled sweetly, and then glanced at Chen Xiang.

Yu Yan immediately turned his head away. He believed that this young lad, Chen Xiang, would definitely be bewitched by Chu Hongqing to the point of turning his divine soul upside down. The Fiction: The Fastest New Sections of the Fiction

"Bulls.h.i.t, you're also a weak girl?" snorted. Seems like he had suffered under Chu Hongqing's hand before.

Chen Xiang finally shifted his gaze away and no longer looked at Chu Hongqing. He had been tormented by Yu Yan to the point that his eyeb.a.l.l.s had almost been ripped out.

"Lv Ying, is this little brother one of yours? Even though he has not cultivated his Dao Body, I can feel that he has a fire talent within him. " Chu Hongqing ignored Yu Yan and asked.

"He …" Just as Lv Ying was about to answer, Yu Yan quickly said: "Of course he is. He's in this shop and he's still my brother.

"I just think that he has a great future in Fire Reverent School." Chu Hongqing laughed.

"Hmph, you've told so many people, and they all died! It is not because of you, we tribe members are fine, other people's conditions to enter the Fire Reverent School are so harsh, they are simply courting death! " Yu Yan said.

"Little brother, you might as well consider it!" Lv Ying and Niu Hao, the two esteemed elder came from our Fire Reverent School, so their ability to refine pills was also learnt inside the Fire Reverent School. " Chu Hongqing continued to speak. She had indeed noticed that Chen Xiang had the fire of a buu, which was considered b.u.mpy for someone with Chen Xiang's strength.

Lv Ying said, "Enough of your rubbish, Old Cow, how are you going to compete today? Hurry, we have urgent matters to attend to! "

Niu Hao pushed out a young man and said: "My disciple doesn't like the Alchemist in your shop, so I want to compete with you in refining pills! You won't refuse, right? "Even if you refuse, it doesn't matter. I promise I won't laugh at you, and I won't spread the word that you rejected me because you were afraid."

"Since you've already said so, how could I not refuse?" Lv Ying snorted, then took out a piece of Communication jade Symbol paper, which should be sending a message to a Alchemist.

Chen Xiang carefully inspected the disciple that Niu Hao pushed out. On the surface, he looked like an honest man, but he could feel that the fire Qi that he was emitting was really strong.

Not long after, a tall and skinny man walked down from the stairs. When he saw Niu Hao and his disciples, he frowned.

"Third Bro, can you beat this guy?" Lv Ying asked.

"Yes!" That third brother nodded. He seemed to be full of energy.

"Good, then you can begin now. Since we are the challengers, then the rules will be decided by us. Refining the Yaoge Dan out in two hours." Niu Hao said: "Bring in the ingredients."

"The outcome will be decided by the quant.i.ty and quality of the pill."

Chen Xiang secretly nodded his head, this was a very common rule for decisive battles, which was reasonable. What surprised him was that they would actually compete and refine Yaoge Dan! This kind of pill should be more basic. As long as it was a Alchemist, they would all know how to refine it, otherwise they wouldn't sell it so cheaply.

"No wendi, let's start now. I'm in a hurry!" Lv Ying said: "After this challenge, you are not allowed to come again within a year!"

"Alright!" Niu Hao nodded and smiled.

It could be seen that Niu Hao had a lot of confidence, otherwise, he wouldn't have made such a big ruckus here. At this time, many people walked in to watch the show, and these people were all famous n.o.bles.

At this time, Chen Xiang was really looking forward to see how the Big Chaotic Times s concoct pills.

Both sides took out the herbs and pill furnaces. After checking each other out, there was no wendi and they began to refine.

Just now, Chen Xiang had seen the other party's medicinal ingredients. Just as he had expected, there were indeed a few ingredients to refine Bone level Dan, in addition to the white and black fruits, he recognized the black fruits, it was the Bone level fruit, only that it had shrunk by a lot.

As for the white him, he didn't care, he suspected that it had a supporting effect, it was troublesome to use Bone level fruit to concoct pills, and Chen Xiang had to use fire and water to cure it.

Both sides were releasing intense flames, but only a little heat was released. They controlled it well.

At this time, Chen Xiang also used the Dao heart Eye to observe the changes inside the two pill furnaces.

When Lv Ying's disciple refined it, he actually crushed the medicinal ingredients inside the pill furnace, and then released the flame to refine it.

Niu Hao's disciple used a wave of energy to wrap around the medicinal ingredients and then combined it with the flames to refine the medicinal ingredients.

This allowed Chen Xiang to understand that in the Big Chaotic Times, there are many different ways to refine pills.

Very quickly, two hours had pa.s.sed, and before the pill could even appear, Chen Xiang had already seen that Lv Ying's disciple had lost!

Lv Ying's disciple also really wanted this to happen. He was able to refine three Yaoge Dan in one go, and it only took him half an hour.

Niu Hao's disciple, on the other hand, was able to refine four Yaoge Dan, and the time it took was also only slightly slower than the time it took to compare.

"The quality is all very good. It seems that all the Alchemist in this era are very outstanding. They produce many pills, are able to condense pills quickly, and are of high quality!" Chen Xiang had a basic understanding of the Alchemist here.

Before the hour was up, the match had already ended!

"Haha …" Old donkey, you've lost! " Lv Ying laughed proudly.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you actually managed to condense four pills!?" Didn't he only have two pills previously? " Lv Ying's disciple could not help but scold in a low voice.

"Hehe, don't look down on me. To be able to become my disciple, you definitely aren't that bad! Although you lost, but don't take it to heart. It's not that you are too weak, but my disciple is too strong, so you don't have to blame yourself. " Niu Hao laughed out loud, extremely pleased with himself.

Lv Ying's face darkened, losing the compet.i.tion was extremely serious for them, the matter today would definitely spread, affecting their business! And if Niu Hao won the compet.i.tion, he would s.n.a.t.c.h away a lot of business.

Chu Hongqing laughed: Boss Lu, you've lost! According to the rules here, you will have to close for half a year! "

"I don't need you to remind me." Lv Ying snorted angrily.

Chen Xiang never thought that the consequences of losing would be so serious. A thriving business, losing a compet.i.tion and closing the door for half a year, this would be a huge loss.

"A single match is enough for such an important duel? "I think we should have a few more matches. This way, we can show the quality of a shop as a whole, suddenly raising our own level, and then challenge the other party. I feel that even if we win, I don't think that it's that great." Chen Xiang suddenly said, he truly wanted to watch a few more matches.

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