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Chen Xiang was not worried about Dai Donggong and the others now, all the threats at the Everlasting Mountain were dealt with by him, he had also asked Wu Zhi about it using his Communication jade Symbol paper, and now they were tidying the battlefield, taking down Everlasting Mountain completely!

He did not go back immediately. He could not wait to refine the power of s.p.a.ce inside Black Costume Evil Spirits's body!

Up until now, he had never come across a power that was more powerful than his, but that Black Costume Evil Spirits from just a moment ago was so much stronger than his. That was why he wished very much that he could wield such a strong power!

Inside the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace, the Black Costume Evil Spirits felt Chen Xiang's flames and, at the same time, secretly thought about what exactly is this thing that could actually trap him within, and even release such a strong flame, as if it wanted to burn him into ashes.

Right now, Chen Xiang was unwilling to burn him to ashes in one breath.

There was a technique inside the Heavenly Alchemy that could separate one's powers, and now Chen Xiang was going to use this technique to burn Black Costume Evil Spirits.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, what are you doing? "Why do I feel as if the power of s.p.a.ce within my body is being separated!" The Black Costume Evil Spirits screamed.

"You're not dead yet!" Chen Xiang laughed, "I just want to be on the same level as you, so I'm going to refine your power of s.p.a.ce into a pellet and eat it!"

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, stop right now. If you do this, you will die a horrible death." Black Costume Evil Spirits shouted in anger.

"You will die a horrible death! "You all are ruining the heavens, so now you all are going to die a horrible death, haha …" Chen Xiang laughed, and increased the intensity of the fire, causing the Black Costume Evil Spirits to be unable to speak, and be unable to stop screaming.

Black Costume Evil Spirits had to shout for more than four hours before he stopped. At this point, he had also been refined by Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang separated out two powerful forces from his body. One was the Counter Power, the other was the power of s.p.a.ce!

These two powers were very powerful, especially the power of s.p.a.ce!

"I wonder what will happen after I obtain these two powers!" Chen Xiang continued to condense the two separate energies. If he refined them into pills, the quality would improve by a lot.

Chen Xiang could also absorb it now, but he would not do that. He would lose a lot of energy!

It took him two full days to refine these two energies into two pellets. He first swallowed a pellet that was refined from Counter Power, and then quickly fused it into his own body!

At this time, his Counter Power had increased even more!

It was very likely that Black Costume Evil Spirits's previous ability of discovering invisibility was due to the fact that the Counter Power on his body was very strong, allowing him to sense where the other invisibility Evil Spirits were.

Therefore, Chen Xiang felt that even if he did not use the Dao heart Eye in the future, he would still be able to sense the invisible evil spirits!

After that, he swallowed that spatial power refined into a pill. After eating it, the spatial power dispersed into his first Divine Sense Sea, entering his spatial Divine Deity!

Chen Xiang's second Divine Sense Sea did not cultivate spatial Divine Deity, so he channeled this power into the first Divine Sense Sea!

Although there weren't many spatial Divine Deity in the First Divine Sense Sea, they were able to absorb the vast amount of spatial energy, causing the quality of the spatial Divine Deity inside to rise by a lot.

"My power of s.p.a.ce has increased by a lot. If I use my domain of spatial sensing, I can cover a very wide area! Chen Xiang closed his eyes and the Everlasting Mountain appeared in his mind.

In addition, when he used spatial travel, he would be able to travel even further. He felt that if he wanted to teleport to the Great Heavenly Star, he would be able to do so very quickly, unlike the previous times where he needed to teleport multiple times.

To Chen Xiang, this was a huge improvement because in order to cultivate and replicate the divine medicine, he had forgotten about the spatial Divine Deity and it was hard to find any leeway to increase it. However, right now, it was because of the Black Costume Evil Spirits that his spatial energy had increased by a lot.

"Leader, come back quickly. We're in danger!" Wu Zhi suddenly sent a message to Chen Xiang, who took out his Communication jade Symbol paper and immediately teleported to the top of the Everlasting Mountain after receiving the news.

When he arrived, he saw that at the top of Everlasting Mountain, other than Wu Zhi and the rest, there was another group of people!

This group of people were all young, and the one leading them had an extremely arrogant expression. There was even a disciple stepping on his feet!

Chen Xiang knows this disciple, but he belongs to their Villa! At the side, Dai Donggong, Huang Jintian and the others had turned pale. It could be seen that they had sustained internal injuries, and all of them had been beaten up by the group of people in front of them!

Chen Xiang used a spatial teleportation technique to send the disciple whose head had been stepped on away. His face also became ice-cold and gloomy.

"Who are you?" Chen Xiang asked coldly.

The young man who was leading the group saw the person he was stepping on being taken away. He was slightly surprised but also secretly angry. He saw this as a form of provocation.

"This Everlasting Mountain is ours, although you all worked hard, you all better get lost! We don't want to waste our energy on you. " Although he was handsome, he lacked a manly air. However, his words were extremely arrogant, causing people to be a bit afraid of him.

"Leader, they are from Undead Divine Race! that is the main clan from the Heavenly Dao, they are going to occupy this Everlasting Mountain! " Wu Zhi sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, "They injured us the moment they appeared, their strength is extremely terrifying.

Chen Xiang never thought that these Undead Divine Race would arrive so quickly, but he was not afraid!

"The ones who should scram are you guys! However, I will not let you all happily scram. You injured one of our people, and you even stepped on my disciple's head. Chen Xiang said. The disciple who was kicked on the head suffered an enormous humiliation.

As a Leader, the fact that Chen Xiang's disciple had been humiliated like this was equivalent to humiliating him;

"Am I hearing things? Such a fellow can actually say such arrogant words! " The man looked surprised and looked at the group of people behind him.

The people behind him roared with laughter!

"Young Master, you should be able to defeat him in ten moves, right?"

"Ten moves?" Even one move is too much, Young Master can kill this idiot with one finger. "

"Young master, quickly get rid of him!" If you think that he is not worthy for you to attack, then let us handle it. We guarantee that we will not let him die an easy death. "

Chen Xiang laughed, "Why are you dogs barking so happily? It can't be that your Young Master's yells are so nice, that your Young Master would give you feces, right?! "

"Young Lord, quickly destroy him!"

"Quick, kill him! He actually insulted us!"

That young master's expression had also become gloomy and cold. Chen Xiang repeatedly provoked him, causing him to be extremely furious. No one had ever dared to act so arrogantly in front of him before.

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