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The problem now was how to sense the laws of time and connect it to the primal chaos in this era!

Wu Zhi and the others were all deep in thought, this was indeed a difficult problem! They knew very well that the Undead Divine Race above would arrive quickly, so they had to finish it quickly, otherwise, if the Natural Law Divine Realm and the Undead Divine Race were to join forces, they could break through the entire Star Law Divine Realm very quickly!

At that time, the Everlasting Mountain would also be taken down, and if the seal is released, the strong Evil Spirits that are sealed inside will come out, and then there would be nowhere for them to hide.

"How can I sense the existence of the Time Laws?" Chen Xiang said with furrowed brows: "Elders, have you all heard about this matter?" Chen Xiang asked.

Dai Donggong, Wu Zhi and the others all shook their heads. They had never heard of this before, if they had, they would have long since told Chen Xiang.

Seeing that they were all shaking their heads, Chen Xiang sighed, because even Ground-suppressing immortal elephant did not know about this, so it was normal that Dai Donggong and the others did not know.

Xu Youqing suddenly said: "Husband, we can try to use the array to test it. Didn't Xianxian and the others manage to reverse the flow of time through the array? Go and ask them! "

Through the formation!

Chen Xiang's eyes lit up. Liu Meng'er and the others were indeed very familiar with the power of time. After all, they had refined a Time Formation before.

"I'll make a trip to the Great Heavenly Star. There shouldn't be any dangers during this period of time. If there's an unexpected attack, you all have to contact me as soon as possible." Chen Xiang said.

Now, it seemed that the Star Law Divine Realm was very peaceful. Dai Donggong and the others had occupied the Everlasting Mountain, and their overall strength was already very strong in the Star Law Divine Realm. Only the experts from the Natural Law Divine Realm could pose a threat to them.

The Everlasting Mountain had originally been occupied by the Purple Yuan Sect, but now that Dai Donggong and the others had attacked them, the Purple Yuan Sect did not make any moves either.

Many people were curious about this matter, but they did not know that Purple Yuan Sect, Xu Dazhong, was Chen Xiang's father-in-law.

… ….

When Chen Xiang arrived at the Great Heavenly Star, he first went to find Jiu Canghai and told him what had happened there, as well as his plans to break the Time Laws.

After all, Jiu Canghai had created a powerful world like the Nine Heaven World, which was why Chen Xiang had come to him to seek guidance, to see if he had any good methods.

After listening to Chen Xiang's detailed description, Jiu Canghai fell into deep thought and said, "The Time Laws have the most profound laws. When I was creating the Nine Heaven World back then, I was also muddle-headed enough to have the Time Laws attached to it." Jiu Canghai said: "Even though there are things like the Time Formation, people still find it extremely difficult to understand the laws of time."

"If the Time Laws are destroyed, then I'll have to start calculating again. I wonder if we'll still exist when the time comes!"

Chen Xiang had never thought of such a thing, because the Ground-suppressing immortal elephant had told him that this was the only way.

"But we can try. Facing the Evil Spirit Race above us, we don't have the strength to fight back, so this is the only way. At worst, we can just die together." Jiu Canghai said.

Chen Xiang also gained a little bit from Jiu Canghai, and that was that Jiu Canghai had told him that the Spirit grain in the Time Formation were naturally carved through comprehending the Great Way of the Buddha. The inheritance was very ancient, and it was definitely something that could be comprehended by the Time G.o.d, so he might be able to succeed from the Time Formation.

This was the only breakthrough that Chen Xiang could think of right now, he would immediately go to Hundreds of Flowers Village!

Liu Meng'er and the others were still refining the Transmission array Plate. This was for the sake of making the Big Star travel to the center of Star Law Divine Realm even faster in the future.

"Xianxian, don't do this!" As soon as Chen Xiang arrived at their house and entered a stone room, he saw them refining an array disc, and immediately called for it to stop.

Dongfang Jing immediately asked: "Brother, why? We're all going to have to forge it! "

"Even if all of you have finished refining it, you probably won't have any use for it in the future." Chen Xiang said. If this era was linked to the Primal Chaos Desolate Era, the environment would definitely change greatly. It would not be like the current one.

"What exactly is going on? Where's Yuqing? You are in such a hurry to let her pa.s.s, so you want her to become a thug! " laughed. They had a good conversation with Xu Youqing, because Xu Youqing was also proficient in formation technique and things like that. He even knew how to curse Spirit grain.

Liu Meng'er and the others were very interested in the Curse type Spirit grain, so they asked Xu Youqing a lot of questions about the Curse Formation.

Chen Xiang told Xu Youqing to come out of the Serene Jade Ring, and then he told Lv Qilian and the others to come over. He had to let them know about the time reversal as well.

Lv Qilian and Feng Yujie arrived quickly, with them were Long Huishan, Jiu Hanrou, Imperial Concubine Lian and Xiao Yulan. They were considered stronger here, and were usually the women with a good grasp of the general direction.

After they arrived, Chen Xiang also seized the opportunity to speak of the danger they were facing. This was all related to the seal placed on the Evil Spirit Race s and Undead Divine Race s, as well as the things that were sealed underneath them.

"Our Undead Divine Race has actually become like this!" The Imperial Concubine Lian could not believe it, she frowned, "Then if we break the Time Laws, will we disappear along with you?"

"I have discussed this with Big Brother Canghai. Because the Time Laws were born in the Primal Chaos Wilderness, our return to that era was also the starting point of time. Therefore, even if we were to break the Time Laws, it would not affect our existence, because we are already in the Primal Chaos Wilderness, an era that is not affected by the Time Laws." Chen Xiang said: "Of course, the problem now is how to do it!"

"So what do we need to do now?" Jiu Hanrou asked. Chen Xiang was so powerful, and yet he felt so powerless, they knew that they couldn't help much, but they still wanted to help.

"Let's inform the Four Divine Races and the others first, tell them to never stop raising their strength. If they really succeed, it would be extremely dangerous to go to the Primal Chaos Wilderness." Chen Xiang said: "For now, I plan to give it a try with Xianxian and the others and see if I can feel the laws of time from the Time Formation."

Lv Qilian and the others nodded their heads, before going to do their own business, especially the girls who were concocting pills like Feng Yujie and the others, who needed to concoct even more pills to do so. No one knew what kind of world the Primal Chaos Desolate Land was, but they were sure that it would require a very strong power to survive there.

"Meng'er, can you guys refine an even more powerful Time Formation? In other words, if you use the power of the Time Formation to its maximum, I think that the process will definitely unleash a very strong power of time. This will definitely alarm the Time Laws." Chen Xiang said.

"This is not difficult at all! However, it requires a very large amount of energy to maintain … " Xue Xianxian said: "If it's in Nine Heaven World, we can use the core, but can we use the core here?"

The heart of the earth was controlled by Ren Xin here, so Chen Xiang felt that he had some sort of relationship with this Ren Xin, and he thought that there shouldn't be a problem.

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