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Other than the young lord who was more powerful, the rest were nothing in his eyes!

"Do you know where I come from? You arrogant and weak humans, don't think that just because we have the appearance of humans that we are as weak as you! " The young lord walked forward and said in a cold voice: "I'm too lazy to take action now, kneel down and beg for mercy!"

Kneel down and beg for mercy? After Chen Xiang heard this, he could not help but burst out laughing wildly: "Why did you come to s.n.a.t.c.h this place, yet make us kneel and beg for forgiveness, and the ones who should kneel and beg for forgiveness are you guys? I am in a good mood now, maybe I can let you guys go once, and let you guys easily scram back.

"Since you want to die so much, I'll grant your wish!" The young master suddenly flashed, and with an extremely fast speed, he rushed towards Chen Xiang. From afar, he looked like a bolt of lightning, striking right at Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang had just increased the power of s.p.a.ce, so no matter how fast the other party was, it would still not be as fast as his heart!

When he saw his opponent attack, he had a thought and disappeared. Although the young master was like a bolt of lightning, he missed!


Chen Xiang shouted, suddenly appearing beside the young master, his arm slashed down like a blade, bringing along the Meteor immortal power, and furthermore releasing a dragon roar, it was extremely terrifying!

The young master felt that Chen Xiang's sudden burst of power was extremely terrifying, and at the same time, he was overwhelmed with shock in his heart, he wanted to quickly dodge, but Chen Xiang's speed was simply too fast. Just as he reacted, his shoulder sank, and was ruthlessly struck by Chen Xiang's blade!


The young master, who was extremely arrogant just a moment ago, had his arm chopped off by Chen Xiang with his bare hands! It should be said that it was torn apart by the powerful strength of Chen Xiang's attack!



Chen Xiang fiercely slapped him across the face, with a loud "boom" sound. After the handsome face was tilted to the side, Chen Xiang then quickly sent a backhand slap towards it. The left and right faces of the face were instantly slapped dozens of times by Chen Xiang, and from the terrible look of his face, it could not even be seen that it was a human face!

"You dare to be arrogant, and you even trample on my people!" Chen Xiang put down the young master, stepped on the young master's face, and sneered: "I thought you were very strong, but you're just an ant, go die!"

The impact of Meteor immortal power on Chen Xiang's leg was accompanied by an intense flame. Everyone could see that when Chen Xiang stepped on the young master's face, his thigh suddenly released a burst of flame!


Flames surged out along with the Meteor immortal power, releasing a burst of fierce whistling sound, and a huge sea of flames sprayed out!


At the same time, the fire burned loudly, enveloping the young master's body. The Meteor immortal power tore his body into pieces, and the fierce flames burned the shattered pieces to ashes!

"Young Lord!" A young man shouted in fear.

Although the group of young men were furious, they didn't dare to charge over. Even their Young Lord was killed by the enemy, not to mention them!

"You want to leave?" Chen Xiang flipped his body and used spatial imprisonment, locking all the youths in place. Then, he used spatial slashes to cut all the s.p.a.ce around them into pieces, causing their bodies to shatter as well.

"You bunch of dog slaves, since you're loyal to your young lord, I'll have you accompany him!"

Chen Xiang teleported into the air and released a Fire cloud palm that pressed down like a mountain. It set off a wave of fire and it enveloped the group of young men, turning them into ashes before they could even let out a scream!

With Chen Xiang's current strength, even Wu Zhi and the others felt fear. They never thought that Chen Xiang was actually this terrifying, that the young master was an existence that surpa.s.sed the Peak Divine Lord in their eyes, yet he was ruthlessly stomped by Chen Xiang, which meant that Chen Xiang's strength was even stronger than that young master.

Chen Xiang's face turned solemn, and said: "Looks like they have already come, and indeed they have changed. They are completely different from Undead Divine Race s like Elder Wu!"

Wu Zhi sighed: "I wonder what exactly happened, they actually wanted to destroy that seal!"

"Now, everyone, please heal yourselves. Open the great formation of the Everlasting Mountain." Chen Xiang said, the Undead Divine Race above Natural Law Divine Realm was here, and they were very strong as a whole.

The young master he had just killed definitely had an extremely high status, so the Undead Divine Race would definitely send someone stronger next!

"Next, we will have to defend the Everlasting Mountain to the death. They will definitely send even more powerful people over!" Chen Xiang said: "Elder Wu, how are your injuries?"

"Nothing serious!" Wu Zhi said.

"Then go to the Great Heavenly Star, go to Hundreds of Flowers Village, and have Xu Youqing come here. If he can contact the Dragon kylin of the Great Heavenly Star, see if he comes." Chen Xiang said.

"I'll go now!" Wu Zhi nodded, he had also heard from Chen Xiang about the Dragon kylin, so he quickly rushed to the Great Heavenly Star.

Amongst the big stars, there weren't many people who could help, only Xu Youqing, the Cursed Demoness who had broken through to Peak Divine Lord and the Dragon kylin, Ren Xin. Although there were a lot of Peak Divine Lord above, they were still too weak to help.

When Chen Xiang killed that group of men earlier, he took away a few of their divine soul s. These divine soul s all had memories inside them, he was using the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell to search for memories right now, he wanted to understand more about the Natural Law Divine Realm. He wanted to understand why the Undead Divine Race above had turned into this.

That young master must have known a lot of things, but Chen Xiang didn't hold back when she killed him just now, so both the soul and body of the Divine Sense Sea were instantly destroyed.

Through the memories that Chen Xiang had found in the divine soul, he found out about some things which had really surprised him!

Above Natural Law Divine Realm was also the Undead Divine Race. Other than the Undead Divine Race, there were also many other races, including humans. Basically, all of them were naturally born creatures, and all of them were the most powerful existences within the Natural Law Divine Realm.

It was just that no one knew what was happening on top of Natural Law Divine Realm. There were only three races left, and one of them was the Undead Divine Race, followed by the human race and the Red Spirit Race!

The so-called Red Spirit Race s, were Evil Spirit Race s who mainly relied on sucking in blood to survive!

The humans above the Natural Law Divine Realm were not very strong, they were only of medium strength, but the Undead Divine Race and the Red Spirit Race were both very strong.

especially the Red Spirit Race. Originally, they were even more powerful because they possessed the power to restrain the other G.o.d Tribes. That was why they were punished by the Natural Law Divine Spirit.

Because the Natural Law Divine Spirit was a human, the Heavenly Law Holy Land that the human race resided in had a powerful force protecting it. Therefore, after the other races mysteriously disappeared, the human race could still exist!

The Undead Divine Race and the Red Spirit Race had joined forces. They wanted to go against the laws of the heavenly path and let the world revolving with their Natural Law Principles be controlled in their hands!

All these years, because the Undead Divine Race and the Red Spirit Race had been very close, the Undead Divine Race had already been corroded by the evil spirit and the Undead Divine Race had changed!

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