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Prince Divine Lions laughed: "Now do you know how powerful I am, you humans are truly weak in our eyes, I cannot defeat you, but the Divine Lion Race behind me can raze this place to the ground at any time, and let this place become a river of blood!"

Mu Chen suddenly sighed, and said indifferently: "Scram, or do you want me to throw you out?"

Prince Divine Lions was stunned, when Mu Chen said that, he was obviously angry!

"Our Supreme Divine Palace is very hospitable, but we don't welcome people like you! Before you scram, you have to be warned that you better not step into the Sovereign G.o.d Realm in the future. Otherwise, even if your Father Lion King appears, I won't forgive you! " Mu Chen said calmly, but his words were laced with killing intent and anger.

"Just you wait!" Prince Divine Lions took a deep breath. He never thought that Mu Chen would be so stubborn to say such words to him, which made him very angry.

The Prince Divine Lions quickly left with his large group and left the Heroes Gathering Divine City dejectedly.

"Sorry for causing you all so much trouble!" Chen Xiang sighed.

Oh right, the Qi Shi you mentioned just now, that name sounds a little familiar! Mu Chen pondered as he thought back to the matters concerning this name.

Xiao Changle said, "The first prince of the seven sons of the Old Divine Lion King died in that battle. He was resurrected in the Nine Heaven World and reborn in the Nine Heaven World! I have now awakened the memories of the past. "

Mu Chen exclaimed: If he had the strength he used to back then, he might even be able to take back the current throne of the Divine Lion King. Who was the brother killed by the Prince Divine Lions? "

"Qi Yan, the youngest of the seven princes of Divine Lion Race, died together with Qi Shi back then! Now that he's been killed by the Prince Divine Lions, Qi Yan is that Prince Divine Lions's blood related uncle, tsk tsk! " Yue Er said.

Back then, rankers like Qi Shi and Qi Yan were all worshippers of Mu Chen and the others. When they were very young, they had already heard about the achievements of these strong warriors.

"Qi Yan was actually killed, and by such a fellow at that!" Yi Bidong came here with a face full of disbelief. Yi Bidong knew a lot of things, he had known Huang Jintian for a long time, it seemed like he understood Qi Yan and Qi Shi's situation very well.

"The divine soul is still there, we can still revive! But only Nine Divine Kings can do such a thing. " Chen Xiang sighed, "What happened to the current Divine Lion King? The little b.a.s.t.a.r.d that was born was actually so arrogant! "

Mu Chen said to Yi Bidong: "Gather the elders, we might have to deal with the a.s.sault of the Divine Lion Race! Although we may not come, we have to be prepared, we are not afraid of the Divine Lion Race! "

Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie did not return to the Supreme Divine Palace, they went to the shop, the shop was almost ready, the Three Gu Brothers had called for many people to help, they were all from the Alchemist and had a wide network of people, they could quickly find people.

The fifth floor was a resting place, and there were many rooms here. The hall that Chen Xiang, Feng Yujie and the others were in was the largest and most comfortable.

"A lot of things have happened today!" Chen Xiang sipped on Shui Bingyan's ice tea and looked out the window at the empty street. There were still not many people.

"We will be selling the Regeneration Dan tomorrow, I hope nothing bad will happen to it." Feng Yujie laughed lightly and said to Chen Xiang: "Don't think too much into it. Anyway, after this compet.i.tion, we might have to leave the Supreme Divine Palace too!"

Yue'er replied, "The Prince Divine Lions has been bullied. He will definitely come back for revenge. I wonder if his father, the Lion King, will help him take revenge. Even if he doesn't help on the surface, he will at least support him a little."

"Is it convenient to come in now?" oldest Gu knocked on the door.

"Of course it's convenient!" Chen Xiang said.

oldest Gu walked into the hall and sat down. He picked up a cup of ice tea, took a sip, and said: "I have just received news that the two brats here will be selling fifty Regeneration Dan s tomorrow, with one million and five hundred thousand each. How many are you planning to sell tomorrow? How much is the price? "Yes, we'll help you advertise it tonight."

"One million Shen Yuan stone per pellet, for a total of one hundred pellets!" Feng Yujie said: "There aren't many people here tonight, right?"

"Tonight, the most people that have come, moreover, they are all a group with wealth and power, don't you think, to be able to be arranged to be in the first batch to enter the Transmission array, they must all have some background." The oldest Gu said.

Xie Ao was waiting at the Transmission array, and he was very sure that the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain robbers would come tonight.

Chen Xiang was curious previously about the ident.i.ty of the person behind Xie Ao, to actually be able to make Xie Ao not afraid of the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain, and want to kill bandits in the Transmission array!

Only the Olde Iron c.o.c.k or Luo Tianjun knew about this!

The Three Gu Brothers had already left the shop and they had not started promoting it yet. They would only start when the Transmission array officially opened and a large number of disciples from other forces would come.

"There's still a little time right now. From now until tomorrow morning, I should still be able to refine one or two batches of Regeneration Dan!" Chen Xiang said, because he was worried that they would not have enough of it by then, and that they would even have some Regeneration Dan s' ingredients.

Feng Yujie nodded, "Then I'll have to trouble you first!"

Chen Xiang took the Regeneration Dan's medicinal ingredients from Feng Yujie's hands and entered the secret room to refine pills.

He no longer planned to watch Xie Ao slaughter the bandits from the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain in the plaza. Today, he had already brought a lot of trouble to the Supreme Divine Palace.

Just as the sky was about to turn dark, a commotion suddenly came from outside. After Feng Yujie heard it, he hastily opened the window and looked outside.

"It came from the plaza. The disciples of the other forces should have arrived by now!" Yue'er said, "We're also preparing to watch a good show. Should we go and take a look?"

Feng Yujie had already known earlier that Xie Ao was going to kill people there, so she shook her head.

Yue'er immediately understood that if the two of them were to go, they would have to bring Shui Bingyan along as well. Although Shui Bingyan had also killed people before, he shouldn't let her see too many of those scenes.

"This aura... It's very familiar! " Feng Yujie frowned as he looked in another direction. He was not at the location of the plaza.

"I sensed it too. Did they let it out on purpose?" Yue'er replied, "Two powerful divine beasts."

"It's the Vermillion Bird and the White Tiger!" Feng Yujie said in surprise, "They have also come to Super G.o.d Realm, and have become so powerful!"

"The second of the Four Protectors of the All-beast Divine Lord back then!" Yue'er was also very surprised. "After their rebirth, they actually grew so fast!"

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