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Chen Xiang saw their expressions and said, "I only know that the strong warriors in the Divine Dragon Race were mostly infected by Black dragon flower poison, and that it was all done by those Heavenly Star Great Leaders in the Star Law Divine Realm!"

"What the h.e.l.l is going on? How could such a thing happen in Star Law Divine Realm? Could it be that the humans are too jealous of our Divine Dragon Race, so they exterminated us all? " The Great Elder said angrily.

"Of course not, your Divine Dragon Race is considered good! The entire Undead Divine Race has been wiped out, and only a few scattered undead remain. Chen Xiang then explained everything he knew about this matter.

After hearing it, the Great Elder lamented, "The human heart is not the same! The Star Law Divine Realm has actually turned out like this. Back then, our Azure Dragon Ancestor clearly knew that his lifespan was coming to an end, didn't he also make the decision? "

Chen Xiang replied, "Divine Dragon Race should be able to regain his vigor soon. At that time, Star Law Divine Realm will definitely fight. If the Divine Dragon Race and the other two G.o.d Tribes join forces, they should be able to obtain decent strength. "

"Great Elder, Chen Xiang also wants to partic.i.p.ate in the qualification examination, and he also wants to see the Azure Dragon's mausoleum." Long Peijin said. This was the reason they had come to find the Great Clan Elder today.

"This, I'm afraid, is a bit inappropriate. After all, he's a human." The Great Elder shook his head.

"Great Clan Elder, Chen Xiang being able to come here will be of great help to our Dragon Clan." Long Peijin continued: "I am only giving him the right to partic.i.p.ate in the qualification examination. In the end, whether or not he can enter the Azure Dragon Tomb, will be decided by his Azure Dragon consciousness."

Chen Xiang immediately took out two high grade Bone level Dan s and smiled: "Great Clan Elder, I heard from Pei Jin that you guys are lacking this kind of divine pills, please do not be polite."

When the Great Clan Elder saw the two divine pellets, his old eyes went wide with shock as he exclaimed, "Taipin bone level Dan!"

"Truly, this is only a little bit of kindness from this junior. Great Elder, there's no need to be so polite." Chen Xiang giggled as he pa.s.sed the Taipin Dan over. "To be honest, I have another reason for partic.i.p.ating in the Qualification Examination, and that is to see how much stronger I am compared to the geniuses of your Dragon Clan."

Long Peijin had previously hinted at Chen Xiang to use a few Bone level Dan to bribe the Great Clan Elder. At that time, she had thought that Chen Xiang only knew how to use Shangpin bone level Dan.

The Great Clan Elder felt that Long Peijin's words were reasonable, it was just letting Chen Xiang partic.i.p.ate in the a.s.sessment, and it was not certain if he would be able to enter in the end.

If Chen Xiang could really enter the Azure Dragon Tomb, then their entire clan would have nothing to say, since they had obtained the recognition of the Azure Dragon.

"Since this young lad is so enthusiastic, I'm too embarra.s.sed to refuse. Thank you very much." The Great Clan Elder remembered that the last time he saw this Bone level Dan with good quality, it was a long time ago. Furthermore, the majority of the pills that Dragon Emperor refined were rather bad, even if he could get them, they would not be of much help to him.

But the quality of these Taipin bone level Dan were different. Perhaps they could help him condense Bones.

"In twelve days, you can come and find me. I'll take you to partic.i.p.ate in the qualification examination." The Great Elder said.

After settling this matter, Chen Xiang and Long Peijin felt much more relaxed. They thought that it wouldn't work if they did, and had to think of another way then.

Returning to Long Peijin's cave, Long Peijin said: "You actually know how to refine Taipin Dan. It looks like your pill refining skills are much higher than Dragon Emperor's, you can see it from Great Clan Elder's expression."

"Do you want to eat Bone level Dan to cultivate your Bones now?" Chen Xiang laughed: "Your foundation isn't bad, and it's relatively easy for you to start cultivating your Bones, it's just that you have to endure quite a bit of pain, you might not have ever experienced this kind of pain before."

"Didn't you say you don't have many Bone level Dan? You should keep it for yourself! " Although Long Peijin wanted it, she thought that she should leave it for Chen Xiang, since he would need to use the Bone level Dan to please the elders of the dragon race.

"I do not have many Bone level Dan, but I have some divine medicine that I can refine at any time!" Chen Xiang took out a few middle ranked Bone level Dan and gave them to Long Peijin.

Long Peijin now had ninety-five Divine Deity, so her body must be very strong as well, so when she was training her first Bones, using Xiaping bone level Dan s was not possible.

"Take it!" Chen Xiang stuffed it into Long Peijin's hands and then explained the main points of condensing Bones to her.

Long Peijin remembered this in her heart, because if she wanted to become stronger, cultivating Bones was something she had always been hoping for.

After she entered her stone room, Chen Xiang went back to concoct pills. He had time now, and with the many Bone level Dan s' divine medicines in his possession, if he wanted to concoct more now, he would have to give out a large amount when he returned to Cang Cloud City.

After a few hours, Chen Xiang could hear the faint moans of pain, causing him to be secretly shocked.

"To actually be able to condense the number one Bones after only eating one pellet, it's pretty amazing!" Yue'er also heard it, and smiled: "It seems that with your help, she will be able to condense a lot of Bones very quickly."

"If I can successfully refine the Bone level fruit into a pill, maybe my Bones will increase even more." When Chen Xiang thought back to his experience of condensing the eighth Bones, he felt extremely refreshed.

Chen Xiang continued to refine pills, he might need Bone level Dan s here too. He felt that it would be easy to use them to bribe the divine dragons, he even wanted to kidnap a group of them.

A day quickly pa.s.sed. Chen Xiang arrived at the entrance of Long Peijin's stone room and saw the splashing sound of water coming from inside. He knew that Long Peijin was washing his body. He knew that Long Peijin was almost violated by Long Yingyi in the past, so he tactfully ran off. Long Peijin was extremely sensitive in this aspect.

Chen Xiang was fiddling with the jars in the living room. There were some fruit wine inside, and he had made some to drink.

Not long later, Long Peijin came out from the stone room. She had condensed her Bones and was in a very good mood, so she looked much prettier.

Even Long Peijin was addressed as the Little Flame Girl, he knew that she had a very hot personality. Chen Xiang didn't feel anything from her, but seeing the gentle side of Long Peijin when he was carefully making the fruit wine, he felt that she was very pleasing to the eyes.

"How do you feel? Do you think that you've become more powerful? " Chen Xiang laughed.

"Mn, the process of condensing Bones is indeed very painful, but it's nothing to me." Long Peijin brought a jug of fruit wine over and poured Chen Xiang a full cup.

Just as Chen Xiang wanted to shout, a dragon's roar resounded like thunder, shaking the entire cave.

Long Peijin's face changed greatly. "It's the Evil Spirit Race's invasion, I'm going out to fight now, you stay here!"

Chen Xiang immediately felt that it was strange. Didn't the father and son pair, Long Yingyi and Long Jinrong, want to help the Evil Spirit Race sneak into the Azure Dragon Tomb?

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