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Chen Xiang didn't believe that such a good thing could exist. In this Sovereign's Trial, it wasn't so easy for him to be duped.

That old man shook his head and sighed, then sat on the hot sand and said: "What I said was the truth, do you know how long I have been waiting here? Normally, the ones who would enter the Sovereign's Trial are all the Upper Heavenly G.o.d, so it's not my turn to appear, it's rare to see someone with the same strength as me."

This old man really did not have any intention to fight. Chen Xiang relaxed a little in his heart, but he still remained vigilant, afraid that the old man would trick him.

"How long have you been waiting?" Chen Xiang could not help but ask.

After being sent here for so many years, my only mission has been to stop people from pa.s.sing by. In other words, if I'm not going to die, then you're going to die. As the old man spoke till here, Chen Xiang immediately retreated a few steps.

"Young man, don't be nervous. Even if I kill you, I will continue to wait here, wait for someone with a strength similar to yours to stop him, I cannot leave this place for eternity, so even if I kill you, I feel that there is no meaning. I feel that there is no meaning in living now, but I want to die in a way that is more meaningful." The old man waved his hand, signalling to Chen Xiang not to worry.

Chen Xiang did not continue speaking.

"I grew up in the Supreme Divine Palace, but I violated the rules there, so I was punished like this, and the b.a.s.t.a.r.d who informed me about me is still free and unfettered in the Supreme Divine Palace, and as long as you promise me, you will kill that guy. Not only will I not stop you, I even thought that I would pa.s.s on my power to you."

This was indeed a pretty good condition, and Chen Xiang was already a little tempted.

"Who do you want me to kill? I won't do it unless it's an unpardonable crime." Chen Xiang had his principles for killing people, so he did not agree immediately. Furthermore, he did not believe the words of the old man at the moment.

Don't worry, when you get to Supreme Divine Palace, you will know what kind of people they are. At that time, it will be your decision whether to kill them or not, as long as you have a clear conscience, if you agree, I will pa.s.s my power on to you right now. "The old man laughed.

After Chen Xiang finished listening, he was stunned for a moment before asking, "What you said was true.

The old man smiled faintly. "I hope I'm not mistaken. I'm tired of living."

The old man's expression suddenly changed, his wrinkled face suddenly turned sinister, a ball of light suddenly appeared on his chest, in the middle of the light was a Divine Deity.

"This... It's actually real. " Before Chen Xiang could react, the old man pushed out both of his hands, pushing out the ball of light and Divine Deity, and in an instant they struck Chen Xiang's body.

In merely a few moments, Chen Xiang could feel a vast amount of divine power surging into his body, and that Divine Deity was also an extremely pure set of Divine Deity. That old man had only forced out his own Divine Sense Sea and Divine Deity, but his divine soul was still there.

"Use my strength well. I want the person you killed to be called Wen Yushan." After the old man finished speaking with his last bit of strength, he dispersed his own divine soul.

Chen Xiang circulated his energy to absorb the energy that the old man transmitted to him. He did not even know the old man's name, and actually obtained all of his energy.

"Wen Yushan, I'll remember this." Chen Xiang memorized this name. This old man dispersed his divine soul, it was clear that he did not wish to continue with the reincarnation process, or it could be said that he could not reincarnate at all. He really wanted to know what crime this old man had committed.

"Hai." Yue Er sighed sadly: "I think I already know what rules he has violated in Supreme Divine Palace."

This old man was at the peak of the Upper True G.o.d. If he were to completely absorb the energy in his body, he would very quickly reach the peak of the Upper True G.o.d.

"What rule did he break?" Chen Xiang was very curious about this, because he would also be entering the Supreme Divine Palace in the future.

"He probably escaped the Supreme Divine Palace by mistake and got caught, so he ended up here." Yue'er replied: "I have heard that the Supreme Divine Palace has very strict rules regarding this matter. As long as you enter the Supreme Divine Palace, you cannot leave the Sacred Palace without permission."

Chen Xiang had thought of this before, but he didn't know it now. Otherwise, he wouldn't have continued this test.

"If I enter the Supreme Divine Palace, is there any other way to get out?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Of course there are, and some of the experts that came out of the Supreme Divine Palace also came out. At that time, the Nine Divine Kings came out from the Supreme Divine Palace, and because of their strength, the Supreme Divine Palace was unable to do anything to them, but of course, if you are too weak, it will be very difficult, but as for the specifics, wait until you get used to it, then you can think about it, since you know more about the Supreme Divine Palace.

Yue Er's words were very reasonable, it was really too early for him to consider this matter.

This desert was one of the trials, and up till now, he had yet to go to another place. As for the endless desert in front of him, it was clear that this trial was very far away.

Because the old man had directly pa.s.sed down his skills, Chen Xiang was able to quickly absorb the power. He was now at the peak of Upper True G.o.d.

"It's not enough yet. I need to become a profound G.o.d to pa.s.s the next stage." At this time, Chen Xiang was climbing a mountain that was burning with golden flames. It was impossible for him to fly near this kind of mountain, because there would be a pressure coming from it, so he could only climb bit by bit.

Once he climbed to a very high height, his body would become heavier and heavier. The rough trial path also allowed him to become stronger in a very short amount of time.

"If I want to become a profound G.o.d, I will need a large amount of Mysterious power and Purple profound Dan, but right now, I don't have the time to refine them." Chen Xiang stood at the top of the mountain and looked at his own spirit liquid and purple pearls. Although he had some, he did not have the time to refine pills, otherwise, becoming a profound G.o.d would not be a problem.

"I wonder how far this stage will go. If I cannot break through into the realm of profound G.o.d in this stage, then the next stage will be very miserable."

Chen Xiang was still thinking of a way, even though the old man's method had helped him increase his own speed by a lot and he was only a step away from the profound G.o.d, it was difficult to cross over.

Suddenly, he thought of the Six Realms mirrors, he took a closer look, and realised that the Six Realms mirrors had actually been repaired.

The Six Realms mirrors could absorb the power of six stages of reincarnation, which was an extremely terrifying power. Chen Xiang looked at Yue'er who was on his shoulder and asked: "Yue'er, have you heard of Six Realms mirrors?"

Yue'er, who came from the Beast Divine Palace, naturally had heard of her.

Yue'er was a little surprised: "Why do you ask this? The Six Realms mirrors is the main treasure of the Six Realms Divine Palace, but it was lost a long time ago. Even if you didn't ask me, I still wouldn't have remembered that there was such a treasure around.

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