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Chen Xiang was very familiar with the location of the Hundreds of Flowers Village, but when he came here, he did not see the Hundreds of Flowers Village!

"What's going on?" Chen Xiang ran a few laps back and forth. He did not remember wrongly, the Hundreds of Flowers Village should be right here.

This made him worried. He was worried that something was wrong and the Hundreds of Flowers Village had disappeared!

"Don't worry, we're fine!" Chen Xiang suddenly heard Lv Qilian's sound transmission, allowing him to feel at ease.

"Then where are you? Why can't I see Hundreds of Flowers Village? " Chen Xiang asked.

"We used an array to conceal ourselves. Evil Spirit Race flew over it just now!" Lv Qilian said: "Do you want to come in?"

Chen Xiang originally wanted to go in to see them, but after thinking about it, he said: "I'm not going in, I still have to run around. I'm not sure how the other Four Divine Races are doing."

Although the Four Divine Races knew about it in advance, they did not have the same type of defensive array as the Hundreds of Flowers Village. Chen Xiang was a little worried for them.

According to his memories, he started running in the forest. He first went to Divine Dragon Race because he was very familiar with him.

The place where the Divine Dragon Race was located was also in the forest, some buildings were even fused together with some trees, and this was all caused by the fusion of two generations.

Nothing happened to the Divine Dragon Race as both of them did not notice their presence.

"The other three clans are fine. They've already contacted us, but who would've thought that the things left behind by our ancestors would suddenly become useful." In his hand was a piece of green jade that looked extremely ancient.

"That's good. I won't be going over to their place now! He still doesn't know what danger Big Chaotic Times is, so you better not run around! "I'll go investigate first." Chen Xiang said.

"Good!" Our Four Clans and Nine Heaven School will strengthen our relationship! " He now understood their situation. This was the Big Chaotic Times that was flourishing back then, and their strength was extremely weak here.

He had originally wanted to try and see if he could fly to the deep s.p.a.ce, but after reaching a certain height, it would be difficult to climb up again.

"Am I not strong enough? Or is there some barrier that restricts us from flying deeper into the sky? " Chen Xiang looked down from the sky and saw those tall ancient trees everywhere. This was an ancient forest that very few people came to, even beasts were not common here.

Chen Xiang stayed in the air for a while as well but he had never seen a single bird.

"Is this not a good place? Why is there no other life apart from the trees? " Chen Xiang suddenly felt that the place was dead silent, but with how the ancient trees looked, it meant that the life force was still strong.

He used the Dao heart Eye to observe his surroundings and realised that there was only a white energy here. He did not know what it was but he was not familiar with the five elements energy.

"What's that?" Using the Dao heart Eye, Chen Xiang suddenly saw many dots of red light in front of him.

"It's the Evil Spirit Race, they're moving towards a direction!" Chen Xiang exclaimed in his heart, and followed.

The Undead Divine Race s above Natural Law Divine Realm all learned the Evil Spirit Race's Counter Power, so they could also use the Counter Power to conceal themselves. At this moment, they seemed to be hiding something.

Seeing Evil Spirit Race and the rest escaping, Chen Xiang suddenly understood!

This huge forest definitely contained some sort of power that gave birth to powerful life forms. It could be a powerful savage divine beast. This place was the domain of this divine beast, so no other beast dared to approach.

"This is just my guess. I hope it is different from what I thought." Chen Xiang started to worry again as he sped up his pace to catch up. He wanted to confirm if it was as he had guessed.

Not long after, he approached the group of Evil Spirit Race in front of him.

This forest had always been very quiet, without any large movements.

"Fortunately, they're not hiding from some powerful guy. They're just hurrying on their way!" Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief, if there was someone strong here, it would definitely cause the place to become extremely dangerous.

Chen Xiang continued to follow them. He wanted to make sure that this group of guys was far away from the forest. Only then would the forest be safe.

He followed for a few hours, and the sky gradually darkened. The Evil Spirit Race did not stop, and continued to fly quickly in the air …

For more than ten days, Chen Xiang followed Evil Spirit Race and the others and flew out of the forest, arriving at a desolate, barren land. There were rocks of all sizes here, and the quality of the soil here was poor as well, as though it was a land of death.

"Are they going somewhere?" Chen Xiang had followed them for more than ten days, but they had never stopped. Along the way, he was also very curious.

After a few more days, they were still in the desolate land. The Big Chaotic Times was truly vast, they had been travelling at high speeds for so long, they were still in two regions, and the place was not as dangerous as Chen Xiang had imagined. They had not met any beasts.

was scorched darker by the sun, especially at noon when he used the Counter Power, but even he felt that his body was in pain from the sun's rays.

"Something's coming!"

Chen Xiang anxiously landed on the ground and hid behind a rock. Although he was using the Counter Power, he still had to hide, because it would not be discovered that easily.

"It's you guys! How did you come here?" An elderly voice asked, his voice full of surprise.

Chen Xiang tried his best to conceal himself. He used his divine soul to take a peek and discovered that the person who came was a white robed elderly man.

"Natural Law Divine Spirit, haha... We are really here, haha … " When Chen Xiang saw that all of the Evil Spirit Race had appeared, the person laughing maniacally was an old man in red.

Chen Xiang was shocked, the white robed elder who suddenly came here was actually Natural Law Divine Spirit.

"Isn't this guy dead?" Chen Xiang suddenly understood: "This guy did not die, he only lied to everyone, and the other G.o.d Tribes in Natural Law Divine Realm all ran over here!"

The red-clothed old man from Evil Spirit Race shouted, "Quickly kill this fellow. Although we don't know how we got here, it is still a good thing for us. We don't know how the Heavenly Law Palace is doing now.

Natural Law Divine Spirit saw a flash of red light, and then his body emitted a burst of white light, and disappeared.

"They actually ran away, let's chase them!" This is the Big Chaotic Times, here we will have the chance to kill the ancient G.o.ds of the Big Chaotic Times. " The red-clothed old man who was leading the Evil Spirit Race laughed wildly and quickly chased after him.

Seeing their speed, Chen Xiang was secretly nervous in his heart. He was too dangerous following these Evil Spirit Race s before, this was an evil race that could destroy various races and many Divine Law G.o.ds in the Natural Law Divine Realm!

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