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When Chen Xiang came outside, he immediately used the Dao heart Eye. Seeing that there were three red figures jumping towards Wu Zhi, he immediately used a teleportation spell to teleport Wu Zhi.

Wu Zhi had heard Chen Xiang talk about the Evil Spirit Race's Counter Power. After using this power, it could make himself invisible and others would find it difficult to see.

Therefore, he knew very well what kind of danger he was facing. However, he could still use his intuition to cut off an elder's arm.

"I have to get rid of these guys quickly. I didn't think that they would actually know how to use this kind of power." Chen Xiang moved Wu Zhi to the side and transmitted to Wu Zhi, then he himself teleported to the side of the elder with his arm cut off.

Even though the elder of the Dan G.o.d Inst.i.tute had lost an arm, he seemed to not have received any heavy injuries. He still very agilely charged towards Wu Zhi.

The clan elder saw Chen Xiang, so he immediately changed his direction and rushed towards Chen Xiang. Just as he was about to rush over, Chen Xiang used the Counter Power to hide himself.

Just as Chen Xiang had expected, the elder saw that he also knew how to use this method, so he was stunned. Just as he was startled, Chen Xiang teleported and cut the elder into two.

Boom! After Chen Xiang killed it, he used Fire cloud palm to destroy the corpse.

"Elder Wu, come down the mountain and help them." Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to Wu Zhi, who immediately left the peak of the mountain and rushed down.

If it was before, they would definitely be able to defeat it, but now, these Peak Divine Lord s all understood that kind of Counter Power, it would definitely be very taxing for Dai Donggong and the others right now.

There were also two Peak Divine Lord s here. When they saw Wu Zhi rushing down the mountain and wanted to chase after him, Chen Xiang hastily appeared and attacked the two Peak Divine Lord s.

After dispersing their attention, Wu Zhi had already disappeared. Jumping down from the Everlasting Mountain, that Peak Divine Lord wielded a divine weapon and attacked Chen Xiang.

Spatial imprisonment.

Chen Xiang used a strong power of s.p.a.ce to seal the two clan elders' s.p.a.ce, causing them to only be able to move around in a small s.p.a.ce, causing the two clan elders who were charging over to suddenly crash into a wall made of spatial energy, making them unable to move forward.

Chen Xiang immediately went over, with his sword slashing across, he sliced off two heads.

"You guys have the same level of ability." Chen Xiang burned their bodies inside his Chuangshi G.o.d furnace.

The disciples here saw how a few of the strongest elders had been killed, all of them possessing the strength of Peak Divine Lord, but they were easily dealt with as easily as if they were chickens. They were definitely unable to deal with them, so they all flew away from the Everlasting Mountain, afraid that they would be killed.

After Chen Xiang finished off the few Elders up there, he immediately went down the mountain.

When he arrived downstairs, Chen Xiang saw that his disciples had already started fighting with Purple Yuan Sect and the others. Huang Jintian, Dai Donggong and the others were all injured, and it was all because they could not see their enemies, and were plotted against.

Chen Xiang had nine more Bones than these Peak Divine Lord s, so he was many times stronger than them. Adding his terrifying Heavenly magic sword, if these Peak Divine Lord got near to him, they would most likely not be able to survive.

When Chen Xiang came down, he used the Counter Power to make himself invisible, so the enemies would not be able to see him.

"There are three of them. It seems like they are hiding quite a bit of power." Chen Xiang used the Dao heart Eye to lock onto one of them. At the same time he teleported, he waved his Heavenly magic sword and the moment he appeared, he could immediately slash down.


A strong sword whistle sounded, and an elder was hacked into two by Chen Xiang. A terrifying flame poured into his body, and after it was hacked into two, it ignited and burned into ashes by the Chuangshi G.o.d furnace's fire.

When the other two clan elders saw this, they were shocked, the elder who was killed just now was suddenly attacked, and the person who attacked them did not appear, meaning that person understood Counter Power, and wanted them to become invisible.

Chen Xiang took advantage of the two elders' hovering in the air to teleport over. After slashing down with his sword, he teleported to the side of another elder.

Just as he was about to fly away, he suddenly stopped moving. The s.p.a.ce around him had already been sealed by Chen Xiang.


Chen Xiang recognized that this was the Elder of Purple Yuan Sect, and ruthlessly swung his sword, bringing along a roar of flames. When the sword slashed down, it was like a huge fan, enveloping the elder and pressing him down, burning him to ashes.

Three of the Peak Divine Lord s had died so quickly, but upon seeing this scene, all of the disciples were dumbstruck. To them, the Peak Divine Lord s were already out of their reach, but now that they had died so quickly, the people who killed them would definitely be even more terrifying.

"I'll leave this place to you." Chen Xiang threw down these words and anxiously teleported away.

Just now, he saw a red dot in the distance. That was clearly the power of the Evil Spirit Race.

Earlier, when he searched the elder's memories and found out that the Evil Spirit Race had taught them the Counter Power, he allowed them to learn the art of invisibility.

As for the red dot that he saw earlier on, it was very likely to be the Evil Spirit that had pa.s.sed the Counter Power down to these elders.

The other party seemed to be able to sense his presence, which was why he was running so fast.

"This guy's strength is not weak at all. However, why did he run away? Could it be that he deliberately lured me here? I must be careful." Chen Xiang started to be alert. At the moment, he was also invisible, the other party would definitely not be able to see him. However, since the other party was from the Evil Spirit Race, he would definitely be able to sense that he was nearby.

"He really did draw me here on purpose." This was because Chen Xiang was about to get close to it a few times, but the Evil Spirit suddenly teleported in front of him.

From this, it could be seen that this Evil Spirit could also control an extremely strong spatial energy, which made Chen Xiang even more vigilant.

Unknowingly, Chen Xiang had caught up with the Evil Spirit and arrived above a lake. Not long after he entered the lake, the lake water below started to churn, and white gases started to rise from the lake.

Chen Xiang was immediately covered by the white mist.

"There's something wrong with this lake." After Chen Xiang realized it, all he saw was a burst of white light that shone, and then the mist around him disappeared.

At this moment, he was in a white s.p.a.ce.

"There really is a trick." Chen Xiang was extremely confident in his own strength, so he wasn't afraid of being trapped in this place.

A man in black appeared in front of him. He only revealed his eyes, but it was clear from his eyes that he was a very energetic person. His eyes were sharp and cold, carrying a trace of hostility.

"Who exactly are you? Our divine power wasn't pa.s.sed down to a human like you, but you know how to use it." the man in black asked coldly.

Chen Xiang did not waste time talking to him. This was his enemy and he was extremely strong, so when he tried to teleport, he was met with a slash, but the opponent managed to dodge it.

This Black Costume Evil Spirits's ability to use spatial energy was also very profound, and he was very strong.

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