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When the Ground-suppressing immortal elephant heard Chen Xiang, it was silent for a moment.

Chen Xiang did not urge her to do so. He was sure that the Ground-suppressing immortal elephant was facing such a difficulty as well.

"Only the Evil Spirit Race and the Undead Divine Race are up there now, and they are allying with each other! If they all come to Star Law Divine Realm, I won't be able to do anything either. " The Ground-suppressing immortal elephant said: "Their strength is extremely strong, and is not something that I can touch."

Chen Xiang was rather disappointed to receive such an answer, but he could understand it! He knew the power of the Evil Spirit Race from the memories of the other Undead Divine Race s. Otherwise, they wouldn't have forced the h.e.l.l out of him.

"It's not like there's no other way!" It's just a bit whimsical, but that's the only thing I can think of. " The Ground-suppressing immortal elephant suddenly said.

"Senior, what is it?" Chen Xiang asked immediately, because the Undead Divine Race s above him would arrive very soon.

"It is to destroy the laws of time and allow time to return to the Desolate Land. During that time, experts were as common as the clouds, even though the Evil Spirit Race and the Undead Divine Race are very powerful, they would not dare to act arrogantly when facing other races." The Ground-suppressing immortal elephant said.

"This... "I don't really understand. If we were to destroy the laws of time and reverse the flow of time, wouldn't our era disappear?" Chen Xiang frowned, he indeed did not understand.

"No, if you link this era to the Primal Chaos Wilderness before you destroy the laws of time, then this era will cover the Primal Chaos Wilderness and the two generations will coexist!" The Ground-suppressing immortal elephant said, "The purpose of destroying the Time Laws is to prevent and the Evil Spirit Race from being able to go against it."

"Without the Time Laws, how would the world function then?" Chen Xiang still didn't quite understand.

"You don't have to worry. Once the Laws created by the Heavenly Dao are destroyed, they will start all over again! The challenge for you now is how to find the source of the Time Laws, and how to connect the time of two eras, so that the time of two eras can be fused. " The Ground-suppressing immortal elephant said.

"If we do, are we safe?" Chen Xiang asked again, although he did not have a clue right now, he would definitely work hard in that direction.

"Originally, there were many races above Natural Law Divine Realm, but they all suddenly disappeared, leaving only Evil Spirit Race and Evil Spirit Race, do you know why?" The Ground-suppressing immortal elephant said.

"Why?" Chen Xiang had heard about this strange incident from the memories he had searched for, but he did not know why.

"Because they have all returned to the Primal Chaos Wilderness … Back then, the various races were all extremely powerful. They knew that they could not stop Undead Divine Race and Evil Spirit Race now, so they could only do this! " The Ground-suppressing immortal elephant said: "It's just that they have the time and soul to help, so it's easier for them to do so."

"Why didn't they connect these two times as you suggested?" Chen Xiang asked: "Then there won't be so much trouble!"

"Because they have already given up on this era and have no hope towards it, they will return to the past and create a new era. As they develop, they will avoid the mistakes that occurred in this era." The Ground-suppressing immortal elephant said: "That's why their current development timeline is different from ours. Our era is an era of abandonment."

After all, he was not familiar with this kind of profound laws of time. The only thing he could understand was that the other races in Natural Law Divine Realm had all gone back to their era of prosperity and stability, and then allowed this era to be destroyed.

"What about the G.o.d of time? Let this bro help us out and bring us back, okay? " Chen Xiang asked.

"The G.o.d of time has died, but he will be reborn in the past!" The Ground-suppressing immortal elephant said: "So it's very difficult for you to find the Time Laws."

Chen Xiang scratched his head. This was indeed a headache.

"If I let these two eras connect, would they blame me?" Chen Xiang laughed bitterly.

"Don't worry, this is already their mess. But they just left, not caring about our lives! A person in charge of the Heavenly Dao who was so irresponsible, who did not even dare to put his life on the line and just left like that! " The Ground-suppressing immortal elephant was currently very angry, and had been abandoned as well. She had controlled this heaven and h.e.l.l for many years, and had separated from her own son for so many years.

"Alright, I will think of a way to find the Time Laws. After which, I will connect them with the Desolate Land and cover this era …" Chen Xiang did not know if he could succeed either. After all, he still did not quite understand what was going on.

Right now, he only had one concept!

Returning to the era of the Primal Chaos Wilderness, Chen Xiang felt excited just thinking about it. Listening to the words of the Ground-suppressing immortal elephant, he knew that the life forms at that time were all extremely powerful under the stable circulation of their Natural Law Principles.

He cut off the connection between him and the Ground-suppressing immortal elephant, then let Dai Donggong come in and bring him out!

"Leader, did you get anything?" Dai Donggong asked quickly.

"Yes, we'll talk about it later!"

Chen Xiang called Wu Zhi and the others over. Wu Zhi and the other Undead Divine Race s knew a lot of things, so Chen Xiang hoped that they would know some clues.

"Elder Wu, do you know how to sense the existence of the Time Laws?" And destroy him! " Chen Xiang asked.

"What?" Wu Zhi was shocked, "Didn't you want to protect the heavens? Why are we also going to destroy the Heaven's Path? "

"I am doing this to protect the people of Star Law Divine Realm! You all have seen how evil the Undead Divine Race that came to visit is! The evil spirits in the Heavenly Law of h.e.l.l are even more terrifying. " Chen Xiang said: "I plan to link this era with the Primordial Chaos and Savage Era!"

Wu Zhi, Dai Donggong and the others frowned as they thought about the complexity of this matter.

Huang Jintian said: "This method is not bad, but the problem is how to combine two eras … It was just my negligence back then that Natural Law Divine Realm had developed to this extent. If it were to cover the past, it would indeed be interesting. "

"Even if the various clans of the Natural Law Divine Realm were to return to the past, they would not want to die, and they would have nowhere to hide. This is the only way!" Chen Xiang said: "When they went back to their past and changed their history, they would not affect the present either, because when they changed their history, they created a new direction, and will form a new future. If we do not go back, then maybe we will be there not long ago!"

"Yeah, that's why we have to go back. I don't want any other generation to have me!" Huang Jintian laughed.

"These guys, leave us alone!" They run back to hide and at the same time correct their mistakes, but mistakes are something that we have to bear, we can't let them relax, we have to extend this era into the past and let them continue to bear the consequences of their mistakes. " Huang Yantian said.

"That's right, so when the time comes, we'll destroy the Time Laws so that they won't be able to hide." Chen Xiang said.

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