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Chen Xiang never thought it would be like this. The middle-aged man had lost a palm just now, so he should be aware of the Heavenly magic sword's strength, but he had actually used his arm to hit him!

After the blue light from the Heavenly magic sword struck the middle-aged man's arm, Chen Xiang felt that his own Heavenly magic sword seemed to be about to distort, as it was melted by an extremely strange and somewhat soft power.

"This is bad!" Chen Xiang anxiously pulled out the Heavenly magic sword, but it was unexpectedly difficult to pull it out, as it was attracted by a strong suction force.

"Spatial isolation!" Chen Xiang placed his spatial energy over the Heavenly magic sword, allowing it to separate itself from the Heavenly magic sword. Only then did he manage to get it out.

The Heavenly magic sword had already bent a little, which made Chen Xiang astonished. The other party's power was extremely strange and terrifying!

Just now, Chen Xiang also saw that the old man behind the middle aged man was about to attack, but he did not know why he stopped!

"Elder, what's wrong?" the middle-aged man asked.

"I can't move!" The old man's face was filled with shock, "It's the power of a curse! Someone set a curse on me. This should be the most common Body Securing Curse!"

Seeing that the old man could not move, Chen Xiang knew that Xu Youqing had made his move. At this time, he also took out the Six Realms mirrors, made it bigger, and then used the mirror to slap at the middle aged man.

The middle aged man did not know how terrifying the Six Realms mirrors was, his fist overflowed with that strange blue light, and smashed on the mirror!

The Six Realms mirrors shook and released a blue light that struck the middle-aged man's body!

"Power Radiation!" The middle-aged man shouted in panic as he tried to control the power of the radiation.

Just then, Chen Xiang controlled the killing array inside the Six Realms mirrors, releasing a burst of red light.

Red Sword Purgatory!

The red light emitted by the killing array turned into many red swords that covered the middle-aged man and the group of Undead Divine Race behind him.

After the red light faded, another wave of white light shone from within the Six Realms mirrors. Streams of white light shot out, followed by multicolored lightning that rumbled out, strong flames gushing out …

Chen Xiang consecutively used several powerful killing arrays, covering the entire opponent!

"Quick... "Hurry up and leave!" The middle-aged man could no longer hold on. He did not expect Chen Xiang's Six Realms mirrors to be so powerful, to have not even seen the killing formations released before.

"You Qing, hold him!" Chen Xiang said to Xu Youqing.


Xu Youqing quickly used the Body Securing Curse again, locking the middle aged man in the air. Moreover, the other Undead Divine Race s were already injured by the few killing formations, and fell from the sky.

There was only the middle-aged man and the old man still floating in the air. Their bodies were also covered with wounds!

Chen Xiang was now able to unleash the power of a Six Realms mirrors even more.

"This is my territory, you are courting death, you can't blame me for this!" Chen Xiang waved his sword, chopping the middle-aged man to death, then took out his Chuangshi G.o.d furnace and burned the old man to death.

These Undead Divine Race were all here to open that seal, they were the enemies they face, they would definitely not hold back!

"It's finally over. These people aren't that strong!" Chen Xiang landed on the ground, exhaled, and smiled to Xu Xu Youqing: "Well done!"

Xu Youqing could only use the simplest Body Securing Curse, this kind of Body Securing Curse did not have much killing power, but it could still be used as a support. She knew that the other party was not very strong, as long as she could play a part in it, she would leave the killing of the enemy to Chen Xiang.

If one used a strong curse of destruction, it would consume a lot of energy. It was only used against powerful enemies.

"There's only one group left now, and they're all on the same planet, so their numbers aren't small. They should soon learn that the two groups that came with them are all dead." Wu Zhi said.

"What did they do on that star?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Slaughter everywhere up there, they are just a group of demons!" Wu Zhi sighed: "The strongest powers up there have all been destroyed by them!"

"Alright, we'll head there now. There's no need to wait for them!" Chen Xiang said: "In what Heavenly Star?"

"Green Brilliant Star!" Wu Zhi said.

"You Qing, let's go! I'll be back soon. " Chen Xiang said. There were three batches of Undead Divine Race here, and two of them had already been exterminated by him, while the remaining one was still on Heavenly Star Realm, happily killing people.

Chen Xiang and Xu Youqing quickly arrived at the Green Brilliant Star. Looking at it from the air, it was a very beautiful green star.

The great formation protecting the Green Brilliant Star had already been destroyed. Now, it looked like this beautiful green star was filled with all kinds of disasters. Many people were trying to escape.

"Brother, what's the situation now?" Chen Xiang stopped a middle-aged man and asked.

"Very bad, a group of demons suddenly came, they kill as they see fit, and even let some organisations help them kill people. If they don't listen to us, they will torture them to death, so you should quickly return!" The Transmission array was destroyed by them just to prevent more people from escaping. If you go down, it will be very dangerous. " After saying this, the middle-aged man hurriedly left.

was furious that this group of Undead Divine Race had done such a thing. Xu Youqing had found out about it in the Dark Jade Ring, and said that they would use a strong curse to torture this group of Evil Demons!

Chen Xiang immediately teleported to the ground and arrived at a city. This place had already been turned into ruins, and when he arrived, he found a group of people with decent strength chasing after a group of people who were shouting for him to kill.

This group of people did not belong to the Undead Divine Race, but were forced to go around killing people by the Undead Divine Race.

"Curse of the Burning Heart, slowly die!" Xu Youqing locked this group of people in her green jade ring and then used her Cursing Power.

Chen Xiang originally wanted to be born, but he did not expect Xu Youqing to make a move even more. The group of people who were laughing and slashing suddenly fell to the ground, they clutched their chests, and roared frantically in pain.

Chen Xiang walked over, grabbed one of them and aligned it with the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell, finding out where the group of Undead Divine Race s were from this person's memories.

"These guys, they turned this Heavenly Star into a h.e.l.l!" Chen Xiang looked at the corpses that littered the ground around him, let out a long sigh, and then teleported in one direction.

Green Brilliant Sky Mountain was a huge mountain emitting a strong green glow, and was also where Green Brilliance Sect was located. It was the strongest sect on Green Brilliant Sky Star, but now it was occupied by a group of Undead Divine Race s!

"It's up there, the evil source of this planet!" Chen Xiang teleported to a platform on the mountain. It was a huge plaza and at the moment, there were many people watching the b.l.o.o.d.y battles.

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