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Yu Yan laughed, walked over, and patted Chen Xiang's shoulders: "Don't worry, I won't drag you out to drink, I have something important to do right now."

Although Yu Yan said this, Chen Xiang felt very embarra.s.sed. Although he would lie a lot, but it was only to his enemies or people he was unfamiliar with. Towards a friend like Yu Yan, he would usually not break his promise.

Right now, Yu Yan has also changed into very decent clothes, it's a set of armor, looking very majestic, as if he's about to fight. " The Fiction: The Fastest New Sections of the Fiction

"Big Brother Yu, are you going to fight?" Chen Xiang tapped on the red and shiny scales on Yu Yan's shoulder. It looked like it belonged to a strong beast, which was extremely st.u.r.dy.

"Yes!" If you were a little stronger, I would have brought you there, and we could even earn a bit of Jade money. " Yu Yan laughed.

"Take me with you. I'm not as weak as you think." Chen Xiang felt that if he were to fight it out, he would be pretty strong.

"This... I have to ask my boss. " Yu Yan said: "What I did was to go with her to a different place to kill a savage beast."

"There's a savage beast here?" Chen Xiang had also run in the wilderness for more than half a year, but he had not seen any beast hair at all.

"Of course I do. If you didn't run into me back then, you would have definitely run into the danger zone." Yu Yan said: "To me … In fact, to the experts here, the savage beast inside is extremely powerful. "

"Savage beasts are indeed useful! This tower is built on the support of savage beasts. You can make a fortune by forging pills, forging equipment, and selling the meat to the tavern." Yu Yan said.

Chen Xiang had long liked to use the things on the bodies of many Alchemist s to refine pills, he had not really tested them either.

"My boss is here!" Yu Yan suddenly said softly.

"Yu Yan, because we have some matters to attend to, we have to delay our departure." An old man dressed in luxurious golden robes walked over, behind him were a few big men like Yu Yan, covered in armor.

"Old Lu, what is so important?" You never change your itinerary! " Yu Yan asked.

"If it was anything else, I would have let it be, but this time someone came to cause trouble." Elder Lu said, his expression turning serious, "This bunch of fellows, they don't like our good business and actually want to ruin it!"

Yu Yan laughed: "That's good too, before we go hunting for savage beasts, we can warm up as well!"

Elder Lu looked at Chen Xiang. Just now, he had seen Yu Yan talking to Chen Xiang, but discovered that Chen Xiang was not very strong, he was relatively strong, and it was rare to see someone with such weak strength.

"Let's take a look first. I'll let you guys take action when I need them!" Elder Lu looked at Chen Xiang and asked: "Is this little brother your friend? "He looks very familiar!"

He could tell that Yu Yan and Elder Lu's relationship was very good, so he must know all of Yu Yan's friends, which was why he said that.

"I just met a little brother who just ran out from the mountains. Don't look at him like that, he actually secretly followed me for an entire night. He can catch up to me even if he, Sudu." Yu Yan laughed, and patted Chen Xiang's shoulders: "Elder Lu, can you bring him along to follow us?"

"Forget it. You should know better than me how powerful those savage beasts are." Old Lu shook his head.

Chen Xiang was secretly disappointed, just as he was about to say something, he suddenly saw a group of people walking in.

"Old donkey, hha...... Let me do it! You don't have to wait for me so early! " A short skinny old man laughed: "It's really rare to see you, Lv Ying, being so generous."

"Old Ox, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d. I've never offended you. Are you here to challenge me today to ruin my reputation?" Lv Ying didn't even give the other party a good look.

The one who came to cause trouble was called Niu Hao, and he also had a big store, it was not far from here, it seemed that his business had been robbed, so he came to look for trouble.

"How are we smashing your signboard? Your business is so good, it must be because your Alchemist is so skilled, so we came up to challenge you, so we brought our signboard up to show you guys. If you guys are truly capable, then defeat us. " Niu Hao laughed.

Chen Xiang was immediately overjoyed, to be able to witness the pinnacle of Alchemist fighting was a great thing for him. Of course, he did not dare show it or else he would be hated by Lv Ying.

"Yo!" Isn't this Yu Yan from the Fire Cloud Tribe? The dignified son of the tribe's leader actually came here to be a helper. " Niu Hao laughed.

"Who am I supposed to be a thug for, it's none of your business!" Yu Yan shouted.

"He really has a fiery temper. No wonder he was chased out by the Fire Reverent School." Niu Hao continued to laugh.

Yu Yan was furious, but just as he was about to curse, he heard a light female voice coming from outside the door.

"The reason why Yu Yan was chased out of Fire Reverent School was not because he has a fiery temper, but because he broke the sect rules. Even though he is the son of the tribe leader, the sect rules of our Fire Reverent School treat him equally and fairly."

Chen Xiang heard the beautiful voice, and looked towards the door, only to see a beautiful lady dressed in a red dress slowly walking in. She looked n.o.ble, but had a gentle smile on her face, her body releasing a faint fragrance, accompanied with a scorching Qi.

"What a terrifying woman!" Chen Xiang thought.

"d.a.m.ned woman!" Yu Yan snorted: "Bro, don't look at her, this woman is very petty, if you look at her a few more times, maybe she will blind you! You just came out from the mountains and I, your brother, will tell you this. Coming to this Fire Tao Divine Place, you must remember that it is against fire and against women who steal from it.

"Who is she?" At this time, Chen Xiang was still staring at the red dressed woman without blinking. After all, this was a very beautiful woman, and this woman even revealed an extremely beautiful smile to him.

"Her name is Chu Hongqing, her name should be hoping for her love to become red with pa.s.sion, but this woman was born with the karmic luck, so she has been single for many years." Yu Yan said.

At this moment, Chen Xiang could feel Yu Yan's deep hatred towards this Chu Hongqing, if not he would not have allowed such a great old master as Yu Yan, to talk for so long while about a woman.

Chu Hongqing scoffed, "Yu Yan, I never thought that you would also learn the tricks of us women. You would not even blush when you speak ill of others behind everyone's back."

Yu Yan shouted, "Bulls.h.i.t, I never speak ill of others behind their backs.

Chen Xiang couldn't help but laugh. This Yu Yan was really like that …

"Fire Reverent School is the supreme existence of the Fire Tao Divine Place. As the G.o.ddess of the Fire Reverent School, you shouldn't be coming here together with Niu Hao to ruin my reputation, right?" Lv Ying said as he looked at Chu Hongqing.

Chen Xiang was just a newbie, this Chu Hongqing was not simple, he actually had such a high position in the Fire Reverent School, and now he was staring at Chu Hongqing's beautiful face.

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