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"I had cut off all relations with the Feng Clan long ago, and I have already compensated them with what I needed to compensate. Why are you still not letting me go?" Originally, she thought that if she were to enter Everlasting Mountain and fight for a period of time to become a true disciple, the Feng Clan would not dare to do anything to her.

But now, she had actually met a disciple of the Feng Clan here.

"Feng Wu, how much Bones do you have right now?" Chen Xiang asked: "You already have eighty Divine Deity, so it's not easy to cultivate your Divine Deity up to that level in a short period of time, but you can still cultivate in Bones, which is the only way to quickly increase your strength. Only by doing so can you become a Successor Disciple faster."

Feng Wu had more than eighty Divine Deity, but Chen Xiang felt that her strength was slightly weaker, if not, it would not be so strenuous to fight the Holy level Special G.o.d beast. If she had more Bones, dealing with the Holy level Special G.o.d beast would be extremely easy.

"I... I only have one Bones, and this was something that I learned a long time ago. It's not so easy to condense Bones in a short period of time, and I don't have any Bone level Dan s either. The reason I entered the Everlasting Mountain was to earn more Shen Yuan stone s, and to make it easier to buy higher level Bone level Dan s. Feng Wu thought that what Chen Xiang said was unreliable, and she felt that condensing Bones was much more difficult than cultivating Divine Deity.

"I have a Bone level Dan." Chen Xiang said: "Wait for me here for a while."

Chen Xiang entered his new room, and after closing the door, took out the Zhongpin bone level Dan's divine medicine. He had quite a few of these divine medicine, and they were all copied for him by Lv Qilian when they were at the Core of the Earth.

"I'll first refine about twenty pills." Chen Xiang's eyes burned with a fiery light as the divine medicine in his hands melted immediately and turned into a ball of air, quickly fusing together. Finally, it was split into several small b.a.l.l.s, and then condensed into six Bone level Dan s.

He had refined a total of four Bone level Dan, and all twenty-four of them were completed in a few seconds.

Feng Wu didn't know what Chen Xiang was doing and was very curious, but since Chen Xiang was closing the door, she could only suppress her curiosity and wait patiently. She didn't have to wait long before Chen Xiang opened the door and came out.

"Here." Chen Xiang handed over a jade box to Feng Wu.

"This is …" the Bone level Dan. " Feng Wu wasn't sure if this was true or not, she had never seen so many Bone level Dan. Even though she had cultivated up to eighty Divine Deity, no matter what rank the Bone level Dan were, they were all extremely precious and rare, all firmly under the control of a large power.

"Mn, do you know the trick to condensing Bones?" Chen Xiang asked.

Feng Wu did not hear what Chen Xiang said, she was already shocked, 20 Bone level Dan s were right in front of her, and they were even for her to eat. She was thinking about what kind of background Chen Xiang had, to actually take out so many Bone level Dan s and give them to her so generously, one of them was worth over 10 billion Shen Yuan stone, and these 20 were equivalent to 200 billion Shen Yuan stone.

"Feng Wu..." Chen Xiang shouted lightly.

"What trick?" Feng Wu was also very sensible and did not ask about the origins of these Bone level Dan.

"Refining it in twelve hours, at this time, the chance of condensing a Bone level Dan is rather high. If it goes smoothly, you only need a few days to condense one Bones. These twenty Bone level Dan s should be enough for you to condense two." Chen Xiang said: "At that time, your strength will also increase a lot."

"Thank you. I will return it to you in the future. I will go back into closed door cultivation right now." Feng Wu immediately entered the room.

Chen Xiang walked out of the cave and arrived at the entrance of the huge cave.

"Junior brother, are you going to retrieve the news of the Special G.o.d beast? Are you preparing to kill the Special G.o.d beast?" Hua Lang immediately laughed when he saw Chen Xiang.

"I've just become an inner disciple, don't tell me that I'm going to hunt Special G.o.d beast now." Chen Xiang asked.

"Of course not. You have a month to get familiar with this place, and then it will start next month." Hua Lang chuckled: "Aren't you jealous of my work right now?"

Chen Xiang looked around, and seeing that there was no one else around, he sent a sound transmission to Hua Lang: "Senior Brother Hua, I have a pill on me, if I exchange it with someone else, it would be considered a violation of the rules."

He laughed out loud and replied: "No, the rules do not allow sale, but I have never said that I am not allowed to trade, or secretly using divine pellets to exchange for items or for the help of others. There are a lot of things that need to be done with you, Junior Brother Shen, that pellet of yours, if you need it, I can help you get rid of it.

Chen Xiang knew that Hua Lang, who was in charge of receiving him all day, must have done these things secretly, which was why he came. He still had four Zhongpin bone level Dan in his hands.

"I have a Bone level Dan." Chen Xiang transmitted.

"What?" Hua Lang shouted in shock and disbelief, he couldn't believe that there was a Bone level Dan left for him to eat, and it was actually being used as an exchange. He suspected that Chen Xiang was crazy, even a prodigal son would not dare to lose like this.

"Go to your cave." Hua Lang realized the importance of this matter and said quickly.

Chen Xiang brought Hua Lang into the cave, and entered his room.

"Show me." Hua Lang anxiously said, this was a divine pellet that was worth ten billion, if he had gathered ten billion Shen Yuan stone, he would have definitely bought one at the first time to condense his Bones. In such a large power, without sufficient Bones, it would be hard to do.

Chen Xiang took out a Bone level Dan that had gone through heat treatment. From the looks of it, it did not seem like it had just been made.

Hua Lang placed the milky-white Bone level Dan in front of him: "The quality is very good, Bone level Dan of this color are all of the best quality, what do you plan to use to exchange?"

Hua Lang wanted to buy them for himself, because the majority of the Zhongpin bone level Dan he bought were of poor quality.

"Senior Brother Hua, I have just arrived at the inner sect and am weak in power. I think Senior Brother Hua should help me introduce a few reliable friends." Chen Xiang laughed: "I want to build a small force and need some trustworthy experts."

Hua Lang was a smart person, he could tell right away that Chen Xiang was trying to rope him in.

"Brother Hua is my first choice. I believe that he will not disappoint me. If Brother Hua is willing to join me, this will be yours as well." Chen Xiang took out another Zhongpin bone level Dan. "Two of them.

"Junior Brother Shen..." No, Master Shen, I, Hua Lang will follow you from now on. " Hua Lang immediately stood up and wanted to pay his respects, but Chen Xiang stopped him.

"Just call me junior apprentice-brother." Chen Xiang laughed: "Take it."

"Big brother, from now on, I am your little brother. How would I dare to call you junior brother?" Hua Lang took the Bone level Dan, and the quality was extremely good as well. When Hua Lang saw that Chen Xiang had casually given him two Bone level Dan, it meant that he did not care about the Bone level Dan at all.

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