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Zhu Rong looked at Chen Xiang's left hand that was still fuming, and his heart trembled. He immediately stood up and took a few steps back.

"I lost …" Is that the power of Bones? " Zhu Rong already knew how stupid he was before, to actually look down on Chen Xiang's Bones so much.

Zhu Rong laughed bitterly: "Luckily I didn't bet with you, otherwise I would have lost miserably." He took out some ointment and smeared it on his face, gradually restoring his swollen face. It seemed that he still valued his image.

Seeing Chen Xiang and Zhu Rong walking over, Yun Xiaodao laughed: "Old Pig, now you know how strong Elder Brother Shen is, I think you should continue being c.o.c.ky in the future."

Zhu Rong only snorted, "Losing to Chen Xiang is a very normal thing. Even if you were to fight him, you would also lose."

"But you were so complacent before, and you thought that Chen Xiang could not even withstand one blow, and now you're the one who can't even take one blow." Of course, Yun Xiaodao would not let go of this opportunity, and scolded Zhu Rong to his heart's content.

Chen Xiang was dragged to the side. Leng Youlan had already seen the power Chen Xiang had displayed, it was much stronger than what she had imagined.

"Brother, I didn't expect you to have such a good foundation!" This will be more interesting. " Leng Youlan laughed. Although she did not see Zhu Rong as a good example, looking at her like this, she still felt that she would win.

w.a.n.g Jinshi said: "You Lan, you've already seen it. Your brother isn't weak, he still has many moves that he hasn't used yet. Don't underestimate him."

Ji Meixian and Xue Ying were both in the second round, so Xue Ying lost to a tall and skinny man. This man came from the Devil-killing Divine City, and was rather strong, and had the ability to restrain beasts.

Ji Meixian's opponent was not strong, so she could easily win.

Soon, the second round had finished. Half of the partic.i.p.ants had already left. Next, there was the drawing of lots for the third round.

Many people had been injured in the first two rounds, so they had four hours to heal.

After drawing lots, Chen Xiang did not meet his acquaintance. Instead, it was Yun Xiaodao and Ji Meixian who met.

After the two rounds, another half of the contestants were eliminated. Chen Xiang had defeated his opponent with ease, lost to Yun Xiaodao, and Yun Xiaodao had won with difficulty.

There were only sixteen people left. Next up would be the eight groups of contestants.

After the third round of lot drawing, Leng Youlan was wild with joy, because she had finally become Chen Xiang's opponent!

And Mu Qianxiang, unluckily, knew how to fight Yun Xiaodao! It had to be said that of the sixteen, only Leng Youlan and Mu Qianxiang were females. Although there had been many females from other forces before, all of them had been defeated and they had no choice but to withdraw.

"Six hours should be enough time for you to recover!" This time, they were given more time because in the last round of the battle, many of the opponents they had encountered were all very strong. Some of the injuries were not light, and with the help of high-level medicinal pills, their recovery speed was also very fast.

In these six hours, Leng Youlan actually closed his eyes to rest, and adjusted his own state. She knew that Chen Xiang was very strong, and in order to have a good fight, she had to adjust herself to her best state, and at the same time, adjust her own state of mind. She reminded herself that she should not underestimate Chen Xiang!

After resting, Chen Xiang walked onto the stage. Leng Youlan followed behind him with a serious face, but she suddenly became nervous.

Mu Qianxiang also wanted to see the battle between Chen Xiang and herself, but she wanted to fight against Yun Xiaodao. Yun Xiaodao was not weak either, so she needed to fight seriously as well.

"If only Chen Xiang had six Divine Deity, all of his opponents would have been killed instantly by him." Zhu Rong said.

"Mn, his Bones is very powerful! We have also eaten many Bone level Dan, but we are unable to condense Bones. Could it be that condensing Bones requires a very strong physical body? " Duan Sanchang said: "Chen Xiang is a madman who cultivates the body. It looks like if we want to cultivate Bones under the Supreme G.o.d, we must first strengthen our own body."

Xv Weilong had the same thought.

Chen Xiang had fought with Leng Youlan before as well, but at that time, the difference in their strengths was too great, and now, they were extremely close.

Leng Youlan suddenly laughed: "Bro, I think I can beat you! "I am not being arrogant. This is the confidence that you must have in a battle. If you don't even have that confidence, then I don't need to fight anymore."

Chen Xiang nodded: "That's right, we must not be cowardly. This is a good thing! "I won't hold back after a while, I also want to see how strong you are."

Chen Xiang and Leng Youlan stood there and did not attack. After the shouting started, they looked at each other, and then moved together, attacking towards each other at an extremely fast speed.

When Leng Youlan took a step forward, a pair of jade fists were covered in a layer of purple frost.

The two of them moved extremely fast, and before Leng Youlan could even get close to Chen Xiang, he threw out a punch. What surprised Chen Xiang was that there was actually a white gigantic sword slashing towards him.

Leng Youlan's transformation just now was extremely fast, and in the blink of an eye, he had already condensed an enormous frost sword from the extremely terrifying Icy cold power! Weapons are not allowed to be used in battles, but this type of Profound Strength Divine Weapon that is condensed from Mysterious power can be used.

Leng Youlan was an expert in using the sword, and only with the sword would she be able to unleash her strongest power, so she had released a portion of the Mysterious power from the very beginning, condensing it into a type of weapon to use.

This also meant that from the very beginning, she had consumed a portion of her Mysterious power. She did not plan to keep the battle going, but to end it quickly!

"That's right. Letting your advantage be used in battle will only benefit you." Chen Xiang laughed. As he spoke, Leng Youlan had already thrusted out several times, although they did not pierce him, each of the frigid Sword Qi formed a vortex that reverberated across the stage.

As Chen Xiang was enveloped by the Icy cold power, he also felt cold. He anxiously used his energy to resist, Leng Youlan's cold energy was used pretty well, and could actually invade his body.

Leng Youlan suddenly raised her giant icy sword high up and shouted. An array formation was instantly condensed on top of it, and seeing the array patterns, Chen Xiang was shocked, Leng Youlan had actually set up the array from the very beginning.

After he discovered it now, it was already too late. Because Leng Youlan had already activated the killing array, countless gigantic ice swords flew down from the formation and stabbed down like a sudden rain.

Chen Xiang was already locked on, as though his body had a suction force, the ice greatsword that was falling down from the great array was flying towards him, no matter how he dodged, it would always. .h.i.t his body.

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