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Chen Xiang drank a few mouthfuls, and it became unbearable for him. At the moment, he was only sipping, and when he saw Yu Yan pour bowls after bowls into his mouth, he secretly admired himself in his heart. If it was any ordinary person who drank this kind of wine, they would definitely suffer to death.

"Boy, it looks like you've never had this before." Seeing Chen Xiang's appearance, Yu Yan laughed out loud: "I'm sorry, my brother is poor now, I am temporarily unable to buy good wine, so I can only let you down."

"Big brother Yu, aren't you some kind of chief's son? How can you be so poor?" Chen Xiang laughed, he reluctantly drank half a bowl, and almost spat out fire.

Yu Yan sighed: "It's all because I don't live up to expectations, don't look at me like that, in fact, among my brothers, I am the weakest. They all have their own businesses and power, and I am the only one left.

"Big Brother Yu, what are you doing in Fire Tao Divine Place? Did you come here to play?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Of course not, I'm here to earn money." Yu Yan said.

"Money." Chen Xiang never thought that Big Chaotic Times would actually use money.

"Don't tell me you've never seen this before." Yu Yan took out a very thin white jade tablet. It looked as thin as paper and there were some words written on it.

Chen Xiang recognized these characters. Although they were a little different from the ones that he was familiar with, he could still recognize them. After all, the characters from his era evolved from this ancient era.

"This is ten." Chen Xiang said.

"Haha …" Brother, it seems like you really haven't seen this thing before. Yu Yan laughed loudly: "That's right, these are the ten Jade money, and they are usually made from this type of jade. There is a special group of people responsible for them, and it is very difficult to imitate them."

Chen Xiang took it and touched it, immediately feeling a strange Qi inside the thin jade piece. He did not know what kind of power it was, and there were many Spirit grain on top of it.

"Is this item hard to earn?" Chen Xiang asked.

"It's hard to come by, even if we have a meal here, it would only be 20 Jade money. If we go to a better hotel, it would at most be a few hundred Jade money." Yu Yan said: "Brother, you don't have to worry, based on your usual times, making a living for yourself is definitely not a problem."

Chen Xiang no longer had anywhere else to go, he would just stay in the Big Chaotic Times. If he wanted to stay here, the more of these Jade money, the better.

"What's the largest number of Jade money?" Chen Xiang returned the Jade money in his hands to Yu Yan.

"At most, one hundred thousand. I only have two left over for all these years." Yu Yan laughed.

"With Big Brother Yu's wealth, what level is he at here?" Chen Xiang had never visited this place before, he was worried that there were no pills in this world, so he would not be able to earn much by refining pills.

"Very poor standards. Look at the shop across the street that sells weapons …" The boss of this shop has at least a million yuan, which is much better than mine. " Yu Yan laughed at himself.

"Is the Jade money very important here?" Chen Xiang looked at the weapon store. Although it looked simple and crude, there were a lot of people going in and out, making it very lively.

In the tribe, at my age, I usually have to rely on myself and not the tribe. If we want to become stronger, we have to rely on ourselves, such as buying weapons and clothes, or buying medicinal pills, we need to use Jade money. Yu Yan said.

Hearing Yu Yan mention the pill, Chen Xiang was secretly happy. He felt that it would not be a problem for him to establish a foothold here, he was the Alchemist after all.

"Pills, are they expensive?" Chen Xiang asked again. had already treated him as a kid who had never seen the world, so he did not dislike him asking these questions.

Of course, the more expensive ones are those that are difficult to refine, but lack of medicinal ingredients. It is normal for those pills to sell for over a hundred thousand gold coins, I have only bought a few in the past, so I have a greater use for them. "Su Yun continued. Yu Yan said.

Chen Xiang knew that the pills here would definitely be different from the pills he had in the Star Law Divine Realm.

After that, Chen Xiang asked Yu Yan about the pills. There were four types of pills: Heaven Pellet, King's Pellet, Emperor's Pellet, and Natural Law Dan.

Chen Xiang had never seen the Heaven Pills here before, he did not know what kind of Divine Pill it was, he thought it should be a little higher.

Brother, you want to learn alchemy, that is a good way to earn money, but refining pills requires a high level of talent, you have come to the right place, here is the famous Alchemist, because we have the most experts in using fire. Yu Yan said. He drank that kind of c.r.a.ppy kind of wine, like drinking water, bowl after bowl.

"I do." Chen Xiang laughed: "Brother Yu, how do you earn money normally?"

"The way I earn money is rather cheap, it's to help others with their work. I'm a little poor now, so I came to the Fire Tao Divine Place to find something to do." Yu Yan said: "Old brother, let's break up here. I'm more busy now, I can't bring you out here to play."

Yu Yan was very generous, he took out a thousand Jade money and gave it to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang had only just arrived, so he definitely could not earn any money from these Jade money. He did not reject Yu Yan's generous offer; after all, a thousand was nothing to him.

"Thank you, Big Brother Yu. The next time we meet, I'll treat you to drink all the good wine in Fire Tao Divine Place." Chen Xiang laughed.

"You need to keep your word. I, your brother, am a very good drinker. The next time we meet, I don't care if you have earned Jade money or not, I'm determined to keep you company." Yu Yan laughed.

Yu Yan paid for the alcohol and then left in a hurry.

The moment Chen Xiang came into contact with someone from the Big Chaotic Times, he had a very good impression of them.

"I need to go to a pill shop to take a look at the pills here." Chen Xiang asked around on the streets and quickly found a pill shop.

He could still read the words of this era. Seeing the pill shop's signboard, he walked in.

"There are so many people." When Chen Xiang went in to take a look, he found that all three of the large stores were filled with people. This medicine store's business was actually so good, which surprised Chen Xiang quite a bit.

"Sir, are you here to buy pills?" A smiling old man hurriedly walked over and asked.

"Well, aren't they?" Chen Xiang pointed to the group of people.

"Of course they are not, they are here to test out the pills, not only can they eat low and middle graded Heavenly Pills, they can also get fifty Jade money." The old man laughed.

"There's such a good thing." Chen Xiang blurted out in shock.

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