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Chen Xiang waited patiently in this simple and crude pill refining room. Although the three brothers always seemed to like to quarrel, they had an extremely good relationship with each other. Otherwise, they wouldn't have spent so much time together.

Through questioning, Chen Xiang found out that the three brothers were surnamed Gu and didn't have a name. They all called them oldest Gu, Gu Lao Er and Gu Lao San.

Brat, I really didn't know that you were concocting pills. You should be going to a Supreme Palace like the Sword Hall at such a young age. Coming to the Dan Hall is simply a waste of life, you can only concoct pills all day. oldest Gu laughed: "When we were young, we had requested for the hall master to recruit a few girls. It's just that this guy doesn't have any charm, so this has always been the case for us here."

Chen Xiang smiled speechlessly and asked, "How many Alchemist s do we have?"

Second Brother Gu laughed heartily, "How many do you think there are? Out of the three of us, including the pavilion master and you, there are only five."

This was outside of Chen Xiang's expectations. Back then, when he was competing with Song Peng in the sword compet.i.tion, the disciples in the profound G.o.d were more or less, they dressed in uniform and lined up in an orderly manner.

And this Dan Hall only had them.

Seeing Chen Xiang's expression, Gu Lao San said: "The two of you aren't young anymore, so stop teasing this little fellow. You're called Chen Xiang right? To tell you the truth, there are a total of twenty Dan Hall s and we are the tenth hall of the Supreme Dan Hall. However, our strength is second.

Chen Xiang was still a little surprised. There were twenty in the Dan Hall, but there were only five people in their tenth hall.

"Are the other Dan Hall in the same situation?" Chen Xiang asked. After all, there were too few who knew how to refine pills, and the requirements to enter the Dan Hall were very high.

"We have a medium number of people. There are at least two old ghosts in the 20th hall, and there are at least 10 old ghosts in the hall." The oldest Gu said, "Usually, those who enter the Dan Hall are from Sword Hall, Boxing Hall and Soul Hall. In the later stages of the examination, they are interested in refining pills, and since this path is rather smooth, they are able to enter it through the trial."

Chen Xiang still did not understand much about the division of the Supreme Palace in the Supreme Divine Palace, so he asked: "Are there only these four in the Supreme Divine Palace?"

Generally speaking, it is said that the Sword Hall, Boxing Hall, Soul Hall and the Dan Hall are the four Supreme halls. And in order to join the Hall of Elders and the Hall of Protectors, one would normally have to achieve great things in the Four Great Supreme Hall, and obtain the information of the elders and the Protectors. Only then would one have the qualification to enter the trial.

Chen Xiang was extremely clueless about Supreme Divine Palace, and the three brothers could see that they were very patient in explaining themselves. To them, it was better than wasting their time arguing.

"Sword Hall and Boxing Hall can be said to be the strongest, with the largest number of people. Sword Hall mainly cultivates the way of the sword, while Boxing Hall mainly cultivates fist arts.

Hearing about the Soul Hall afterwards, Chen Xiang was very interested. He could actually change the powerful beast soul into his own life divine soul, which could save him the time to condense his soul.

Chen Xiang was full of curiosity, and asked closely: "Doesn't that mean that Soul Hall will be able to condense more divine soul very easily?"

Sword Hall nodded his head: "That's right, Sword Hall and Boxing Hall, including the G.o.ds of our Dan Hall, will go talk to them about divine soul when it's about time, give them a certain compensation, and then hunt for beast spirits himself, get the Soul Hall to help them change them, and help them integrate into the Divine Sense Sea. This way, they will only need to condense one Divine Deity to break through."

To enter the Sky G.o.d Realm, one would need to condense a lot of divine soul to break through. Right now, Chen Xiang had two souls and two Divine Deity, which was only the lower G.o.ds.

Possessing ten Divine Deity, he would be able to become a G.o.d.

Although our Dan Hall s normally don't feel any presence, when the disciples of the other halls need to go out, they have to find us to buy healing pellets to cure their wounds and detoxify. Otherwise, none of them would dare to walk around rashly. Gu Lao San said.

Chen Xiang would never regret joining the, because staying here would allow him to calm his heart and refine pills. Just refining a high level divine pill would allow him to have a certain amount of power and position.

"Seniors, what divine pills are you refining?" Chen Xiang also took a look at their pill furnaces. Inside, there was a strange Qi, that kind of Qi could only be felt by beasts, he suspected that the three brothers were using their divine beasts to refine pills.

It is called the Spirit-Transformation Divine Pill, and it is something that you will refine with the divine soul of a divine beast. After you eat it, you will be able to turn your divine soul and Divine Deity into the divine beast's for a period of time, and also possess the divine beast's innate divine ability. "

"What we are currently refining is this kind of pellet, this is the material given to us by the people from Soul Hall. At most, they will have this kind of lower quality G.o.d Beast's soul and Divine Deity."

Chen Xiang replied: "No wonder there's the aura of a beast. I thought you guys were using divine beasts to refine pills."

Old Gu smiled, "When we're done, I'll let you have a taste of all of them. I'll let you try out the wonders of this pill. This is a divine pill recipe that our hall master just created."

Chen Xiang asked: "Do you want to eat all three of them at once? I only have two Divine Deity s."

oldest Gu nodded: "Yes, eat it all in one go. If someone's pills are good, then their divine soul will temporarily become a beast spirit. Also, at that time, it would be best if you can sense the person's pills."

They had started refining before Chen Xiang came here. The three of them were all Pill G.o.ds, but they had all mocked themselves as unranked Pill G.o.ds. In their eyes, only hall masters were considered as Pill G.o.ds.

"What I'm refining is a wolf, second brother is refining an eagle, and third brother is refining a bear." The oldest Gu said, "We are about to finish refining it, you should write it down."

Chen Xiang nodded, he was secretly looking forward to it in his heart, this kind of pill was indeed very interesting.

After half a day pa.s.sed, oldest Gu was indeed the first to be made. He had said a few times before that he would definitely be the first to complete it. When he opened the pill furnace, he looked at his two younger brothers with disdain.

"Although this is a Xiaping Dan, there are times when it can be compared to Zhongpin Dan, and the difficulty of refining it is also lower than Zhongpin Dan. Little junior brother, look at my Soul Transformation pill, its quality is high. It is much better than the furnace that the hall master used last time." oldest Gu handed the grey pill in his hand to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang took the pill and scrutinized it closely. The quality was indeed very good, and he had only refined this divine pill for a day and a half.

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