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"You little s.l.u.t, I should have killed you long ago. Otherwise, our Ferocious Lion race wouldn't have ended up like this." The Wild Lion Princess shouted coldly.

"If you don't capture them, nothing will happen to them. This is all your fault." Chen Xiang replied: "Wild Lion like you, your Wild Lion race's old wild lion hates you to death. You know that no one wants you, that's why you chose to lay your hands on other girls who were prettier than you."

"I'm going to eat you." The Wild Lion Princess roared, Chen Xiang signaled Little Lizhi with his eyes, signalling that he could make his move.

Wild Lion Princess who had caught up, had a set of golden scales on his arm that turned into a lion claw with sharp claws. His body moved like lightning and rushed to Chen Xiang's side.

Wild Lion Princess was not afraid of Little Lizhi, because last time she had seen Little Lizhi's strength, he was very weak. She did not want Little Lizhi to die that easily, but she wanted to quickly get rid of that annoying man.

Chen Xiang and Little Lizhi stood one in front and one behind, separated by three hundred meters, while Wild Lion Princess stood right in between them. At this moment, from the forest in the distance, angry lion roars sounded out, and their auras were extremely oppressing.


Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to Little Lizhi and he saw that the two of them had simultaneously stepped on the ground with very strong Devil-suppressing holy power s beneath their feet. In that instant, they released a Devil-suppressing qi array's Demon Sealing Array.

When Wild Lion Princess saw the floor covered with a large array of profound Spirit grain s, she was immediately shocked. She felt that her body could not move, and she could not mobilize the power in her body.

Just as Chen Xiang was about to rush over and stuff the Drunk G.o.d powder into the Wild Lion Princess's mouth, the Devil-suppressing qi array suddenly collapsed.

Originally, Chen Xiang and Little Lizhi thought that it would at least be enough to trap a few seconds, and be sufficient for Chen Xiang to use the Drunk G.o.d magical poison.

Seeing that, Chen Xiang immediately threw out a huge monument.

The giant monument became as big as a small mountain and smashed down, releasing a wave of cold Qi that pressed onto Wild Lion Princess's body.

"Xue Yi." Chen Xiang shouted in his heart, asking Long Xueyi to borrow his strength.

Long Xueyi immediately channeled all of his prepared power into Chen Xiang's body. Receiving Long Xueyi's power, Chen Xiang helped the Heaven-suppressed immortal monument to become even stronger, pressing the Wild Lion Princess down onto the ground.

This Wild Lion Princess was after all a little Holy Beast with a terrifying power. The moment she got suppressed, she immediately stood up again, and Chen Xiang immediately released his Divine Cauldron, allowing it to strike fiercely against her body. As for Little Lizhi, he was in the distance, constantly releasing b.a.l.l.s of powerful energy which attacked Wild Lion Princess's knees.

Wild Lion Princess, who had just stood up, immediately knelt down. However, her strength was still strong, and she fiercely punched the Heaven-suppressed immortal monument on top of her, causing the Divine Stele to almost fly away, causing Chen Xiang to have no choice but to channel an even stronger power into it.

Seeing Wild Lion Princess stand up little by little, Chen Xiang immediately shot two Heaven Decimating Pills at the Wild Lion Princess's head.

The explosion that was produced almost caused the Divine Stele to fly out. That heaven shaking explosion made Chen Xiang and him lose his sense of hearing in an instant. At this moment, both he and Little Lizhi were shrouded by the shockwave from the explosion.

Taking this chance, Little Lizhi stepped forward and used all his strength to stab the back of Wild Lion Princess's neck. Because this was Kuang Shi's weakness, the Holy armoured lion's body had such strong scales, even a holy weapon would have difficulty injuring them.

A sword pierced the throat, and blood spurted out from the sword when he pulled it out. Wild Lion Princess roared in pain, and a huge tail suddenly appeared on his waist.

"She's going to transform into her original form. It's best if we quickly finish her off, otherwise it'll be very troublesome." Long Xueyi anxiously shouted.

Chen Xiang continued to inject, using the Heaven-suppressed immortal monument to pressure the Wild Lion Princess, preventing her from moving as she wished, slowing down the speed of her transformation. At the same time, he threw the Hammer of G.o.d out and struck her abdomen.

The divine hammer that was as heavy as a mountain carried Chen Xiang's and Long Xueyi's strength. The power generated from its flight was extremely terrifying, and even the ground was torn apart by the force of its impact. It smashed onto Wild Lion Princess's abdomen, causing her to scream in pain.

When Wild Lion Princess opened his mouth to roar, Chen Xiang hastily threw his Drunk G.o.d powder out. It was a ball of powder formed from Drunk G.o.d powder s, and the quant.i.ty was extremely large. Just as it was about to enter Wild Lion Princess's mouth, a golden light suddenly surged out from Wild Lion Princess's mouth.

The golden light struck the Drunk G.o.d powder and destroyed it. It then shot towards Chen Xiang and struck his body, causing him to fly and smashing apart a few trees.

If not for the fact that Chen Xiang had profoundwu diamond armour, that golden light would have long ago entered his body and exploded inside his body.

Seeing Chen Xiang's Drunk G.o.d powder being destroyed, Little Lizhi knew that she was the only one who could use her Drunk G.o.d powder now. She had been hit by Wild Lion Princess's tail and had used up all her strength just now, but now, if she wanted to kill this Wild Lion Princess, she had to rely on her own Drunk G.o.d powder.

Little Lizhi clenched his teeth, and used the last bit of energy he had in his body to rush towards Wild Lion Princess.

Seeing Little Lizhi move, Chen Xiang immediately understood and shouted to Long Xueyi: "Give all of your power to me, don't worry about it anymore. You must let Little Lizhi succeed, otherwise, both she and I will be finished."

Long Xueyi transferred most of the suppressed energy to Chen Xiang without reservation.

Seeing that Chen Xiang had been sent flying, Wild Lion Princess secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Even if she knew that Little Lizhi had rushed over, she was not that worried.

Just as she was about to attack Little Lizhi, the Heaven-suppressed immortal monument suddenly flashed with a white light. Chen Xiang poured all of the energy that Long Xueyi had just channeled into the Heaven-suppressed immortal monument, letting the Heaven-suppressed immortal monument release a wave of extremely strong icy energy which then poured into the Wild Lion Princess's body. At the same time, the divine hammer, divine cauldron, and divine blade, under the control of all of Chen Xiang's divine power, all smashed towards Wild Lion Princess's body.

After suffering such a violent and sudden attack, Wild Lion Princess immediately knelt down, while Little Lizhi had already come behind her. She took out a piece of Drunk G.o.d powder and used her hands to insert into the b.l.o.o.d.y hole on the back of the Iron Lion Princess.

Wild Lion Princess roared, wanting to use his tail to sweep Little Lizhi away, but the power suddenly disappeared. His entire body was paralyzed and he couldn't even make a sound.

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