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Chen Xiang knew that he had dominated the Natural Law Divine Realm s and Undead Divine Race s, but he didn't have that concept. Now that he saw them unleashing such a strong power, he couldn't help but feel a lingering fear.

Seeing that the Evil Spirit Race was far away, Chen Xiang decided to return to the Nine Heaven School and tell him about this matter. ybdu!

After staying in Hundreds of Flowers Village for a few days, he went to Nine Heaven School to greet his old friend, and then began his journey.

Nine Heaven School and Hundreds of Flowers Village were now considered safe, Chen Xiang was relieved and left to see Big Chaotic Times.

Ren Xin also left the place. He wanted to look for his parents, but he wasn't with Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang set off alone on his journey, and he also randomly chose a direction to go in.

After three months of trekking, Chen Xiang had already left the forest far away from the Nine Heaven School. He felt that even if it was the Great Heavenly Star before, he would have already left three months ago.

However, there were no heavenly stars here, only a vast expanse of land. He was very unfamiliar with this place.

"There are stars and moons at night. Do these exist since ancient times?"

Chen Xiang was currently lying on a prairie, looking at the stars in the sky.

As he looked up and down, he suddenly noticed a rapidly moving dot in the air. It looked like a ball of fire!

"It's a person flying!" Chen Xiang immediately sat up and carefully observed: "This guy is currently releasing the fire energy in his body nonstop, allowing the flames to surge about, so that he can increase his own speed."

The little dot only flashed by, its speed was as fast as light. If it wasn't for Chen Xiang's good eyesight, he wouldn't have been able to catch it.

He had originally planned to rest, but now he got up and chased after the small dot.

Previously, he thought there were many strong ancient beasts in Big Chaotic Times, but in these past three months, he hadn't even seen a single hair.

It was rare for him to see a rather powerful human just now, so he was very excited and immediately chased after it.

"I wonder if he is a good person. If I can meet a decent person, I will be able to understand this Big Chaotic Times as soon as possible." Chen Xiang's heart was filled with antic.i.p.ation. After all, this was an era full of wonders, and the source of everything was here.

He felt that the mysterious Heavenly Alchemy might have been created in this era!

Chen Xiang was not slow either, he was able to catch up to the ball of fire in the sky! Of course, this was when he used teleportation. If he didn't use it, he wouldn't be able to catch up. This gave him a general understanding of that person's strength.

It was already morning, and Chen Xiang was already very tired. Although he had been hurrying on his journey for three months, he rarely used his spatial energy, only running wildly on the ground or flying with divine power in the sky.

Now, in order to chase that person, he had no choice but to use the power of s.p.a.ce!

"Motherf * cker, the current me can actually become as tired as a dog!" Chen Xiang suddenly stopped, if he continued, he would run out of all his divine power.

He wanted to preserve some of his divine power in order to avoid unexpected situations, so he gave up!

Just as he stopped to wipe off his sweat, the ball of fire in the sky suddenly fell down towards him!

"Did he discover me?" Chen Xiang was alarmed, just as he was about to use the Counter Power, the ball of flames suddenly turned into a bolt of lightning and struck the ground.

Chen Xiang anxiously dodged, but he did not sense any form of attack.

"Haha …" Scared! Why did you chase me all the way until dawn? " A middle-aged man burst into laughter.

Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief, carefully looking at this middle aged man, his skin was black, his beard and hair were messy, his clothes were dirty, and it was obvious that he did not pay much attention to his appearance, at the moment, he was smiling at Chen Xiang.

"Little brother, where are you from?" The middle-aged man laughed, he patted Chen Xiang's shoulder and pinched his shoulder: "Not bad!"

"Brother, I am... I came from very far away and got lost here. Because I saw big brother flying in the sky last night, I followed you. " Chen Xiang scratched his head and laughed, this middle-aged man gave people a feeling of straightforwardness.

"So that's how it is! "You're pretty lucky to meet me here. If you continue to wander around for a few more days, you will have to go to a very scary place." The middle-aged man patted Chen Xiang's shoulder, "I will bring you to the Fire Tao Divine Place, where many fire cultivators will gather."

The middle-aged man said, "I also cultivate the Dao of fire … Little bro, you look the same! "

Chen Xiang nodded, "Yes!"

Chen Xiang followed the middle-aged man and ran on the ground, chatting. The middle-aged man's name was Yu Yan, and he was the son of a Fire Clan Patriarch. In his own words, he could be considered a small n.o.ble.

Yu Yan was about to head to Fire Tao Divine Place. The so called Fire Tao Divine Place was a large city that had been jointly built by dozens of Fire Way Tribes in the region.

Then they would work together to develop this Fire Tao Divine Place and attract other people to the Fire Tao Divine Place, so that they could benefit greatly from it.

"Little brother, you usually have to walk around a lot. Look at you, you don't even know how strong the Fire Tao Divine Place is! In this wilderness, the Fire Tao Divine Place was quite famous. All kinds of powerful fire cultivators were here! "Even if he isn't a fire cultivator, he still keeps on drilling into this place." Yu Yan laughed.

"Big Brother Yu, in the past few days, have you felt that something strange has happened?" Chen Xiang asked. In their era, besides the Star Law Divine Realm, there were also Nine Heaven World and other great worlds that had fused with each other to form this place. He felt that the people of this Savage Land must have known about it.

"Strange? "What's so strange about that?" Yu Yan asked.

"No …." "It's nothing!" Chen Xiang did not expect the people inside to not notice him.

The Star Law Divine Realm was vast, there were so many people, but after covering the entire Big Chaotic Times, no one noticed anything!

This could only mean that the Big Chaotic Times was simply too vast, even with the sudden appearance of many more people, they did not attract much attention.

Chen Xiang followed Yu Yan and ran for three days before they finally reached the Fire Tao Divine Place.

Other than the buildings being older, Chen Xiang felt that they were no different from those big cities. They were even less robust than the big cities of his era.

Chen Xiang had seen buildings that were thousands of metres tall, but at most, they were only ten-odd storeys of stone bricks.

Yu Yan was more generous and straightforward. After coming to Fire Tao Divine Place, he dragged Chen Xiang to an old tavern to drink.

Chen Xiang also didn't know what kind of wine that was, he only felt that his body of eighteen Divine Deity was ignited by the strong wine, his throat felt like it was about to burst into flames!

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